Tower Fan vs Air Cooler – Which One is Better?

With the drastic temperature rise, the need for an air cooling device has become quite imperative. In cooling devices, air conditioners usually have a greater demand but are not so affordable.

As an alternative to the air conditioners, we have the tower fans and air coolers, which work effectively in throwing cool air. If you are planning to purchase an air cooling device but are confused about getting a tower fan or air cooler, then looking at this article will help ease your confusion.

What is a tower fan?

A tower fan is a tower-shaped tall fan stationed on a sturdy base that oscillates. A tiny outlet is embedded in the fan, which makes way for air to enter the product and blow the cool air at 90 degrees angle. The 90-degree angle and the tall height of the fan circulate cool air uniformly and efficiently across the room.

Most tower fans these days are equipped with an in-built humidifier and air purifier, which adds to their greater usability. The distinctive feature of the tower fan is its tall slim design which enables its easy placement in any corner of the room.

Advantages of a tower fan

Aesthetic appeal – With a tall and sleek build, the tower fans feature an aesthetic appeal making them the ideal addition to modern homes.

Portability – Another significant advantage of the tower fan is its portable nature. The tower fans come with low weight and a simple build, enabling you to move them easily whenever required.

Packed with features – Tower fans include much smart functionality such as ionizers, HEPA filters, and many more.

Quiet performance – Since the tower fans do not have any exposed blades, any noise emitted from the machine or blades gets muffled up in the appliance, resulting in low noise operation.

Disadvantages of a tower fan

Limited usability – One major disadvantage of the tower fan is that they are not suitable for large rooms. The tower fans are not effective in delivering air in large spaces. This appliance is suitable only for medium-sized to small rooms.

Lower airflow – The airflow of the tower fan is not that impressive, adding to its disadvantages.

Limited target area – If you are of the view that a tower fan can circulate a breeze across the room, then you might face disappointment. Tower fans are not equipped with a powerful motor, thus limiting their target area.

What is an air cooler?

Even though many confuse air conditioners with air coolers, they are entirely different. Unlike air conditioners, air coolers are equipped with cheaper and simpler parts. The air coolers are equipped with damp honeycomb filters, which pull warm air and throw a cool breeze.

Moreover, the air coolers are fitted with a cold water tank, ensuring the filter remains moist. After the water evaporates, the air is cooled down, spreading it across the room through an in-built fan. To meet the requirements of all, there are various types of air coolers, such as desert air coolers, tower coolers, personal coolers, and window coolers.

Advantages of an air cooler

Improves indoor air quality – The air coolers are equipped with effective filters which absorb dust, mites, and other harmful organisms from the air. Due to their filters, they enhance the air quality, creating a healthy indoor environment. Moreover, air coolers also prevent the growth of moisture by combating humidity.

Zero installation hassle – The air coolers are easy to operate and feature an easy installation process. It does not involve any cumbersome installation steps, which is one of its main advantages.

Occupies less space – Since the air coolers feature an ergonomic design, they occupy less space.

Disadvantages of air cooler

Noisy- The air coolers can be quite noisy, which is one of their main disadvantages. The two main parts of an air cooler are a blower, a fan and a water engine. The water engine and fan create a lot of noise since all the parts are housed in a single unit.

Requires daily water change– The air coolers throw a cool breeze with the aid of the in-built water tank, which needs to be refilled with fresh water regularly. If water is not changed, it leads to the growth of slime, bacteria, algae, and other water contaminants.

Humid environment affects its performance– When the environment becomes too humid, the water evaporation from the air cooler becomes comparatively slow. It, in turn, affects the optimal performance of the air cooler, turning it into a mere fan.

Tower Fan vs Air Cooler

Energy efficiency

The tower fans are less energy-consuming than the air coolers. Nonetheless, both the appliances are equipped with energy-saving modes, which help to save some extra amount on the electricity bill.

Size and space needed

The tower fans mostly come in almost the exact sizes and do not vary much in size. Even though a few tower fans are fitted with a bulky motor, not much difference appears in their size. When it comes to air coolers, they are available in a broad range of sizes.

Even though some air coolers are portable, most come with a permanent fixture. The tower fans come with a tall, sleek build, consuming less space. While on the other hand, the air coolers are quite bulky since they are equipped with various components. The placement of the air coolers takes up a larger space.

Cooling and air circulation

A tower fan throws cool air by circulating the air within the room. They pull the floor-level air and blow it out across the room. This air circulation process of the tower fan aids in effectively removing humid and hot air from the room.

The air circulation of the air coolers involves sucking in hot air through their air pads. The damp pads lower the temperature of the sucked air, throwing a cool breeze. Moreover, compared to the tower fans, the air coolers are equipped with a water tank, resulting in faster cooling.


Since the air cooler requires several components for its functioning, its price is slightly higher than the tower fan.


The tower fan and air cooler are excellent cooling appliances, giving us instant relief in the hot summers. The tower fan and air coolers have their share of advantages and disadvantages.

Regarding pricing, space, and energy consumption, the tower fans hold a greater advantage over the air coolers. However, in terms of cooling, the performance of the air coolers is more impressive than the tower fans.

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