9 Types of Fan – Know About Different Options Available

Fans are an essential electrical home appliance that you cannot miss. Due to the problem of global warming, nowadays, one cannot imagine living without a fan. Moreover, fans of either kind are one of the most effective and cost-saving ways to get a cool breeze.

However, when discussing fans, the most basic picture that might come to mind is the ceiling fan we all have in our homes. However, apart from this, other types of fans are available in the market. Hence, to know more about the various types of fan, you need to follow this article.

What Are The Different Types of Fan?

Below are the most common types of fan available in the market for different uses and purposes.

1. Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is the most commonly used fan that we all have in our homes. They are the standard as well as the ultimate type of fan. The ceiling fan is also known as a mechanical fan powered using electricity and mounted on the ceiling of the room.

Ceiling Fan

As this type of fan is usually suspended in the centre of the space in the air when they work, they distribute air throughout the room, ensuring that every corner of the room gets air.


  • Provides instant cooling
  • Helps to cool large areas
  • Do not require much energy like other types of fans


  • Installation is a tedious task
  • It is only limited to where it is installed
  • Produces some noise

Best for: Cooling a large area

2. Table Fan

Another popular type of fan you might have in your home is the table fan. It is the most preferred choice option for fans after the ceiling fan. They are widely popular for their compact size, capacity to provide higher airflow, and practical portability.

Table Fan

They are also powered by electricity and come with a motor unit which runs inside them. Table fans have a higher flexible usage than the other types of fans. You can conveniently use it anywhere without any hassle.

Some table fans also come with remote control options, making it convenient for you to control the speed and rotation of the fan from anywhere. They have the flexibility to rotate; thus, everyone can get air.


  • Highly durable
  • Has higher airflow
  • Comes in a compact size


  • Cannot provide air to a large room
  • Safety hazards for kids

Best for: Getting higher airflow

3. Tower Fan

As the name suggests, these fans are like a tower. They have a tall and narrow tower-like structure. They also have a sleek and compact design. Tower fans are considered to be one of the most popular cooling appliances.

Tower Fan

One of the most impressive features of the tower fans is that they come with in-built ionizers and a rotating base, which helps to purify the air in the room. They effectively cover large areas and tend to blow air at a 90-degree angle.

Tower fans have an inlet on either side, which enables them to pull air from outside. The cylindrical blades of this tower fan provide an ideal air throw, and they consume less power as they only circulate the air inside.


  • Covers a large area
  • Has a sleek and stylish design
  • Purifies the air in the room


  • Not much power
  • Less control over airflow
  • Produces little noise

Best for: If you have limited space but you require adequate air circulation

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4. Pedestal Fans

The pedestal fans come with a tall stand and are in high demand due to their powerful cooling abilities. They come with a detachable stand, facilitating easy height adjustment per the requirements and room size.

Pedestal Fan

The pedestal fans have an in-built oscillation mechanism that ensures maximum air distribution. This type of fan is usually equipped with three to five blades. They are provided with a heavier desk that keeps the fan steady on the ground while rotating at its highest speed.

One of the significant benefits of the pedestal fans is their lightweight and ergonomic build, which makes the product highly portable. Some advanced pedestal fan models have several advanced features such as speed setting, timer, air filter, etc.


  • Economical price range
  • Portable


  • Not suitable for small-sized rooms
  • It circulates air only in one direction

Best for: The pedestal fan is best for those places where there is a space constraint

5. Wall Mount Fan

The wall mount fans are designed especially for small and compact rooms with limited floor space. It is mainly installed in small offices, warehouses, and auditoriums. As the name suggests, to install wall-mounted fans, it is essential to drill holes in the walls.

Wall Mount Fan

The wall mount fans are a great idea for space saving. They make way for instant evaporation, thereby aiding in uniform airflow. Most wall-mount fan models come with a remote, facilitating easy product control. This type of fan is equipped with a powerful motor, which accounts for the high efficiency of the fan.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Facilitates floor space saving


  • Difficult to clean
  • Tacky maintenance

Best for: The wall mount fan is an ideal choice for low-ceiling rooms

6. Exhaust Fan

Also known as a propeller fan, the primary purpose of an exhaust fan is to remove the excess accumulated build-up. The exhaust fans are suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, loft areas, and basements. An exhaust fan helps remove excess moisture and humidity from the room.

Exhaust Fan

The exhaust fans come in a small and compact shape and can be easily installed in windows, wall-mounted areas, or ceilings. They are equipped with ultra-resilient blades and metallic bodies. The exhaust fans usually come in a square case or round case. One of the significant benefits of the exhaust fan is its easy and hassle-free installation.


  • Effectively eliminates bad smell
  • Reduces air contamination and removes air moisture


  • Low durability
  • Makes noise during operation

Best for: Bathrooms and kitchens

7. Bladeless Fans

Bladeless fans are the new and the latest addition to modern technology. As the name suggests, this type of fan is entirely bladeless. It comes with an open loop along with an elongated antenna.

Bladeless Fan

The open loop of the bladeless fan comprises a powerful extracting engine that sucks air, creating a robust air current. The vacuum inside the loop amplifies the air speed almost 18 times and then expels it back.

The hollow loop is equipped with an ionizer mechanism and air filtrating system, which helps to circulate fresh air inside the room.


  • Energy efficient
  • Offers better air circulation


  • Expensive price range
  • Functioning is not noiseless

Best for: The bladeless fan is best for families having small kids or pets. The absence of blades eliminates the risk of accidents.

8. Misting Fan

Misting fan is the best alternative to an air conditioner. The misting fan offers a powerful air throw and sprinkles tiny water droplets. It creates a fresh mist environment, eliminating the last trace of humidity from the room.

Misting Fan

The misting fans require a water supply that is sprayed in the form of a water droplet. The droplets are released through the high-pressure pumps embedded inside the fan. The high-pressure water pump comes with a powerful blower, resulting in high-efficiency cooling for outdoor and indoor spaces.

Additionally, the misting fans also are highly energy efficient, enabling you to save some extra bucks on a long electricity bill. It consumes relatively less than 30 watts of power.


  • High cooling capacity
  • Energy efficient and easy mechanism


  • Requires high maintenance

Best for: It is suitable for places where there is an absence of air conditioner

9. Floor Fan

The floor fan offers smooth air circulation at the floor level. The downward air movement offered by the floor fan offers excellent ventilation inside the space by drawing in the fresh air and eliminating stale air.

Floor Fan

The floor fans offer convenient usage and installation. You can use it for outdoor places such as balconies, patios, terraces, etc. The floor fans are available in various kinds, such as steel, plastic, or metal body. It offers a 180-degree angle rotation that results in smooth airflow.


  • Offers a more comprehensive oscillation range
  • Remote control operation


  • Not suitable for large-sized rooms

Best for: The floor fans are suitable for small spaces such as closets, kitchen counters, computer tables, etc.

FAQs Related to Types of Fan

Which fan is best for cooling?

The ceiling is the best for cooling. The bladeless fan is equipped with a powerful engine that offers effective cooling.

How many types of fans are there?

Usually, there are at least fifteen types of fans, including tower fans, wall mount fans, bladeless fans, ceiling fans, floor fans, exhaust fans, and many more.

Which type of fan gives more air?

A ceiling fan gives more air since it is equipped with several blades.


Hence, from our above discussion about the types of a fan, now you know the varieties of fans you can get in the market. All the types of fans discussed above are suitable for various needs and efficiently work to ensure that you get some cool air.

We have also addressed each fan’s pros and cons and mentioned the best usage for each fan; thus, you will get in-depth details about which fan to use for which requirement.  

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