8 Best UV UF Water Purifier in India (2023)

Gone are those days when one had to hassle with boiling water on stoves and then spend hours cooling it to consume clean and pure water. In today’s world, the impurities in water are rising exponentially, and the requirement for clean drinking water is increasing.

Water purifiers have effectively solved this problem, providing us with clean, purified water that is fit for human consumption. UV UF water purifiers are the fastest way to disinfect the water using ultraviolet rays. However, they do not remove dissolved organic or inorganic particles and sterilize microorganisms from water.

UV UF water purifiers are best suitable for water having TDS less than 200 ppm. Due to their affordable price and disinfectant capability without chemicals, they are pretty popular. The market has several options that can confuse you with the growing demand for UV UF water purifiers.

We have curated a list of the best UV UF water purifier models to ease your confusion and purchase. Moreover, we have also prepared a buying guide that will let you select the perfect UV UF water purifier.

Top Picks of The Best UV UF Water Purifier in India 2023

Below is the list of best UV UF water purifiers in India based on purifier technology, water storage capacity, filtration speed, warranty, maintenance and customer reviews.

1. AO Smith X2 UV Ultra Violet + UF Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – 5 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

Equipped with an advanced purification system, this UV UF water purifier by Smith is one of the best in the category. It features the 5s technology, which involves a five-stage purification system.

The five-stage purification involves cleaning elements such as sediment filter, carbon block, UV lamp, UF (ultra-fine), and fine sediment. The ultraviolet and ultra-fine technology provides double protection to the stored water.

This Smith water purifier model has a digital display that provides smart and intelligent information such as water level, filter changing time, etc. The UV life alert system imbibed in the water purifier indicates in advance when the UV lamps need replacement.

Moreover, the water purifier features a beautifully crafted sleek body design and a dynamic dual color scheme that provides it with a tinge of elegance. It has a water flow rate of 3 LPH, and you can use it for TDS up to 2000 ppm.


  • Comes with 5 stage purification technology
  • Filter change with advance alert technology
  • Digital display
  • Elegant and sleek design


  • No cons found

2. Livpure Glitz DX Pure UV+ Ultrafiltration Water Purifier

Livpure Glitz DX Pure UV+ Ultrafiltration
  • Water Storage Capacity – 7 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

The Livpure Glitz water purifier comes with a total capacity of seven liters to provide a continuous and regular supply of pure drinking water throughout the day for a family of five to six members.

It comes with a high-grade carbon block filter technology that effectively absorbs bad color, taste, odour-causing organic compounds, and the primary water contaminants. The carbon filter technology also helps in improving the water’s taste.

This Livpure water purifier model features the super sediment filter, pre-installed in the appliance. This filter aids in the removal of harmful physical particulate matters such as dust, dirt, and mud from the water. The PA filter installed in this water purifier enhances the performance of the entire purification system, thereby providing consistent, pure drinking water.

It comes with the optimum ultraviolet radiation that effectively disinfects the water by removing viruses and bacteria without removing beneficial minerals from the water.


  • Large water storage capacity
  • 4 stage purification
  • Purity sensor
  • Suitable for municipal water
  • Sleek in design


  • Not found

3. AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV| UV+ UF Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – 10 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

If you are searching for an elegant and stylish-looking UV uf water purifier that can enhance the look of your modern kitchen, then this water purifier model by Smith is undoubtedly the best choice for you. This water purifier is India’s first UV water purifier with a night assist glow effect that guides you to your water purifier at night while making your kitchen look different.

With this water purifier, you can quickly get hot water with just the press of a button. It provides hot water with added minerals at two temperature choices, 80 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius. One of the significant features of this water purifier is the silver activated post carbon filter that purifies the water from all sorts of impurities without compromising on the beneficial elements of the water.

Its body is made of virgin food-grade ABS material which further adds to the durability of this appliance. The UV non-chemical disinfectant penetrates deeper into the bacterial cell walls and eradicates them.


  • Digital display for display information
  • Instant hot water feature
  • Suitable for low TDS
  • Comes with indicator


  • Not found

4. KENT Max UV Water Purifier UV+UF Water Purifier

KENT Max UV Water Purifier UV+UF
  • Water Storage Capacity – 7 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

The Kent Maxx UV VF water purifier comes with a computer-controlled operation such as UV change and filter change alarm. This alarm indicates the time to replace the filters for convenience and safety. It uses multiple purification processes of UF and UV to provide complete germ-free safe drinking water.

This highly advanced purification system removes cysts, bacteria, and viruses from the water. It features a transparent detachable storage tank that allows you to remove it easily for cleaning purposes. The transparent tank also lets you have a clear view of the water level and refill it accordingly.

It is ideal for purifying water from municipal water supply or tap, making it suitable for domestic purposes. This Kent water purifier has a high-power 11-watt UV lamp that destroys all harmful microorganisms ensuring the continuous supply of clean drinking water. Moreover, to prevent leakage, it is equipped with a push-fit design.


  • Multi purification process
  • Detachable tank for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for municipal water supply


  • Not found

5. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV UF Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – 7 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

Since its inception in the market, Eureka Forbes has manufactured some of the best water purifiers that never fail to match the modern-day water purification requirements. This Eureka Forbes water purifier is a perfect amalgamation of elegance, efficiency, and the latest technology that accounts for its huge demand in the market.

The primary significant feature of this Aquaguard water purifier is its six-stage water purification system which involves the advanced and latest filters such as I-filter, chemi block filter, and mineral guard filter. It also has a UF cartridge, patented active copper technology, mineral guard, and UV e-boiling system.

The patented dynamic copper technology infuses copper ions into the stored water to enhance the water quality.The chemi-block technology reduces excess organic impurities and chlorine in water by absorbing bad odour and taste.

While on the other hand, the mineral guard system retains the essential natural elements in water, such as magnesium and calcium. To ensure that every drop of water is healthy and pure as boiled water, it comes with UV e-boiling technology.


  • Patented active copper technology
  • Elegant and compact design
  • Large tank capacity
  • 6 stages of purification


  • No cons found

6. KENT Ultra Storage UV UF Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – 8 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

The Kent ultra-storage water purifier has a total capacity of eight liters, an ideal choice for medium-sized families. The high purification capacity of sixty liters per hour aids in providing clean drinking water at a faster rate. It has a hollow fiber UF membrane that thoroughly filters out dead viruses, bacteria, and cysts.

This Kent water purifier is suitable for both tap water and municipal water supply. It features an ergonomic and simple design that provides you with ease of use. The wall-mountable facility allows you to easily put it on the kitchen wall without worrying about a shortage of space.


  • Inactivates all the microorganisms with high power 11W UV lamp
  • Large 8 lt storage capacity
  • Suitable for tap water and municipal water supply


  • No cons found

7. Eureka Forbes AquaSure Amaze UV+UF Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – 7 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

If you wish to purchase an affordable water purifier that features all the latest specifications and technology, you can then opt for this water purifier model by Eureka Forbes without any second thoughts.

The advanced five-stage purification system ensures the continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water. The UV-C purification system provides that each drop of water is safe and healthy for consumption.

The ultra-filtration technology used in this Eureka Forbes water purifier imparts a crystal clear clarity to the stored drinking water while also making it safe from harmful bacteria and viruses. The flexible installation system enables you to easily mount it on the wall without any hassle.

The primary feature of this water purifier, which accounts for its high popularity, is the taste adjuster controller that enables the adjustment of taste as per water source. It features an effective LED indicator that alerts you when the tank is full. Moreover, the transparent tank provides clear visuals of the water level.


  • Comes with LED indicator
  • Suitable for countertop and wall mounted
  • 5stages purification technology


  • Little bit noisy while processing

8. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier

  • Water Storage Capacity – 8 litres
  • Warranty– 1 Year Warranty

Eureka Forbes Aquagurad marvel is one of the best water purifiers with an elegant black and white color scheme. It comes with the latest active copper technology, which induces the goodness of copper in the water by adding beneficial minerals. This water purifier can be used without any issue for TDS up to 200.

It features an ultra-filtration system that provides an added layer of purification and protection to the water, freeing it from harmful microbes. The mineral guard technology aids in the retention of essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and other essential vitamins.

The water purifier’s superior aesthetics, such as its metallic finish, excellent looks, and compact design, makes it the perfect addition to a modern Indian kitchen. Moreover, the company provides a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. The UV lamp further adds to the enhanced purification system to make the water completely germ-free.


  • Patented active copper technology
  • Advanced virus filter
  • Multi stage purification 
  • Metallic finish with super design


  • Water level is not visible

What is difference between UV UF water purifier and RO?

Buying Guide For Best UV UF Water Purifier

The points mentioned below are crucial factors to consider while buying the best UV UF water purifier.

Water type: The first and crucial factor that helps choose the best UV UF water purifier is the type of water supplied to your house. Different areas are provided with different types of water in the same city. And it is, therefore, essential to consider the water type before buying a water purifier.

In this aspect, there are two types: hard water and soft water. The water sourced from bore wells, underground water, and tanker supplies the hard water. While soft water is sourced from rivers, lakes, municipal supply, and rainwater.

TDS of water:- TDS implies the total dissolved solids in the water supplied to your household. One of the best UV UF water purifiers’ primary works is to remove the impurities and TDS from the water, offering clean and pure water for consumption.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a brief idea regarding the TDS in the water source of your household. Water sourced from rivers, lakes, or municipal supply has a TDS between 1-200 ppm, while groundwater supplied through tube wells and bore wells has a TDS between 200 to 2000 ppm.

tds level chart

Capacity: Now that you have gathered a brief knowledge about the water type and TDS, you must gain insight into its capacity. If you cannot decide which capacity would best suit you, consider the number of members present in your family.

If you have a small family with three to four members, you can opt for a UV uf water purifier ranging from 6 liters to 8 liters. While for large families with more than six members, a UV uf water purifier with more than 10 liters capacity is an ideal choice.

If your area faces frequent power cuts or an unreliable power supply, it is advisable to get a large-capacity water purifier. The large capacity will give you access to clean drinking water even during long power cuts.

Maintenance cost: Another essential factor you must consider while getting the best UV UF water purifier is its maintenance cost. The maintenance of a UV UF water purifier is required to replace the RO membrane, UV lamps, and other filters. In this aspect, opting for a UV UF water purifier with minimal parts and maintenance costs is best.

Storage tank material: While buying the best UV Uf water purifier, ensure you get one with a superior storage tank material. The storage material of the UV UF water purifier must be made of food-grade, non-toxic material.

If you are interested to know more about water purifier, checkout our in depth water purifier buying guide which help you to choose the right water purifier.

Best UV UF Water Purifier FAQs

Is UV UF Water Purifier good for health?

A UV UF water purifier is good for health as it kills all harmful bacteria in water without destroying the minerals or affecting the water’s taste.

Is UV UF filter good for reducing TDS?

As the UV UF filter uses a chemical-free technology, it cannot reduce the TDS of water.

Which is best UV or MF filter?

UV filter uses ultra violet technology to kill the harmful germs in water, whereas MF uses microfiltration technology to remove the bacteria from water.

Wrap up!

A UV UF water purifier is an essential electrical appliance that is a must-have for having regular access to clean and safe drinking water. The above products are the best UV UF water purifier models worth purchasing.

These best UV UF water purifiers feature the perfect amalgamation of the latest technology, advanced specifications, and high-ended features. We hope our buying guide will let you choose the best UV UF water purifier that meets all your purification needs.

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