6 Best UPS For Computer in India – With Large Battery Backup

In this digital era, our dependence on IT systems is rapidly increasing. Moreover, we are now in dire requirement of IT systems for storing our data and documents. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that these systems can function effectively even during power cuts.

It is precisely where the UPS or the uninterruptible power supplies comes into the picture. The UPS offers power backup to the computer systems during power disruptions or voltage fluctuations. A high-quality UPS lets you make up for the lost hour of productivity while keeping the data safe.

Owing to the growing need for a UPS, the market is packed with various types and models that can confuse you. Therefore, to make your work easy, we have curated a list of the best UPS for computers worth purchasing. We have also prepared a brief guide to let you lay your hands on the best UPS model for your computer.

Top Picks of The Best UPS For Computer in India 2023

Below is the list of best ups for computer in India based on their capacity, size, brand, warranty, battery backup and design.

1. APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA 

APC Back-UPS BX600C-IN 600VA
  • Capacity: 600VA
  • Backup time: 20 – 75 mins

With a load capacity of 360 watts or 600 VA, the APC ups backup is ideal for your computers. It is equipped with three batteries and several surge-protected outlets. This UPS offers intelligent battery management through its battery failure notification. This notification provides an early warning fault analysis of the batteries, facilitating timely preventive management.

The clever battery management mechanism of the UPS maximizes battery performance, durability, and reliability through precision and intelligent charging. To further add to the excellent usability of the product, it comes with a periodic battery self-test that effectively detects an inherent problem of the battery that needs to be addressed immediately.

Its audible alarm feature provides notification of the UPS condition and changing utility power. One of the primary features of the APC back-UPS is its customizable voltage sensitivity that ensures the safety of all the internal electric components during voltage fluctuations.


  • Audible alarms
  • Periodic battery self-test 


  • The product is a bit pricy


  • Capacity: 600VA
  • Backup time: 30 – 105 mins

In the arena of electronic components, zebronics is a leading brand name that produces superior-quality products. The UPS manufactured by zebronics features advanced technology and the latest specifications that account for their excellent usability. And this UPS by Zebronics is no exception to this fact.

A prominent significant feature of the Zebronics Zeb UPS is its overload protection. This feature ensures the product’s safety from overloading, thus adding to the greater longevity of the UPS, even with continuous usage. Considering the extreme time crunch we face because of our busy schedules, this zebronics UPS has a fast charging feature.

It achieves 90% charging in just four to six hours. This UPS features a low battery alarm, which alerts you when the battery falls drastically. The zebronics UPS supports a sleep charging mode and an LED indicator. The product features an automatic voltage regulation that regulates the output voltage according to the given input voltage.


  • Low battery alarm
  • Faster charging time


  • The battery backup time is not impressive

3. Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA UPS

Artis PS-1000Eco 1000VA UPS
  • Capacity: 1000VA
  • Backup time: 30 – 40 mins

Featuring a product dimension of 32 cm in length, 13 cm in width, and 18 cm in height, the Artis PS UPS is one of the best-selling UPS. This UPS is ideal for computers and several other devices, such as laptops, routers, gaming consoles, networking devices, etc.

It has a compact build and sleek design that lets you store it without any space constraints. The Artis UPS is embedded with a lead acid battery which accounts for excellent durability and battery backup. The UPS has three output sockets that let you connect up to three devices simultaneously.

It offers a full backup of 60 minutes, allowing you to carry on with your work without worrying about a fast battery discharge. The microcontroller of the Artis UPS ensures excellent reliability. Another primary benefit of this UPS is its silent operation that enables you to work peacefully.


  • Auto restart feature
  • Super-fast transfer of data or documents


  • Build quality not up to the mark


  • Capacity: 600VA
  • Backup time: 10 – 15 mins

Another best UPS for computers that you can buy without any second thoughts is the VGuard UPS Sesto. It comes with an off-mode battery charging with high voltage protection. This feature safeguards the internal components from short circuits caused due to voltage fluctuations.

This UPS is engineered thoughtfully to support short-duration power failures efficiently. It protects your important data and documents by facilitating a systematic shutdown task. Considering our extreme time shortage these days, this UPS offers a full charge in just ten to fifteen minutes.

This UPS comes with a dimension of 14.2 cm in height, 27.9 cm in length, and 10.1 cm in width. The simple and sleek build of the UPS is another significant benefit that makes it a must-buy. Moreover, the brand offers a 24-month warranty on the product, which is an important additional benefit. To enhance the functioning of the UPS, it is provided with lithium-ion batteries that ensure its powerful performance.


  • It comprises of lithium-ion battery
  • High voltage protection


  • It faces heating issues

5. VERTIV Liebert ITON CX 1000VA UPS

  • Capacity: 1000VA
  • Backup time: 45 – 60 mins

If you are looking for a highly efficient UPS with an affordable price range, you can opt for the Vertiv Liebert Iton CX UPS. To let you work hassle-free, the UPS comes with four ports that let you connect multiple devices simultaneously.

The convenient UPS system enhances the input capability and the increased load requirement. It features a cold start function which ensures that your vital data or documents are recovered in case of a sudden blackout of the computer system. The Vertiv Liebert is an affordable line interactive UPS that offers enhanced protection to electronic equipment such as a computer.

It is embedded with the latest and most advanced microprocessor that accounts for the high reliability of the UPS. This UPS can easily support continuous 60 minutes of backup. The UPS comes with several alarms, such as a low battery, overload, battery replacement, etc.


  • Advanced microprocessor
  • Equipped with cold start function


  • The fan is too noisy

6. Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA

Microtek UPS Legend 1000VA
  • Capacity: 1000VA
  • Backup time: 4 – 6 hours

Microtek is a famous brand name that produces superior-quality electronic components. Because of the high efficiency of Microtek electronic appliances, it is trusted and preferred by the majority. The Microtek Legend UPS is one such top-rated electronic appliance produced by Microtek.

It is embedded with a top-grade microprocessor that ensures optimum reliability. One of the significant benefits of this Microtek UPS is its long battery life. The UPS features a boost and buck AVR that facilitates ultimate voltage stabilization, ensuring the device’s protection against discharge and overcharges.

To enhance user experience, it is equipped with various led indicators. These led indicators immediately alert you in case of low battery or high fluctuations that let you instantly take preventive steps.


  • Highly durable product
  • Notifies you when the battery dies


  • Closely placed sockets

Buying Guide For Best Ups For Computer

Before you set out to buy the best UPS for computer, there are certain essential factors to consider, as those mentioned below:

Capacity: The first and foremost essential factor to consider while buying the best UPS for computer is its capacity. A suitable UPS capacity will enable you to make the most out of it without hassle. If you cannot understand which capacity best suits your needs, consider the sum of the power consumption of the devices that need to be connected to the UPS.

Number of outlets: While buying the best UPS for computer, it is crucial to consider its total number of outlets. Getting a UPS with at least three or four outlets is always advisable, enabling you to connect several devices simultaneously.

Type of battery: The battery is a UPS’s core component, which determines its performance. In terms of the type of battery used in the UPS, there are two basic types: lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. Look for a UPS with lithium-ion batteries since they last longer and offer enhanced performance than the traditional lead acid battery. Moreover, the lithium-ion battery facilitates faster and more significant charge/discharge cycles.

Power requirement: After successfully zeroing down on the battery type, capacity, and several outlets, you must now pay close attention to its power requirement. The power requirement implies the total load the UPS can handle. It is, therefore, crucial to use your discretion carefully while considering the power requirement of the best UPS for computer.

Warranty: Another crucial factor that must not be missed while buying the best UPS for computer is its warranty. You must look for a UPS with at least two years of warranty. In simple words, the more extended the warranty, the better. The warranty on the UPS will enable you to claim replacement from the company in case of any malfunctioning or defect that occurs within the stipulated time frame.

Benefits of Using a UPS For Computer

  • Provides power backup when utility power fails.
  • Easily tackle the conditions of utility power disturbances.
  • Remove the risk of power outage in critical services.
  • Act as a bridge between failure of mains and starting of generator.

Best UPS For Computer FAQs

How long will a UPS run a desktop computer?

An UPS can run the desktop computer for at least three hours with continuous usage.

Is it worth buying a UPS for a PC?

Yes, it is worth buying a UPS for a PC since it offers an uninterrupted power supply during power outages.

What should not be plugged into a UPS?

Some devices should not be plugged into a UPS, such as laser printers, copiers, space heaters, etc.


Our discussion on the best UPS for computers will enable you to lay your hands on the best UPS model. The best UPS models mentioned above feature the judicious combination of the latest technology, advanced specifications, high durability, and impressive performance.

To make your purchase more accessible, this article discusses a buying guide consisting of the essential factors to consider while buying the best UPS for computer. Moreover, to answer all your queries, we have also mentioned frequently addressed questions that will ease all your dilemmas.

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