The Ultimate Fan Buying Guide India (2023)

Fans are one of the essential yet necessary home appliances. Though these appliances might look simple, the process of buying the right fan can be really a daunting task. The selection process remains complicated even if you are buying the fan for the first time or planning to replace it.

To ensure the selection process becomes easier, we have given a detailed fan buying guide below.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Fan in India

Below are the things to consider before buying a fan in India.

Fan type

  • Table fan: Table fans are small, versatile, and light in nature. They are either mounted or encased in a small box. These fans come with both plastic as well as metal blades. For safety purposes, we recommend buying a fan with plastic blades.
  • Ceiling fan: Ceiling fans are one of the most common fans found in any household. They circulate air around the room with the rotary action of the blades. The latest model of ceiling fans also comes with lights, different finishing elements, and different blade shapes.
  • Tower fan: These fans are energy-efficient and also portable. The tower fans are best suitable for any home with less space. If you are looking for a complement to your air conditioner at home, then a tower fan is the best option. 
  • Wall mount fan: Wall mount fans can cool more extensive areas than table fans. They have multiple speed options, detachable frames, and the latest models sport USB connectivity.
  • Pedestal fan: Pedestal fans are mounted on a stand. These fans are portable as well as power efficient. You can adjust the height of these pedestals as per your requirements. The latest pedestal fans come with remote control option as well.
  • Portable fan: As the name says, portable fans can be easily carried anywhere you go. They have retractable cords, and also they make low noise during operation.
  • Exhaust fan: To dispel the fumes, heat, or odour from the kitchen or bathroom, exhaust fans are used. Since metal fans get corroded easily, it is recommended to buy a plastic fan, as the cleaning and maintenance are also easier.

Room size

Based on the size of the room, the size of the fan as well as the fan sweep changes. For example, if your room size is under 144 square feet, you must get a blade span under 42-48 inches. If the room size is more than 160 square feet, you need to get a blade span under 54 inches.

Fan size

The size of the fan affects the airflow at your home. The bigger the fan size, the lesser the air force is. However, the air distribution is good with the larger fans. On the other hand, if you stay in a small place, and do not require large fans, then it is recommended to get a small fan.

Sweep size

The sweep size of the fan depends on its blade size and the room where you are installing it. For example, if you plan to get a fan for your hall, it should have a minimum sweep size of 1200mm. Similarly, if you are looking for a fan for a puja room, balcony, or any other small area, a sweep size of 600mm will do the job.


CMM is a ratio of air discharged in the room and the area covered by the ceiling fan. On the other hand, RPM stands for the revolutions per minute, and it means how many times a fan rotates per minute. 

Noise level

The noise level of the fans is usually measured in decibels. Usually, the fan’s noise level depends on the RPM as well as the size of the fan. If you are looking for a low noise level, consider buying a ceiling fan that has a noise level between 60dB to 70dB.

Blade material

Blades decide the amount of wind flow in the room. Currently, manufacturers are providing fans with up to 7 blades. However, 3-blade fans are more economical and good to use. If you plan to purchase a fan with more extended durability, we suggest you pick the one with aluminium blades rather than wood or metal sheet.

Number of blades

The fan’s number of blades decides the air circulation in the room. The higher the number of blades, the quieter the operation of the fan. However, a fan with more blades circulates less air in the room. So, if you are planning to buy a fan for larger areas like a hall, bedroom, etc., we recommend purchasing a fan with three blades.

Speed options

Check the number of speed options a fan has. The more speed options a fan has, the more power-efficient it is. Moreover, you can adjust the speed as per your requirement if there are more speed options.

Power consumption

As per the studies, it has been found that the DC fans consume less power than the fans that run on AC power. The power consumption of DC fans is almost 70% less than that of AC fans. Moreover, the AC fans are priced higher than the DC fans.

Frame material

The frame material of a fan decides the durability of the product. If you want a fan that can last longer, then it is recommended to buy an aluminium or plastic frame fan. Other materials get damaged easily with the weather changes.


Now that you know the crucial things to consider before buying a fan, we hope this fan buying guide makes the selection process easier.

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