Induction Stove vs Gas Stove – Which One to Choose in 2023?

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove – Which One to Choose? Anybody who loves to cook will know the importance of choosing the right cooking appliance for their kitchen. But wait, what if you are looking to buy a cooktop and unsure whether an induction-based cooktop or a gas stove would work best?

Well, this article is meant just for you. Let’s read on as we compare these two options and determine which one should be your choice in today’s busy world.

What is an Induction Stove?

An induction cooktop uses electricity to generate heat for cooking. Instead of using conduction, like with gas burners, it uses magnetic induction technology. Thus, induction stoves may directly heat cooking utensils without heating the entire cooktop. A cooler, drier kitchen environment will make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

You can quickly heat utensils with the help of Induction stoves. Due to the impressive induction technology, these stoves work more effectively than the electric and gas stoves, and it not only saves time and ensures the cooking process is safe. Some induction stoves also come with advanced features like auto shut down, which turns off the appliance as soon as you take the utensil out of the stove.

In Induction stoves, you can find preset programs that help you cook certain items faster than you think. For example, if you were to boil milk or prepare french fries, you can select the preset program, and the temperature control, timer, etc., are taken care of by the induction stove.

How does an induction stove work?

Here is how the induction stove works:

  • When electricity is passed through the copper wire, the induction stove produces heat and heats the cooking pan. This coiled copper wire acts as a magnetic surface till the time electricity passes through it.
  • Due to the heat from the cooking pan, the only utensil being used for the cooking will get hot.
  • Unlike gas cooking, the induction stove does not consume much energy for cooking.
  • The induction stove uses electric induction technology to heat the pan instead of an electric heating element or thermal conduction from gas.
  • One must only use stainless steel or cast iron utensils for cooking on the induction stove.
  • If you are using pans made of copper or aluminum, then make sure that they have additional magnets. Else, it will not be helpful for cooking. The viability of the pan can be tested by simply placing a magnet under it. If the magnet sticks, it means the pan works on the induction stove. If not, then it does not work.

Advantages of an induction stove

Speed: Due to its impressive electric induction technology, cooking can be done faster on an induction stove than on a traditional gas stove.

Heat Efficient: Induction stoves are heat efficient, as they only heat the cooking vessel rather than produce heat around the surroundings. This way, the entire heat is used only for cooking faster. In the case of a gas stove, a certain amount of heat generated for cooking goes waste.

Adjustable Temperature: Unlike gas stoves, induction stoves do not come with control knobs. You need to set the temperature through the given settings or select any program from the preset menu.

Safety: Induction cooktops are a lot safer than gas stoves. You need not worry about gas leakage like LPG cylinders, as this induction stove uses only electricity to cook the food. Moreover, they are equipped with advanced features like auto shut down, which helps prevent electric accidents.

Disadvantages of an induction stove

Vessels: The main drawback of using an induction cooktop is using flat-bottomed pots and pans. Since most people don’t cook using flat-bottomed cookware, this can be a hassle while getting your induction cooktop set up. The pans and cookware for induction cooktops can be pricey, but they are necessary if you plan to utilize your induction cooktop.

Time Lag: The temperature does not increase or decrease instantly on the induction cooktop. Induction cooktops must be warmed up before use, and the new temperature level must be allowed to take effect. If you’re planning to cook for many guests at once, it can be inconvenient.

Expensive: Induction stoves are costly compared to gas stoves. In addition to the induction stove, you need to buy compatible vessels for cooking, which adds up to more investment on the induction stove.

What is a Gas Stove?

The term gas stove refers to a stove that cooks with the help of combustible gases. Every Indian home has at least one of these stoves. Because gas stoves are so easy to use, many professional chefs choose them over any other type of stove. Gas stoves offer a wide range of benefits.

Gas stoves are very easy to use and do not require much maintenance, and this is one of the reasons why every household has been using them for years.

However, gas stoves have downsides, like refilling very often, which can be more expensive than an induction stove. Also, there can be chances of gas leakage, even in modern gas stoves.

How does a gas stove work?

To understand the working mechanism of the gas stove, you need to check below:

  • Gas stoves can be turned on either by auto-ignition or manually turning on the dial.
  • The fuel passes through the standing pilot and ignition. So, there is no chance of the room filling up with gas before you ignite.
  • The standing pilot is located between the front and back burners.
  • On the other hand, electric ignition uses electricity to turn on the burner.
  • Gas protection mechanisms must be connected to the stove that has electronic ignition.

Advantages of gas stove

Immediate Cooking: You can immediately start cooking on the gas stove, whereas an induction stove takes time to heat the utensil. You need to turn on the burner, adjust the flame, place the pan, and start cooking.

Visibility: Unlike the induction stove, you can see the amount of flame generated in the gas stove and adjust it if needed. If more flame is being produced and getting wasted, you can try changing the flame.

Use Any Vessel: Unlike an induction stove, where you need to use only flat-bottom vessels, you can use any vessel on the gas stove.

Cost: Considering the additional costs involved in buying extra utensils for the induction stove, the cost of the gas stove is significantly less.

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove

Energy efficient

Induction stove transfers the heat directly to the utensil and ensures minimal loss of energy. On the other hand, gas stoves need heated gas for operation. Since there is a gap between the cookware and the burner, there is a lot of energy wastage. We recommend buying an induction stove with at least 1500W of power for better cooking purposes.


Safety is the first priority no matter what appliance you purchase. Gas stoves are generally prone to gas leaks and breathing issues. Moreover, till the gas is fixed, one cannot cook on it. On the other hand, induction stoves do not cause any injuries or leaks, as they only work on electricity.


The induction stoves’ price is greater than the gas stoves, as you need to buy flat bottom vessels that are compatible with cooking on the induction stoves.

Easy to use 

Gas stoves are easier to use than induction stoves. It is because you can place any utensils on the gas stove, adjust the flame with the help of a knob, and start cooking. On the other hand, you need to select the temperature on the induction stove and select suitable pans for cooking.

Utensils friendly 

Induction cookers do not support any kind of vessel, and they only allow flat bottom vessels that are compatible with magnetic induction cooking. On the other hand, gas stoves are compatible with any vessel.


Gas stoves always seem to become dirty after usage, and they are hard to clean. In contrast, induction stoves are easy to maintain.


Gas stoves and induction stoves both have their pros and cons. Consider your priorities, budget, and safety concerns before purchasing either of the two.

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