Best Solar Inverter in India – Highly Efficient and Durable

Frequent power cuts have become a routine in our country. It occurs due to excess load on the grid and also due to uneven power distribution. In this, the end-user has been affected adversely, and it remains imperative to have a substitute for the main supply.

What can be cheaper than solar inverters? Solar inverters are an essential component of the home solar network. It efficiently transforms the dc to ac to operate the various home appliances using sun power.

However, purchasing a solar inverter is challenging as there are several things to consider. Thus, if you also want to buy a solar inverter, you are in a dilemma about which one to choose.

Then in this article, we will discuss the best solar inverter. We will also discuss a buying guide and frequently asked questions that would make your shopping experience more seamless and hassle-free.

Top Picks of The Best Solar Inverter in India 2022

Below is the list of the best solar inverter in India based on their capacity, rated power, safety features, warranty.

1. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S

V-Guard Smart Pro 1200 S
  • VA – 1200
  • Warranty– 2 Years

Get rid of the frequent power cuts and continue your task seamlessly by getting an uninterrupted power supply with this V-guard smart pro-1200 S solar inverter. You can also use this inverter to reduce electricity usage and thus save a significant amount of income on your monthly electricity bills.

This best solar inverter can efficiently run various electrical appliances such as fans, led lights, tube lights, speakers, and other electric home appliances. One of the most distinctive features of this best solar inverter is its water topping reminder which reminds you to top up the distilled water in the battery.


  • Its pure sinewave output is perfect for loads of sophisticated electronic appliances
  • It is value for money
  • You can easily access it through wifi and Bluetooth


  • It uses a lot of grid power to charge its battery

2. Luminous NXG 1150 Pure Sinewave

Luminous NXG 1150 Pure Sinewave
  • VA – 1150
  • Warranty– 2 Years

The luminous nxg 1150 pure sinewave solar inverter offers you an uninterrupted power supply by using the sun’s power. As we all know, solar energy is clean and safe, ensuring that all home appliances have efficient performance.

This solar inverter is equipped with advanced ISOT technology that intelligently optimizes the solar to enhance solar energy usage in both back-ups and charging modes to reduce grid power usage.

Moreover, it also has an in-built heavy-duty solar charge controller, which enables it to run, load, and charge the battery simultaneously. Similarly, its intelligent charge-sharing feature ensures that grid electric power consumption is limited to utilizing maximum solar power.


  • Available at an affordable price
  • It comprises a compact size that does not take up much space in your home
  • Comes with two years of warranty


  • Cannot efficiently power heavy-wattage appliances

3. Smarten Superb 2500VA 2.5kVA

Smarten Superb 2500VA
  • VA – 2500
  • Warranty– 2 Years

It is another best solar inverters you can purchase for your home. It has numerous impressive specifications such as triple protection, advanced DSP controller, LCD screen, 1800 watts running capacity, low voltage charging, 50 amp solar charge controller, etc.

This solar inverter is based on the MMPT technology, and it also comes with four levels of battery depth of discharge options for your various requirements for power. One of the most prominent features of this solar inverter which makes it stand out from the rest is that you can run a submersible pump or motor with this solar inverter.

The LCD of this solar inverter provides you with all the required information, such as battery backup, discharge, etc. It is a suitable choice of inverter for home and office use.


  • It has an adequate capacity to run a one-hp submersible motor
  • Its 50 Amp MPPT solar control provides it with 30% more efficiency
  • The advanced DSP controller of this solar inverter ensures efficient operation


  • The switch over from grid to solar and back from solar to the grid is not quick
  • Sometimes, manual intervention to control grid and solar power

4. Microtek M-Sun PWM Technology

Microtek M-Sun PWM Technology
  • VA – 1200
  • Warranty– 2 Years

We all know that Microtek is a famous brand that manufactures exceptional quality batteries and inverters, and this solar inverter by Microtek is no exception to this fact. It can also be regarded as the safest solar inverter, with numerous safety features such as short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, etc.

It comprises pure sinewave output, ensuring that this solar inverter can efficiently run all your electric appliances. Similarly, the eco-friendly mode offers enhanced energy efficiency.


  • It can easily charge in two modes, solar mode, and the main mode
  • This solar inverter comes with graphical and LCD indication
  • It is also equipped with a micro-controller DSPIC-based intelligent control design


  • It does not comprise a flattering look

5. UTL Heliac-1200/50A, 1000VA/12V

UTL Heliac-1200/50A, 1000VA/12V
  • VA – 1200
  • Warranty– 2 Years

This solar inverter by UTL Helic is a high-efficiency solar inverter that comprises a grid charger, PWM solar charger, and inverter. There are three modes in this inverter, pcu mode, smart mode, and hybrid mode. Due to its PWM technology, its in-built charger controller can easily extract the maximum power from the solar panels, thereby enhancing the system’s efficiency.

It provides high-frequency sine wave output to run all your electric appliances efficiently. This solar inverter by UTL Heliac is designed to give you maximum advantages from the sun. Thus you can save significant money on your monthly electricity bills.

Its most advanced multi-color LCD provides all the necessary information, such as battery charging status, backup, grid or solar power usage, etc.

One of the most impressive specifications of this solar inverter which makes it different from other solar inverters, is its IT mode. This mode works by protecting all your sensitive electronics and also minimizes the changes over time, thereby ensuring that there is no breakdown in the power supply.


  • It is compatible with the IT load
  • Comprises of a modified sinewave output
  • It is available at an affordable price


  • Cannot efficiently operate high-capacity appliances

Buying Guide For Best Solar Inverter in India

Before purchasing the best solar inverter, there are certain factors that you need to consider so that you can buy the right one for your home. Thus, below is a curated list of factors that you need to consider while purchasing the best solar inverter:

Inverter type: The first thing you need to consider while purchasing the best solar inverter is its type. There are three types of solar inverters, on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar inverter. The former converts dc to ac and then sends the surplus energy to the grid. But the off-grid type converter dc to ac from the battery, and the hybrid solar inverter converts dc to ac either using an on-grid or off-grid PV system.

Inverter technology: There are two types of inverter technology: the PWM solar-based inverter and the MPPT-based solar inverter. The PWM refers to a pulse width modulation controller which acts as an electric switch between the solar panels and the battery.

You can flick the switch on or off as per your requirement. The inverters with PWM technology have higher power handling capacity and lower noise during operation.

Similarly, MPPT refers to the maximum power point tracker, which is nothing but an electronic dc to ac converter which efficiently optimizes the match between the solar array and battery bank

Power consumption: After considering the inverter type and technology, the next thing you need to consider while purchasing the best solar inverter is its power consumption. For things, you need to make a rough estimation of your power requirements. I always prefer to buy an off-grid solar inverter whose power varies from 750w to 10 kW, which can efficiently run all home appliances.

Inverter voltage: While choosing a solar inverter, always consider the inverter voltage. Usually, solar inverters support a battery of 12V to 120 V. Thus, if you have a lower requirement, choose a lower voltage of 12V solar inverter, or if you have higher power consumption, choose a higher voltage solar inverter of 48V.

Warranty: Warranty is an important thing that you should consider while purchasing a solar inverter. Usually, solar inverters have warranties ranging from 5 years to 15 years. Always choose a model of the solar inverter with a reasonable warranty period of more than five years, as you can remain worry-free and cut down your expenditure on the repair of the solar inverter if it gets any damage or fault during the warranty period.

Best Solar Inverter in India FAQs

What is the lifespan of a solar inverter?

Usually, the life span of solar inverters lasts from 10-12 years with regular and rough use. However, with effective maintenance, they can also last for about 20-25 years on average.

Can I leave a solar inverter on at all times?

Yes, you can keep your solar inverter on at all times. If you switch it off, it will lose its battery backup time due to self-discharge.

Do solar panels drain batteries at night?

No, the solar panels do not drain batteries at night. However, in some circumstances, if a solar panel is damaged or does not has a diode, then it will drain batteries at night.

Can a solar inverter run without a battery?

No, the solar inverter cannot run without a battery. If there is no battery, it cannot operate during power outrage. Only the hybrid solar inverter can operate without a battery.

Final Words

From our above discussion about the best solar inverters, you can easily pick the right one from the models mentioned above of the best solar inverters. While purchasing a solar inverter, you need clarification about which one to choose.

By referring to our above-discussed buying guide, you can eliminate the confusion and thus pick the right one for your home per your requirement. Not only this, but also we have discussed some frequently asked questions which would help you get an answer to all your queries about solar inverters.

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