Best Single Burner Gas Stove in India (2023)

Gone are those days when one had to hassle with burning coals on makeshift stoves to prepare food. Technological advent has offered us gas stoves that have made our cooking easier and hassle-free. Various options are available in this arena with the growing demand and need for gas stoves.

Single burner gas stoves are popular since they are the best fit for bachelors or persons living alone. Moreover, the single burner gas stoves even take up little space in the kitchen that further accounts for their benefit.

To ease your purchase, we have curated a list of the best single-burner gas stove worth buying. We have also prepared a buying guide to let you lay your hands on the ideal single-burner gas stoves.

Top Picks of The Best Single Burner Gas Stove in India 2023

Below is the list our top picks for the best single burner gas stove in India based on their features, durability price, warranty and customer reviews.

1. Sunflame Single Burner DLX Gas Stove

This sunflame single burner gas stove is made with top-quality stainless steel material that ensures the longevity and durability of the product. The high-quality stainless material allows you to clean stains and food easily remains from the body. The biggest advantage of stainless steel gas stoves are they are highly durable and requires little care and maintenance.

The glossy finish of the body makes it eye-catching, thereby making it a perfect companion for your kitchen. It is provided with anti-skid rubber feet to place the burner on any kitchen counter. 

 This single burner gas stove by sunflame features an ergonomic and safe handling knob that offers safety and beauty to the burner. Moreover, the simple knob also offers you quick access to lit the stove with ease. The brand provides two years home service warranty on the product on any manufacturing defects. 

The heavy pan support provided in this single burner gas stove ensures that you can place heavy utensils on it without the fear of toppling. 


  • High quality Stainless steel material
  • Brass burner for uniform heat distribution
  • Ergonomic knob
  • Comes with drip tray

2. Prestige Prithvi Single Burner Gas Stove

If you wish to have a budget-friendly single burner gas stove with the latest features, this model by the renowned brand Prestige is one of the best choices. Since its inception, Prestige has garnered quite a massive popularity in the Indian market due to its quality products. The products offered by Prestige not only have the latest features but also fall within a reasonable price range, which makes them accessible to all. 

This Prestige single burner gas stove comes with long folded edges at the bottom that provide an excellent elevation level to facilitate easy cooking. Moreover, the press-fit knobs of the single burner gas stove allow you to light it quickly. It comes with an ISI certification that further adds to the trustworthiness and feasibility of the product. 

The product comes with a two years warranty coverage against manufacturing defects. The brass gas valve fitted in this single burner accounts for higher safety. 


  • Durable stainless steel material
  • Brass burner valve
  • Child safety lock knobs
  • Legs are taller than others

3. Sunflame Single Burner Gas Stove

If you wish to add to the aesthetics of your kitchen, the Sunflame single burner gas stove is undoubtedly one of the best choices. It comes with toughened glass on top, providing an ultra-modern look. Moreover, the high-grade toughened black glass cooktop ensures high durability and facilitates easy and hassle-free cleaning. Additionally, the glass top’s smooth surface allows you to clean it easily. 

To ensure your safety during cooking, it comes with a powder-coated GP sheet base that remains unaffected due to excessive heat and is corrosion resistant. The powder-coated pan base prevents the toppling of heavy utensils while cooking. 

This single gas burner model by Sunflame has a heat-resistant aluminum-coated base that ensures you do not burn or injure your fingers. It is fitted with large-sized burners that uniformly distribute heat for larger vessels such as wok, kadhai, tope, and pans to provide maximum output. 


  • High quality durable toughened glass cooktop
  • Heavy duty pan support
  • Ergonomic and safe-handling knobs
  • Anti skid legs

4. Flamingold Single Burners Glass Gas Stove 

Flamingold single burner gas stove is made of a sturdy stainless steel frame that adds to the product’s overall strength. Moreover, this single burner gas stove holds the ISI certification that accounts for the reliability and premium quality of the product. The toughened glass top fitted in this single burner stove is both heat and scratch-resistant, and this allows you to maintain the elegant look of the gas stove for a more extended period. 

It is fitted with jumbo-sized brass burners that allow uniform heat distribution to facilitate the easy cooking of Indian dishes. This single burner gas stove is intelligently designed to ensure maximum gap on the burners and allow you to place large vessels easily. 

The brass burners used in this single burner gas stove are corrosion resistant, further adding to the product’s longevity. It has three lines of holes that provide better flame distribution over any vessel. 


  • Scratch and heat resistant 7mm toughened glasstop
  • Big size jumbo burner
  • Smooth ergonomic knob
  • Heavy duty powder coated pan support

5. Khaitan BP-JIO Single Burner Gas Stove

When it comes to home and kitchen appliances, Khaitan is one brand that never fails to manufacture quality products that excel in ineffectiveness and looks. Moreover, the products produced by this brand also are famously known for their longevity. This Khaitan single gas burner comes with a black toughened glass top that is heat and scratch-resistant. The 7 mm thickness of the glass top makes it the ideal choice for small spaces. 

It comes with anti-skid rubber feet that ensure the firm grip of the single burner gas stove on any kitchen counter. Moreover, to prevent the toppling of heavy utensils, it is fitted with heavy pan support. This heavy pan support is made with superior quality material that allows you to keep large and heavy utensils on the burner. 

This Khaitan single gas burner gas stove is provided with highly efficient brass plated CI burners that heat the vessels faster, reducing your cooking time. Moreover, the ergonomically designed bakelite knob allows you to operate it efficiently. 


  • Durable 7mm toughened glasstop
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Ergonomic knobs
  • Anti skid legs

6. Flamingold 1 Burner Glen Gas Stove

If you are on the lookout for a simple stainless steel single burner gas stove, it is best to opt for the Flamingold glen single burner, one of the best sellers of 2022. The heat-proof bake light knob offers a safe experience with total flame control. Moreover, the frictionless knob allows you to rotate it quickly to adjust its degree. 

It is fitted with anti-skid rubber legs that restrict its unwanted movement during cooking. The highly durable and premium stainless steel material provides the gas stove with sturdiness and strength. 

Another significant benefit of this single burner gas stove is its frictionless knob that provides a smooth rotation. This gas stove gives a blue flame upon being lit, resulting from gas and air ignited from this bestselling single burner gas stove.


  • Premium quality stainless steel body
  • Back side gas inlet position
  • Super heat retention with brass burner
  • Round edges with sharp

7. Lifelong LLGS201 Single Burner Gas Stove

Unlike other single gas stove burners, this burner by Lifelong has unique features which are second to none. The elegant black toughened glass top provides it a stylish look which is sure to add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. This single burner gas stove holds ISI certification and is designed to be spill-proof which accounts for your safety. 

The burners used in this gas stove are made of high-grade brass, which accounts for its durability. Moreover, the brass burner comes with a drip tray that promotes effortless cleaning. The high-efficiency brass burner ensures uniform heat distribution over the utensils, promoting a better cooking experience. It comes with a straight nozzle provided at its side body through which you can easily attach the gas pipe. 

The unique feature of this gas stove burner is its LPG compatibility which the authorized brand service provider provides. The heat-resistant nylon-covered knobs enable you to handle them in a hassle-free manner. 


  • High quality glasstop
  • Spill proof stainless steel tray
  • Ergonomic and smooth knob
  • Easy to clean cooktop

8. MACIZO Imperium Glass Gas Stove

Are you looking for an attractive single burner gas stove that falls within a reasonable price range? Then this single burner gas stove by MACIZO is an ideal option that you can purchase without any second thoughts. This single burner gas stove is designed for heavy functioning and can be used for party and commercial purposes. The single burner gas stove comes with tri-pin burners that result in uniform flame distribution. 

The strong glass top of the burner provides it with a stylish and modern look. Moreover, you get one year warranty over manufacturing defects.


  • Durable toughened glass top
  • Anti skid legs
  • Highly efficient three pin burner
  • Extra strong pan support
  • Smooth knobs

9. FLAMINGOLD Single Burner Gas Stove

Flamingold products have garnered a massive demand in the Indian market due to their high-end products that provide you with various benefits. It is a pioneer company in this field that has brought many revolutions by bringing innovations, versatility, style, and design. This single burner gas stove comes with a stainless steel body that is sure to enhance the look of your kitchen. 

This gas stove is designed intelligently by placing maximum distance on the burners that allow you to keep heavy utensils on the burner. Moreover, it is provided with an easy cleaning top that enables you to maintain it for a longer duration. 

It is provided with a spillage collection area that is removable. You need to remove the tray for cleaning the stains or food leftovers. 


  • Designer cooktop with top quality
  • Backlite knob
  • Anti skid feet

10. Khaitan Stainless Steel Classic 1 Burner Gas Stove

Equipped with three distinct-sized burners, small, medium, and extra big. It comes with a 304 stainless steel body which is rust-free and promotes easy cleaning. 

This manually operated single burner gas stove comes with an ergonomically designed smooth knob. The rubber legs ensure the tight grip of the burner on the floor, thereby restricting its movement. Moreover, it has a 360-degree revolving nozzle that easily gets attached to the gas pipe connection. 


  • Anti-skid rubber feet for stability
  • Strong and heavy pan support
  • Bakelite knob
  • High efficient tri pin burner

Buying Guide For Best Single Burner Gas Stove

The points mentioned below are the vital factors that must be considered while buying a single-burner gas stove.

Burner material: The burner material is crucial in determining the durability of the gas stove. And therefore, you must consider this when buying the best single-burner gas stove. An ideal burner material is that which should be non-corrosive and a good conductor of heat that results in uniform heat distribution. Usually, two main primary materials are used to make the gas burners: aluminium and brass. The brass burners are an excellent conductor of heat and highly non-corrosive. The brass burners have fast and uniform heat distribution and offer impressive durability. On the other hand, aluminium burners are good conductors of heat but are not non-corrosive. One of the significant advantages provided by aluminium burners is their budget-friendly price.

Glass top or stainless steel: Another dilemma while buying the best single burner gas stove is whether to get a glass top or stainless steel. The latest addition of the glass top gas stoves offers an elegant look to the gas stove. The glass top finish gives a sharper look to the product and is easy to clean. On the other hand, stainless steel gas stoves are the traditional and commonly found option. The stainless steel gas stoves are highly durable and feature easy and hassle-free maintenance.

Knob quality: It is always advisable to get a single-burner gas stove fitted with easy-to-use and durable knobs. You must ensure that the knobs are made of superior-quality plastic or metal that offers durability and easy cleaning. Moreover, you must also ensure that the knobs are big enough to operate efficiently.

ISI certification: One of the crucial factors that must never be overlooked while buying the best gas stove is the ISI certification. The gas stove you opt for must have the ISI certification that makes the product safe. The Bureau of Indian Standards provides this certification after the product undergoes various safety protocols.

Pan support: An ideal single-burner gas stove must feature pan support. This feature will ensure the stability of the pan on the gas stove, ensuring that it does not topple off.

If you are interested to know more about gas stoves, checkout our in depth gas stove buying guide which help you to choose the right gas stove.

Advantages of Single Burner Gas Stove

The gas stoves have become a crucial part of every Indian household due to their various benefits. Below are the various advantages of the single burner gas stove that account for their huge demand. 

Ideal option for bachelors: One of the significant benefits of the single gas stove burner is its perfect option for bachelors or persons living alone. The single burner gas stoves stove facilitates hassle-free cooking for people with minimum needs. 

Zero dependency on electricity: another main advantage of the single gas stove burner is that it completely cuts down the dependence on electricity. An induction or electric stove requires a power connection and an uninterrupted electricity supply. Moreover, if you reside in a place with frequent power cuts, the problem increases to a greater manifold. But with the single burner gas stove at your aid, this electricity issue is no more a matter of concern. It further helps to save those extra bucks on the huge electricity bill. 

Durable: The single gas stove burners are typically high-grade stainless steel coupled with a toughened glass top. This premium quality material ensures the durability of the product. Moreover, the absence of electrical parts also reduces the chances of a breakdown. In other words, the single burner gas stoves need low maintenance and therefore account for high durability. 

Compact size: As the name suggests, the single stove gas burners have only one unit burner, which accounts for its smaller size. Moreover, these single burner gas stoves are given an ergonomic design to fit in any small space. Owing to their small size, the weight of these gas stoves is exceptionally light, thereby making them portable. 

Speed: Many people believe that induction cooktops and electric stoves provide a faster cooking speed. However, this is not true. Compared to other stoves, the single burner gas stoves provide a faster cooking rate since they directly result in flame exposure. Also, unlike the other cooktops where you have to wait for the vessels to heat up correctly, you do not have to undergo the same headache as the case of the gas stoves. The single burner gas stoves feature brass burners that result in uniform heat distribution over the vessels irrespective of their weight and dimensions, contributing to faster cooking. 

Disadvantages of Single Burner Gas Stove

Even though the single burner gas stove comes with various benefits, there also exist certain demerits. 

Cleaning: One of the significant drawbacks of using a single burner gas stove is the hassle of cleaning. These burners get dirty in a short span and therefore require regular cleaning to ensure their durability.

Risk: To function, you must connect a single burner gas stove to a gas or LPG cylinder. Even though the burner ensures a uniform distribution of flame, it can prove to be a costly affair if connections are not made properly. Moreover, exposure to open flame is 

Not cost-effective: A single burner gas stove will be useless without a gas cylinder connection. And the price of a gas cylinder is skyrocketing every day. 

Wrap up!

A gas stove is a must-have kitchen product, the importance of which cannot ever be undermined. The best single-burner gas stoves feature the perfect amalgamation of the latest features and impressive durability.

If you are planning to buy a single-burner gas stove, you can opt for any of the best single-burner gas stoves mentioned. We further hope that our buying guide will let you wisely choose the best single burner gas stove that will enhance your cooking experience.

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