5 Best Water Purifier Under 5000 in India (2023)

With the change in time, the need and importance of safe and clean drinking water is increasing to more significant manifolds. Therefore, owning a water purifier provides us with clean and purified water is essential.

A water purifier helps remove heavy metals, cysts, total dissolved solids, bacteria, and other harmful organisms from the water, making it safe for consumption. With the growing need, demand, and importance of water purifiers, the market has several options that can confuse you.

To ease your confusion, we have curated a list of the best water purifiers under 5000 worth purchasing. Moreover, we have also prepared a buying guide that will help you narrow down to the best water purifier model.

Top Picks of The Best Water Purifier Under 5000 in India 2023

Below is the list of the best water purifier under 5000 in India based on their type of water purifier, durability, maintenance, storage tank capacity, and material.

1. Aquaguard Crown UV Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – NA
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

The Aquaguard Eureka Forbes water purifier’s two-stage purification system accounts for the product’s superior performance. Stage one involves using several cartridges that effectively remove fine suspended particles such as dirt, mud, dust, and sand from the water.

The cartridges also work towards removing excess chlorine and organic impurities from the water, improving odour and taste. The second stage of purification involves the UV mechanism, which kills bacteria and germs from the water, making it safe for consumption.

This water purifier is embedded with an in-built voltage stabilizer which ensures the flawless performance of the appliance even during voltage fluctuations.

Another primary feature of this water purifier is its high water dispensing rate. It offers a high flow rate of two liters per minute. It has an energy-saving mode that automatically shuts off the UV lamp when it is not used for more than ten minutes. This aids in power conservation which in turn helps you to save on your monthly electricity bill.

2. Tata Swach Desire + 27 Litre

  • Water Storage Capacity – 27 litres
  • Warranty– 6 Month Warranty

The Tata swach desire water purifier is one of the best water purifiers you can get without any second thoughts. It features a product dimension of 33 cm in length, 33 cm in width, and 58.4 cm in height. Moreover, the net weight of this water purifier is just 2.75 kg.

The lightweight and ergonomic build of the Tata swach desire water purifier enables you to place it anywhere without any space constraints. The main feature of this water purifier is its gravity-driven desktop ultra-filtration process. This mechanism effectively removes all sorts of impurities from the water, making it fit for human consumption.

The water purifier has a top mesh that removes all visible impurities, making the water clean and clear. The microfiltration membrane facilitates pre-treatment of the water, microbial removal, and protein fractionation, making the water clean for consumption. Another significant benefit of this water purifier is that it does not require electricity.

3. KENT Gold Gravity Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – 20 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

The Kent Gold water purifier is a gravity-based purifier that works on the principle of ultrafiltration technology. The ultrafiltration technology helps eliminate bacteria from the water, making it safe for drinking. One of the significant advantages of this water purifier is its large capacity of 20 liters.

Out of the total 20 liters capacity, the top tank capacity is 7 liters while the bottom tank capacity is 13 liters. With the Kent Gold water purifier at your aid, you no more have to worry about a hefty electricity bill since this water purifier does not require electricity to function.

Moreover, this water purifier does not use any chemicals for water purification. This water purifier is made of superior quality food-grade non-breakable plastic, ensuring the product’s long life and durability.

The water purifier is equipped with a hollow fiber UF membrane with 0.1 microns, preventing harmful organisms from getting into the purified water. It has a high stand base that offers an elevation to the water purifier. It enables you to fill the water easily without any problem.

4. RK Aqua Fresh India Swift Plus 12ltrs

  • Water Storage Capacity – 12 litres
  • Warranty– 3 Month Warranty

Another best water purifier under 5000 that is worth having is the RK Aqua Fresh India Swift Plus water purifier. To ensure the robust performance of the water purifier, it is equipped with double super-efficient carbon blocks.

These carbon blocks are designed innovatively to absorb the maximum amount of chemicals and chlorine from the drinking water. To ensure boosted water production, it features a multi-stage purification. This sleek and compact purifier is embedded with an advanced TDS regulator.

This regulator facilitates adjusting the taste of the water as per the water source. The TDS control aids in effectively and efficiently removing bacteria, arsenic, rust, and other harmful organisms from the water. The water purifier further enriches the purified water with essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium.

The multiple purification system of the water purifier further adds to its superior performance. Moreover, this water purifier’s accurate reverse osmosis technology removes almost 80% to 90% of the contaminants.

5. Kinsco Aqua Flame 15 Litre Active Copper

  • Water Storage Capacity – 15 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

If you are looking for the latest and most effective water purifier powered by advanced technology, you can undoubtedly opt for the Kinsco Aqua Flame water purifier. A primary feature of this water purifier that makes it stand out from the rest is its stylish and contemporary look.

With a stylish tap lever and glossy finish, this water purifier is sure to add to the aesthetics of the modern kitchen interior. It comes with a large tank capacity of 15 liters, ensuring that you get access to clean and safe drinking water even during power cuts.

This water purifier has a water level indicator that keeps you updated regarding the amount of water in the storage tank. The Kisco Aqua flame water purifier is powered by reverse osmosis technology, effectively retaining essential minerals in the stored water.

The ultra-filter process removes bacteria and cyst that helps maintain the mineral content. The ultraviolet radiation results in the immediate death of the harmful organism, wiping them off completely, thus levelling up the safety of the stored drinking water.

Buying Guide For Best Water Purifier Under 5000

To ensure that you lay your hands on the best water purifier under 5000, it is essential to consider specific vital components such as those mentioned below.

Type of water purifier:  The type of water purifier is essentially of three kinds: gravity, RO, and UV. The gravity water purifier is non-electric and works on the principle of pressure filtration. One of the primary advantages of the gravity water purifier is its lightweight, making it highly portable.

The UV water purifier uses ultraviolet rays to purify the water. The main benefit of the UV water purifier is its super-fast performance. The RO water purifier effectively removes harmful organisms and impurities from the water. Moreover, the RO water purifier also offers a better taste to the purified water.

Source of water: Different areas are supplied with various water sources within the same city. And hence it is crucial to consider the source of water while buying the best water purifier under 5000. The water supplied to domestic households comes from two primary sources: municipal water and underwater.

Storage tank capacity: After you have decided on the type of water purifier that will best suit your needs, you will now have to figure out the storage tank capacity. To determine the storage tank capacity, take into consideration the number of members in your family.

A large family with more than six members will need a water purifier with a storage tank capacity of more than 12 liters. Small families having three to four members can opt for storage tank capacity ranging between 8 to 9 liters.

Storage tank material: The storage tank of a water purifier is its core component, and therefore it is essential to consider the storage tank material. While buying the best water purifier under 5000, ensure that the storage tank is made of non-toxic food-grade material.

Soft water or hard water: Soft water has a low TDS level, and the UF water purifier works pretty well for soft water. Hard water contains a high TDS level (total dissolved solids) and requires a water purifier with a multi-stage purification system.

Wrap Up

A water purifier is a must-have appliance, the importance of which cannot be undermined. The products mentioned above are the best water purifier models under a 5000 budget that is a must-have.

These best water purifiers feature the perfect amalgamation of the latest specifications, advanced technology, ergonomic build, and elegant look. Moreover, we hope our buying guide will let you use your discretion wisely while buying the best water purifier under 5000.

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