The Ultimate Gas Stove Buying Guide India (2023)

Are you looking for a guide on selecting the right gas stove for your home?

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We will discuss the factors you need to consider while buying a new gas stove in India.

How to Choose Best Gas Stove in India?

Below are the things to consider before buying a gas stove in India. 

Number of Burners

Currently, there are 4, 3 and 2 of even single burner gas stoves, mainly flooded in the market. You have first to consider your daily cooking routine. You have to prepare lots of dishes or fewer dishes, how fast you want to prepare your meal. After confirming these checks, you are now ready to make a decision. 

If you have to prepare many dishes in less time, you might need the 4 burner gas stove. And if you have to prepare a few dishes, then a 3 or 2 burner gas stove is perfect for you. 

Body Material

Most of the gas stoves in the market come with heat-resistant tempered glass and a stainless steel sheet below them. The gas stove with tempered glass resists heat, scratches, is easy to clean, etc. 

While some other gas stoves have stainless steel bodies which is cheaper than the gas stove with tempered glass, stainless steel gas stoves don’t look attractive, and most of them come with manual ignition.

Ignition Type 

Gas stoves have two types of ignition mechanisms they are auto and manual. The manual ignition gas stove requires a matchstick or gas lighter for operation. 

Auto ignition gas stoves have an inbuilt self-ignition mechanism, and it uses a battery for ignition. You have to turn on the burner, and it starts burning.

The only drawback of the auto-ignition gas stove is that you have to check the battery condition from time to time.

Burner Material 

In general, we saw Brass, cast iron and aluminum burners all around the globe. The cast iron retains heat for a long duration, but it is not a good conductor of heat and electricity. Also, it takes a long time to heat up. 

The brass burner is better than cast iron as it is a better conductor of heat and electricity and is highly resistant to corrosion. So, it is better for the long run, but due to its high cost, brass burners are fitted with inexpensive gas stoves. 

Type of Burner

There are mainly three types of burners found in our Indian kitchens:- 

Standing pilot – In this type of burner, flame continuously beneath the cooktop, consuming more fuel than other types of gas burners. 

Electric Ignition – Electric Ignition burner is the most commonly used. It ignites an electric spark whose flames can be regulated by the knob. 

Sealed Burners – Sealed burners are the one which is easiest to clean but produces less heat than the other two burners. 

Size of the Burner 

Size of the burner matters in controlling the intensity of the flame. Big burner produces a more intense flame, thus resulting in more heat and faster cooking, while the smaller one produces less intense flame and hence lesser heat and slow cooking. 

Small burners are recommended for small utensils while medium and large for large utensils. 

If your household has few people, a small or medium-sized burner is the perfect match. Whereas for a joint family, larger burners are a must. 

Inlet pipe position

Generally, a gas stove has a side pipe inlet, which allows you to connect it with your LPG gas or pipeline. Some models have a gas pipe inlet on the back of the gas stove. It’s your choice to choose which one best suits your kitchen. 

ISI Certificate 

ISI (Indian Standards Institute) is a regulatory body established for maintaining uniform standards for the products. If your gas stove is ISI certified, it means it is as per the standards and safe to use.  

No matter how costly, feature-loaded or attractive gas stove you have, you should never compromise with its safety. So, look for the ISI mark on your gas stove before purchasing. 


Select the gas stove that gives you the best quality and all essential features in your budget. Compare it with another gas stove at that price point and find the perfect match for you. 


Gas stoves nowadays come with around 3 to 5 years warranty. Look for a brand that provides at least 3 years of warranty because a gas stove is not the thing we buy frequently. Also, check whether all the parts are covered under warranty. 

Other Features

Anti-skid feet: Anti-skid feet of the gas stove ensure they have a perfect grip on the kitchen surfaces even when mixing your dishes with a high shake. So, having an anti-skid gas stove lets you cook hassle-free without any accident or worry. 

Auto gas turn-off feature: The auto gas turn-off feature is the most important in a gas stove as it prevents accidents. If somehow you forgot to turn off the flame, this feature will automatically disconnect the gas flow, thus preventing dangerous situations. 

When buying a gas stove, you must look to this feature to ensure safe cooking and keep your and your family safe. 

Child lock feature: The child lock feature helps lock the knob by blocking the gas flow to the burner, thus preventing unwanted use and protecting against the child’s unintended activation. 

Many gas stoves have an indicator that starts glowing once you turn on the child lock. 


We hope this guide will help you choose the right gas stove as per your needs.

If you have any questions related to buying a gas stove in India, do let us know in the comments

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