Best Table Fan in India (2023)

Technological advancement has gifted humankind with various such wonders that have eased our everyday life to a great extent. One such technological wonder is the fan, which has proved essential in every aspect of our daily lives. With the growth in technology, the fans are also evolving at a greater rate.

And thus, today, we have at our aid various types of fans with varied efficiency and specifications. Table fans are famous among the masses for their superior performance and portability. The more significant advantage of the table fans is their lightweight and adjustable oscillation mode.

The massive demand for a table fan makes the market packed with many options that can confuse you. Therefore to ease your purchase, we have curated a list of the best table fans in India that are worth purchasing. We also prepared a buying guide to select the ideal table fan model that can keep you cool even in the scorching summers.

Top Picks of The Best Table Fan in India 2023

Below is the list of best table fan in India based on design, speed, material, warranty, and customer reviews.

1. Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Table Fan
  • Speed – 1280 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

Equipped with aerodynamically balanced blades, this table fan by USHA is one of the bestselling models in the section of table fans. The aerodynamic blade design provides a high air delivery rate of 67 cubic meters per minute, thus giving you relief on the hottest days.

Additionally, the aerodynamic blades also ensure ultimate comfort and better performance. It comes with a pure copper motor that accounts for the superfast performance of the product. The copper motor is also energy-efficient, consuming just 55 watts of energy at its peak speed. 

The primary significant feature of this table fan is its thermal overload protector. This feature protects the fan from any electrical damage caused during power surges or overheating. It has three-speed settings that let you adjust its speed as per your requirement. It comes with a unique pivot arrangement to facilitate easy titling of the table fan. 

2. Bajaj Midea BT 07 400mm Table Fan

Bajaj Midea BT 07 400mm Table Fan
  • Speed – 1300 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

When it comes to purchasing superior quality electrical home products that feature high efficiency, latest specifications, and elegant looks, Bajaj is one of those brand names trusted and preferred by many. The products manufactured by this famous brand even come with an affordable price tag, making them easily accessible to all.

This table fan by Bajaj is one of the top-rated products you can opt for without any second thoughts. It comes with a product dimension of 67.8 cm in length, 54.7 cm in width, and 16.3 cm in height. The total weight of the product is just 4.5 kg, enabling you to relocate its place without any hassle. 

It features a pristine white-colored body, which adds elegance to the table fan, and has acrylic blades that give a high air delivery of 75 CMM. The thermal overload protection feature prevents overheating of the motor, adding some extra years to the product’s longevity. 

3. Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM 55- Watt Table Fan

Usha Mist Air ICY 400MM 55- Watt Table Fan
  • Speed – 1280 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

If you are looking for an affordable and highly efficient table fan that also features stylish looks, you can purchase this table fan by USHA. It has a dimension of 57.7 cm in height, 46.5 cm in length, and 14.5 cm in width.

The sleek and compact design of the table fan enables you to place it anywhere in your home without worrying about space constraints. It is made of high-quality polypropylene, ensuring the product’s sturdiness and durability.

Such a superior quality material also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, which adds to the superb usability of the USHA table fan. One of the prominent features of this table fan, which accounts for its massive demand in the market, is its safety grill.

The protective grill encloses the blades properly, preventing your fingers from getting between the blades. It works at 1280 revolutions per minute, giving you solace from the heat. 

4. Crompton Wave Plus 400-mm Table Fan

Crompton Wave Plus 400-mm Table Fan
  • Speed – 1350 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

The Crompton High Flo Wave Plus table fan features a sturdy and broad base designed carefully to carry the weight of the fan. The broad base keeps it stable while operating at its highest speed. The easy-to-press speed control buttons enable you to control the fan’s speed without any hassle.

It comes with a 100% copper motor which accounts for the product’s high efficiency. Additionally, the copper motor is energy-efficient, helping you save those extra bucks on the long electricity bill. This table fan consumes only 50 watts of energy while working at its top speed. 

It gives an impressive air delivery of 85 CMM at its peak speed and provides 1350 revolutions per minute. To facilitate easy oscillation control, it comes with an oscillation knob. To activate the oscillation, you need to push the knob downwards, while to stop the oscillation, pull the knob upwards. 

5. Havells Swing LX High Speed 400mm Table Fan

Havells Swing LX High Speed 400mm Table Fan
  • Speed – 2000 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

With an operating voltage of 220 volts-240 volts, the Havells Swing LX table fan is an elegant and super-efficient fan that is the perfect companion to your modern home interiors. The classic three-blade design in this Havells table fan ensures optimum airflow across the room.

It comes with a pivot arrangement to ensure smooth fan oscillation, and this system facilitates effortless oscillation and easy tilting. The table fan gives a high air delivery that provides comfort even on the hottest days. 

It comes with a jerk-free oscillation while operating at its highest speed, and the 120 ribs guard keeps the blades enclosed securely. Moreover, the company provides a two-year warranty on the product, which is a significant additional benefit. 

Buying Guide For Best Table Fan In India

Getting a table fan is a long-term investment; therefore, choosing the ideal one that assures quality, performance and durability are crucial. Before purchasing a table fan, you must consider certain essential elements that let you lay your hands on the ideal table fan.

Fan size: One of the first and foremost elements you must consider while purchasing a table fan is its size. If you cannot decide which size would be ideal, consider the size of the room where you wish to place the fan. A bigger room such as a study room or bedroom will require a table fan with bigger dimensions, ensuring uniform distribution of cool air throughout the room.

Motor technology: The efficiency and performance of a table fan is determined by its motor technology. To get the best table fan, look for one featuring the brushless DC motor technology. This motor technology uses permanent magnets to create a magnetic field, accounting for the robust performance of the table fan.

Power consumption: When purchasing a table fan, it is essential to consider its power consumption. The more the power consumption, the longer will be your electricity bill. Therefore choose wisely.

Speed options: A table fan with at least three-speed options is ideal. The speed options will let you control the appliance’s speed per your need.

Body material: The body material is another essential factor you must consider while buying the best table fan. The table fan’s body material determines the product’s longevity, which is a vital component. In this aspect, getting one made from premium quality plastic is always advisable.

If you are interested to know more about table fan, checkout our in depth fan buying guide which help you to choose the right table fan.

Wrap up!

A table fan is a crucial and essential electrical appliance that keeps us cool even on the hottest days. If you are planning to purchase the latest table fan, you can opt for any of the above-mentioned best table fan models.

These best table fans are equipped with the latest technology and advanced features for their high efficiency and superior performance. We hope our buying guide will let you choose the ideal table fan model.

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