The Ultimate Washing Machine Buying Guide India (2023)

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We will discuss the factors you need to consider while buying a new washing machine in India.

Best Washing Machines in India

Things to Consider Before Buying a Washing Machine in India

Below are the things to consider before buying a washing machine in India.

Washing machines are the best appliances one can have at their home, as it reduces the manual effort of washing clothes and drying them. However, with the advancement in technology and competition, there are a lot of washing machines available in the market, making it difficult for the buyers to choose the best one.

This article has covered a few important factors to consider before buying a washing machine, and it will ease up your purchase process.

Loading type

Your clothes will get as clean regardless of whether you use a top-loading or front-loading washing machine. But there are some key differences in how these machines work that you should consider before making your purchase.

Top load: As the name says, the top load washing machines have a lid at the top to load the clothes into the machine. The top load washing machine comes with either a single drum for washing clothes or two drums (one for washing clothes and the other for spinning).

Front-load: Front load washing machines have a large agitator in the center, and the clothes are placed in the machine into this agitator. A Transmission system then rotates the agitator to get a good wash. In most cases, the front-load washing machines come with an in-built dryer.

Function type

Semi-automatic: A semi automatic washing machine is really tedious – you have to move the clothes manually from the washtub to the drying tub. It takes a lot of human effort, which can be tiring. These washing machines are less expensive and get the basic washing done.

Fully automatic: A fully automatic washing machine is the best way to get your clothes clean with minimal effort. It will rinse, wash, agitate, and spin dry clothes all on its own – leaving you free to do other things.

Both semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines come in two variants: top load and front load.


If you have a large family, you’ll need a washing machine with a large capacity. Washing machine capacity is measured in kilograms and is directly linked to the weight of the clothes you load into the washing machine. Some clothes are lightweight but take up a lot of space (like blankets), while other clothes are heavy but take up less space (like jeans). It’s advisable to fill the drum only one-third full so that the clothes can move around easily and get a better wash.

Other features

Drum/tub material: If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting tub, stainless steel is the way. Plastic tubs may last longer than enamel, but they can’t withstand high spin speeds like stainless steel. Over time enamel is more likely to chip and rust. So if you want a tub that will give you years of use without any problems, stainless steel is your best bet.

Wash programs: If you’re looking for a washing machine that offers different wash programs and settings, then you should go for one that has features like gentle washing, fabric-based settings, etc. It will not be just affordable (in the long run), but you’ll also be able to customize your favorite settings according to your needs.

Quick wash: If you’re in a hurry and need to wash your clothes quickly, the quick wash cycle on your washing machine will get the job done faster than the regular cycle. How much time it saves depends on how many items you’re washing, but it can help when you’re short on time.

LED display: Some washing machines come with an LED display that indicates the time left, wash mode, and if the child lock is on or off. It helps you understand how your washing machine is operating. Some washing machines also display the errors (if there are any) during the wash cycle.

Fuzzy logic: The fuzzy logic allows you to select automatic wash programs according to the load and fabric type. However, there is no specific standard of fuzzy logic, and the fuzzy logic varies from brand to brand. So, before you apply the fuzzy logic to your washing machine, it is recommended to check the user manual.

Temperature control: If you’re looking for a washing machine that can help regulate the temperature of the water, then you should consider one with an in-built heater. Temperature control is especially useful during winter. Not to mention, hot water will clean your clothes better than cold water. There are also several machines with a steam setting that can help fight stains and dirt.

Time delay: The delay start feature is perfect for those who want to take advantage of nighttime electricity tariffs or need to finish a wash program at a certain time. For instance, if you come home from work late, the delay start feature will allow you to have your clothes clean and ready to wear without waiting long! 

Steam wash: If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line washing machine that can handle even the most stubborn stains, then consider investing in one that has a stream wash feature. This advanced technology uses steam, heat, and humidity to clean your clothes more effectively than traditional methods. Plus, it will leave them smelling fresh and free of any unwanted odors. 


Before buying a washing machine, one must look into these are the most common things.

We hope this guide will help you choose the right washing machine as per your needs.

If you have any questions related to buying a washing machine in India, do let us know in the comments

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