Best Ceiling Fan in India (2023) – With High Airflow

One of the most commonly overlooked home appliances is the ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is the most straightforward electric appliance, requiring only minor maintenance. Moreover, the ceiling fan is a beautiful add-on to the interior decoration of your home as they come in numerous charming looks. And in terms of cooling the room, nothing can beat the cost-effectiveness of the ceiling fan.  

Even though it is the most straightforward electric appliance, choosing one ceiling is not an easy task. You can fall into a dilemma by seeing the plethora of options for the best ceiling fan available on the market. Thus, to make choosing the ceiling fan easy for you, in this article, we have put together a list of the best ceiling fans you can purchase.

Top Picks of The Best Ceiling Fan in India 2023

Below is the list of best ceiling fan in India based on design, speed, material, brand reputation, warranty, and customer reviews.

1. Havells Festiva Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan

Havells Festiva Dust Resistant Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 400 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

Featuring an exotic rich look with modern styling, the Havells Festiva ceiling fan is one of the bestselling products on the market. The fan comes with a durable dust-resistant layer that drastically reduces the disposition of dust on the blades.

This innovative feature saves you from the hassles of cleaning the blades every other week. Additionally, the dust-resistant topping retains the sparkling color of the fan. The sweep size of this ceiling fan is 1200 mm, which is ideal for a medium-sized room. 

This fan is equipped with a decorative ring and elegantly designed blade trims which will surely catch the attention of all your guests. The stylish and elegant look of this product will add more charm to the aesthetics of your modern home. Another attractive feature of this fan that adds to its sleek look is its metallic paint. The superior quality metallic paint gives the product a classy look that lasts long. 

2. Atomberg Renesa BLDC Motor with Remote Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa BLDC Motor with Remote Ceiling Fan
  • Speed –  Upto 340 RPM
  • Warranty – 3 year on Product

A modern home will always remain incomplete without an innovative, unique ceiling fan with an ultra-modern design. This Gorilla Renesa ceiling fan is an ideal choice for contemporary homes. The primary significant feature of this ceiling fan is its smart remote.

The intelligent remote has three innovative programs: sleep, boost mode, and timer. You can now change the fan’s speed or put it into sleep mode with just the press of a button. This ceiling fan does not require a regulator, which is a significant advantage. 

It is powered by innovative inverter stabilization technology, which adds to the increased efficiency of the fan. This inverter stabilization technology ensures that the fan runs consistently at the same speed. It provides a speed of 340 revolutions per minute and delivers an air rate of 220 CMM. Moreover, the brand offers one year extended warranty on the product. 

3. Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 360 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

With a product dimension of 27 cm in length, 21 cm in width, and 17 cm in height, the Orient electric apex ceiling fan is another best ceiling fan worth purchasing. The blade size of this ceiling fan is 1200 mm, which results in uniform air circulation. To ensure superior performance with high air delivery, it provides 400 revolutions per minute. With this ceiling fan, you can remain assured of durability and longevity. 

It is fitted with a 100% copper motor which accounts for the durability of the ceiling fan. The orient electric apex ceiling fan comes with double ball bearing technology, which accounts for its high efficiency and superior performance.

The galvanized ribbed blades enhance their strength. It comes with a two-year warranty to ensure a more significant user experience, which is an important additional benefit. This product is inverter compatible, implying that it gets automatically connected to your home inverter in case of load shedding.

4. Crompton Hill Briz Deco Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill Briz Deco Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 380 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

In the arena of home appliances, Crompton is one of the topmost brands, which is preferred by the majority. The Crompton products never fail to find a place in almost every Indian home. The products manufactured by this renowned brand are well known for their superior and powerful performance, ultra-modern yet simplistic looks, and innovative technology.

This Crompton ceiling fan comes with a simple and classy look, providing an air delivery of 210 CMM and a speed of 380 revolutions per minute. The ceiling fan blades are given a rust-free coating which accounts for the product’s durability.

Moreover, the rust-free coating helps retain its color for a long time. The aluminium body of the ceiling fan adds some extra years to the product’s longevity, which also accounts for its cost-effective nature. The ceiling fan features a smooth surface to facilitate easy and hassle-free cleaning. 

5. Luminous Morpheus Anti Rust Ceiling Fan

Luminous Morpheus Anti Rust Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 380 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

Since its inception in the market, luminous has become a popular household name in India. The electrical appliances manufactured by luminous feature the perfect amalgamation of the latest technology, innovative features, contemporary design, and a pocket-friendly price range.

The Luminous products also feature high durability, which is another primary reason for their increased popularity and demand. The Luminous Morpheus ceiling fan is a popular product that meets all modern-day cooling requirements. This ceiling fan provides 380 revolutions per minute, ensuring cool air reaches every room corner. The product features a spectacular design with superior performance, which accounts for its massive demand.   

This product also comes with a down rod, ensuring you do not have to spend any extra. It has a compact copper motor that provides uninterrupted cooling even on the hottest days. Moreover, the copper motor ensures the longevity of the product. The aluminium blades are given a rust-resistant layer that retains their shine and color. 

6. Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 380 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

If you are looking for an elegant and stylish-looking ceiling fan equipped with all the latest features, you can undoubtedly opt for the Usha bloom ceiling fan. The contemporary design of this ceiling fan gives it a stylish and elegant look which will be a great addition to your classy home interiors.

The prominent attractive feature of this ceiling fan is its beautiful dual-colour design. The stunning decorative finish will add a touch of modernity to your room. It is coated with the novel silane paint technology, which makes the fan resistant to oil, moisture, stains, and dust. 

It features a unique blade design with a high lift angle that delivers a broader throw of maximum cooling and high air delivery. The 100% copper motor fitted in this ceiling fan ensures the increased durability of the fan, thereby making it cost-effective. The fan’s unique coating facilitates easy cleaning, providing hassle-free maintenance. 

7. Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan

Bajaj Frore Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 380 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

With a low power consumption of 56 watts, the Bajaj Frore ceiling fan is another best one in India that you can purchase without second thoughts. It is fitted with double ball bearings, which increases the load-bearing capacity providing lasting durability to the product.

This Bajaj ceiling fan is equipped with a quick start high torque motor that results in superior performance. It features a dimension of 54 cm in length, 3.2 cm in width, and 14.2 cm in height.

This ceiling fan provides you with more air and less power consumption, aiding you in saving those extra bucks on a long electricity bill—the ribbed blades of the fan results in uniform air distribution across the room. The simplistic yet modern design of the fan is another primary reason which makes it the top-rated product. Moreover, the brand gives two years warranty on the product. 

8. Havells Glaze Ceiling Fan

Havells Glaze Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 390 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

When purchasing superior quality electrical home products, Havells is one of the top brands trusted by many. The products manufactured by this famous brand are widely popular for their premium quality, high efficiency, stylish looks, and innovative features.

The Havells electrical home appliances also come in an affordable price range, making them easily accessible. The Havells Glaze ceiling fan is one of the top-rated products with massive market demand. The primary reason for the popularity of this ceiling fan is its classy look and high speed.

The 1200 mm sweep size of the fan provides you relief from the scorching summers. It features a heavy-duty motor and ergonomically designed blades guarantee high air delivery, filling the entire room with refreshing air. This product’s simple yet captivating design will surely add glamour to your modern home.

9. CROMPTON Sea Sapphira Ceiling Fan

CROMPTON Sea Sapphira Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 380 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

Those who want a simple yet highly efficient ceiling fan can opt for the Crompton sapphire ceiling fan. This ceiling fan by Crompton even features a budget-friendly price, ensuring you do not have to disrupt your budget to own a superior product.

It is provided with powder-coated blades, which accounts for its corrosion-resistant nature, and this ensures the product’s high longevity, which accounts for its vast demand in the market. Moreover, the powder-coated blades let you clean the blades easily without any issues.

The two-piece construction of the Crompton sapphire ceiling fan ensures silent and stable operation. The power consumption of this product is 72 watts which accounts for its energy-efficient nature. To enhance the performance and durability of the product, it is fitted with a 100% copper motor. The two years manufacturer warranty on the product is a substantial additional benefit. 

10. Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan 

Orient Electric Wendy Ceiling Fan
  • Speed – 320 RPM
  • Warranty – 2 year on Product

The Orient Wendy ceiling fan features a premium look and powerful performance, making it a must-have product in your home. The spectacular performance of this ceiling fan ensures that cool air is delivered uniformly in every room corner. It is provided with wider tips blades which results in high air delivery.

The Crompton wendy ceiling fan is equipped with a 16-pole entire copper motor, the strongest and most durable in the category. This motor enhances the fan’s longevity and ensures superior performance. The metallic black body imparts the product with an elegant look that will add a touch of modernity to your home. 

It has aluminium blades and a lacquer coating that ensures its long life. The 320 revolutions per minute of the fan effectively remove humidity and hot air from the room within seconds. It provides an air delivery of 230 CMM and power consumption of 70 watts.

How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fan in India

Below is a list of factors you must consider while purchasing the best ceiling fan for your home. 

Fan size: One of the first and foremost factors you need to consider while purchasing a ceiling fan is the fan size you require. A small ceiling fan in a large room may not be practical, while a big size ceiling in a small room might create erratic air circulation. Thus, it remains imperative to always prefer the right ceiling fan size as per your room size. 

The ceiling fans vary in shape and are usually available in sizes 600mm, 900 mm, and 1200mm. The 600 mm ceiling fan is suitable for a room measuring up to 100 sq ft. Similarly, the 900 mm ceiling fan is suitable for 200 sq ft rooms such as master bedrooms, etc. The 1200 mm fan is suitable for large areas such as the lobby and living room, measuring more than 250 sq ft.

Motor technology and winding material: Over the past few years, the motor technology of ceiling fans has increased significantly. The modern ceiling fans are now equipped with the BLDC (brushless direct current) motor. These motors are efficient and long-lasting and have less wattage than the ordinary motor ceiling fan or the five-star motor ceiling fan. Hence, it would be best if you only preferred ceiling fans with BLDC motors.

Apart from this, you also need to check the winding material of the motor. The winding material of the ceiling fan is of two types copper and aluminum. Among these two, the latter is cheaper, inefficient, and has less lifespan. But copper windings are efficient and have more durability. Thus, you should check whether your ceiling fan has copper or aluminium winding and prefer only the models with copper winding.

CMM and RPM: It is also vital to check for the CMM and RPM of the ceiling before purchasing them. The RPM stands for rotation per minute, which signifies the fan’s maximum speed. Similarly, the CMM shows the ratio of air discharged from the ceiling fan and the area covered. Hence, I always prefer those models of the best ceiling fans with higher CMM and RPM ratings.

Number of Blades: The ceiling fan’s blades significantly affect the ceiling fan’s aesthetic, performance, and acoustics. The ceiling fans with fewer blades, such as three blades, are lighter and tend to create less drag, which signifies that they can rotate faster and deliver more air effectively. In contrast, fans with more than three blades tend to consume more energy but have quieter operations.

 However, ceiling fans with three blades are the most common, and they are available in a cheaper budget range. But to get adequate air from the fan, it is preferable to purchase the three-blade fan as they do not have more drag on the motor and thereby provide adequate airflow.

Other Features: Apart from the factors mentioned above, you also need to check for the other features of the fan. You need to check whether the ceiling fan is equipped with some fantastic features such as smart, dust-free, and elegant design. Smart features such as controlling the ceiling fan through mobile, controlling through voice command, etc., make it more convenient for you.

Similarly, you also need to check whether the fan you have chosen is a non-dust fan or not. The non-dust fan effectively solves your problem cleaning the fan; the blades are coated with nano paint that significantly reduces dust accumulation, and thus your fan will not get dusty frequently.

Lastly, I always prefer a fan with a compelling design or a designer ceiling fan. It will help significantly enhance the room’s aesthetic and complement the room’s vibe.

If you are interested to know more about ceiling fan, checkout our in depth fan buying guide which help you to choose the right ceiling fan.

Wrap up!

Hence, we hope that from our above discussion now, it will be easier for you to select the appropriate best ceiling fan for yourself. It would help to keep these buying factors in mind while purchasing the best ceiling for yourself.

The best ceiling fans are equipped with numerous excellent specifications that make them worthy. You can select any ceiling fan as per your requirement.

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