Best 3 Burner Gas Stove in India (2023)

Are you looking for the best 3 burner gas stove in India? If yes, then you are at the right place.

We have tested and compared many 3 burner gas stoves in the market and shortlisted the 10 best 3 burner gas stoves in India and our top 3 picks.

In our review of the best 3 burner gas stove in India, we have mentioned the pros and cons of each gas stove so you can make the right purchase.

Top Picks of The Best 3 burner Gas Stove in India 2023

Below is the list of best 3 burner gas stove in India based on gas stove material quality, burner quality, durability, design, warranty and customer reviews.

1. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 2 Year Warranty

Prestige Royale Plus is a stunning, high-performance, and modern-looking gas stove that is sure to add value and style to your kitchen. Its Schott glass top will give you a lifetime of elegance and durability and is designed for years on end.

It comes with individual pan support that makes cooking and cleaning easy. This gas stove is equipped with Sabaf valves designed to provide smooth functioning. They are durable and long-lasting and will give your kitchen safe operation-no more worries about leaks or burst pipes.

The wide range of sizes available in the tri-pin burners means that you can find one to suit your cooking needs. It has an ergonomic knob design, making turning the knob easy on your fingers.

2. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 2 Year Warranty

This premium glass-top finish gas stove by Elica Vetro is perfect for any kitchen. It has three burners, making it ideal for cooking various dishes simultaneously. With its beauty, the tough glass will surprise you with durability. Its toughened glass top not only ensures durability but also adds beauty to your kitchen. It’s strong enough that it will also prevent minor breakage with ease.

The Euro-coated grid support provides a durable, long-lasting finish that will give you years of service. It also prevents the pan from chipping and cracking while providing fantastic care for your cooking needs.

The controls on this gas stove are designed for easy use, with beautiful knobs that will complement your kitchen décor. It comes with stainless steel support plates, designed to make it more sturdy, and they’re made to last with their durability.

This gas stove is equipped with 2 Medium & 1 Small size heavy brass burners, and it will provide all sorts of cooking styles with consistent flames!

3. Vidiem Viva Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Vidiem Viva Stainless Steel Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 5 Year Warranty

A Viva 3 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove from Vidiem is durable and looks different, and its stainless steel body is easy to clean and looks great in any kitchen. And the widely spaced burners make it easy to cook multiple dishes at once.
This appliance features direct flow gas tubes that eliminate ant and dust block and four mm thick mixing tubes that improve efficiency. It comes with removable drip trays that make cleaning a breeze and prevent spills from burning onto your stovetop.

It has a powder coated GI panel and legs, which are 100% rustproof. This stove is made with high-quality engineering plastic knobs that last longer than traditional metal knobs.

This stove features heavy duty brass burners built to last and a jumbo, medium, and small burner for all your cooking needs. Its high-efficiency design means you’ll save energy while you cook. This gas stove features vitreous enameled pan supports that are sturdy and rustproof.

4. Thermador Gas Stove 

Thermador Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 1 Year Warranty

Thermador’s gas stoves are designed to blend in with your kitchen and make it safe. The highly efficient brass burners shatterproof black design glass top stove gives you the best product for the latest elegant yet functional kitchens.

The body is coated in a sleek and stylish black finish to ensure that your gas stove rust-free lasts for years. This gas stove meets or exceeds the safety standards of both ISI and RoHS.

It comes with heavy duty pan supports that provide stability to the cooking pots. The tempered glass surface of the stove is scratch resistant and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for your kitchen.

5. Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove

Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 1 Year Warranty

When it comes to cooking, you want a stove that will save time and energy. Butterfly’s Smart Glass Top fits these needs perfectly with its quality burners ranging from small size options for regulating your requirements appropriately up through large pots or pans if necessary.

It also has an easy-to-use smart lock pan support, so there’s no need to worry about spills finding their way into other parts of your kitchen while using this gas range as well. You can now achieve more excellent stability while cooking with the Smart Lock pan feature. The spill trays lock together, ensuring that your utensils are always in place and won’t wobble as much with every movement.

It comes with a flame-retardant panel that provides them with an easy and convenient way to make their dishes without worrying about burning down since these stoves have flame retardant panels. Powder-coating pans not only look good but also increase the longevity of your product. This coating makes for a scratch-free and nonreactive surface, which means you can cook on them without worrying.

The gas stove has strong legs designed for stability and heat efficiency. The polymer legs of these features make them heat-resistant, which ensures durability in use.

6. Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove

Prestige IRIS LPG Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 2 Year Warranty

When you buy a kitchen appliance from Prestige, it’s not just about getting an affordable product, and it’s also essential that your investment lasts for years. Innovative design and top quality material ensure the long life cycle of our products.
This gas stove can withstand scratches and wear from everyday use with its tough black-glass top. With the tri-pin brass burner, you can ensure that your food will always have a delicious flavor. It provides uniform heating and uses lesser gas than other burners in its class. This Indian cooking needs specific types comes with sizes for different kitchens.

It also has an ergonomic knob design, making turning it easy on those fingers. It comes with a spill-proof design, making cooking easy and hassle-free.

7. Milton Premium Red Glass Top Gas Stove

Milton Premium Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 1 Year Warranty

Milton gas stove comes with an elegant design that gives style to your kitchen. The gas stove comes with a 6mm thick shatterproof red toughened glass that will make your kitchen look elegant and ensure maximum safety for you. One of the most rigid glasses in its category, this is also one-of-a-kind when it comes to durability.

The Powder Coated Sheet Pan Support provides perfect gripping and stability to the utensils while cooking, especially when handling hot pans. It prevents accidents in your kitchen. The attractive design of this pan will give any gas stove an elegant look that matches its status.

With their smooth functionality and stylish design, these knobs will be a perfect fit for your gas stove. They’re also heatproof, so you can cook without the worry of burning yourself on the glass top. The 3 burner gas stove is designed with anti-skid feet, never to move even when excessive force or pressure has been applied.

It comes with a tri-pin brass burner made with high-quality brass, and they’re highly efficient and reduce gas wastage. It also ensures the even distribution of flame, which means you won’t end up burning anything or anybody else besides your food.

8. Lifelong LLGS18 Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong LLGS18 Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 1 Year Warranty

The gas stove is a product that gives you great value for money. It’s an elegant, efficient and safe product that will make cooking convenient for you. Since it first came onto the market five years ago, Loyal consumers have trusted this smart gas stove. No wonder millions continue choosing Lifelong after they’ve seen how well designed these stoves are with more than 100 innovative products- made just right so your culinary needs will always come first in every way possible.

With its burners made of brass, this stove is sure to deliver an even distribution flame and heat and Its pan support to provide ample support at their base.

A nylon knob ensures that your gas stove will be easy to use and maintain. It generates precision flame control, which helps you avoid accidents while also providing safe usage of this vital appliance.

It comes with a 360-degree Swivel Gas Inlet Pipe on the backside of the stove. The Lifelong 3 burner gas stoves are equipped with anti-skid feet to ensure that the stove remains stationary even when pressure or force is applied.

9. Sunflame (Pride BK) Gas Stove

Sunflame (Pride BK) Gas Stove

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 2 Year Warranty

10. BLOWHOT Sapphire Gas Stove 

BLOWHOT Sapphire Gas Stove 

  • Burner Material – Brass
  • Warranty – 5 Year Warranty

Wrap up!

We hope you can now make your purchase decision with the help of our curated list of the best 3 burner gas stoves in India.

If you are interested to know more about gas stoves, checkout our in depth gas stove buying guide which help you to choose the right gas stove.

Do you have any questions about buying the best 3 burner gas stove in India, please let us know in the comments.

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