11 Best Sofa Brands in India in 2023 (Top Quality)

One of the home’s most essential pieces of furniture is the sofa. It is where you can wind down after a tiring day at work, and also you can welcome your guests whenever you like. It is said that sofas can either make or break the look of your room, but it depends primarily upon the type of sofa you have purchased.

You can find many sofa types in the market from different types of sofa brands. Each brand has a different style and design of sofa with various unique features, but this can make you need clarification about which sofa to choose.

Hence, to make choosing the best sofa brand easy for you, in this article, we will discuss some of the best sofa brands in India. Moreover, we will also discuss some buying guides which would further simplify your purchasing task.

Top Choices For Best Sofa Brands in India

1. Sleepyhead

One of the best sofa brands in India, which never fails to impress its customers with its superior quality products, is Sleepyhead. This sofa brand is a pioneer in Smart Sleep Technology, which offers long and undisturbed sleep.

The brand believes that ideal sleep and comfort require an ideal mattress, and therefore to achieve their aim; they have developed the SmartGrid mattress, which comes in the form of a grid-shaped hyper elastic polymer.

This shape offers proper body curvatures, ensuring no pressure is placed on any particular part of the body, thus preventing body aches or muscle stiffness.

Notable Features

  • The sofas are made of advanced SmartGrid mattress
  • The brand offers sofas in various firmness level
  • Best for persons having orthopaedic problems
  • The brand offers a diverse range of sofas

2. Uberlyfe

Uberlyfe is a renowned sofa brand that produces an exquisite sofa range, sure to increase your space’s aesthetics. From single-seater sofas to sofa cum bed models, this brand has a vast range of products to offer for the modern man.

The sofas by this brand are incredibly lightweight and can be handled single-handedly. A prominent feature of the Uberlyfe sofas is their modern and stylish looks. Along with style, the Uberlyfe sofa is made of superior raw materials, accounting for its high durability.

Notable Features

  • The sofa models from this brand have a lightweight yet robust build
  • Suitable for orthopaedic purposes
  • No assembly required
  • Highly stylish and trendy catalogue

3. Wakefit

From classic to modern ranges, the Wakefit sofa brand is a popular name that has become extremely popular. The products manufactured by this famous brand are the epitome of stylish and elegant looks and durability, and quality.

Most of the sofas by Wakefit are made from superior-quality upholstery and wood, which accounts for their robust nature and framework. The sofas have ample seating space, which ensures comfort.

To adapt to the interior of the modern space, the brand produces sofas that come with bright and vibrant colours, making them an ideal addition to your modern rooms.

Notable Features

  • The sofas by Wakefit are made with superior quality fabrics that last year
  • Robust wooden framework
  • Reasonable price range
  • Sofas are available in vibrant and bright colours

4. Dr Smith

Dr Smith is another best sofa brands in India that offer exquisite quality sofas. The sofas produced by this renowned brand are a one-stop solution to the current space shortage issue. This brand offers sofas cum beds, making them an ideal option for modern flats where space is a significant issue.

The Dr Smith sofas are made of high-quality polyurethane foam, ensuring that the sofa remains soft and durable for two years. The EPF foam used in the sofas ensures flexibility, smooth appearance and strength, offering excellent cushioning properties.

Notable Features

  • Removable and washable covers
  • Made with superior-quality polyurethane foam
  • Softness of the sofa models stays intact for long
  • Ideal choice for limited space

5. Adorn India

Founded in 2001, Adorn India is another prominent name in the list of best sofa brands in India. This sofa brand is a leading brand in the arena of household furniture. The excellent craftsmanship and superior quality material ensure a sturdy build, accounting for its high customer rating.

The brand also offers an impressive range of colours in its sofa models, which suits all interior themes and styles. To adapt conveniently to the modern way of living, the sofas by Adorn India come with several advanced features such as USB connectivity, storage compartments, extendable footrests, built-in lights, and many more.

Notable Features

  • Various advanced modern features
  • The sofa legs are made of chrome material, ensuring long durability
  • The brand offers warranty both on sofa and frame
  • All the sofas are made from odourless and non-toxic substances

6. Seventh Heaven

Seventh Heaven is a one-stop solution for your home and office furniture needs. The sofas made by this renowned brand are made with excellent quality fabric, offering ultimate and premium comfort. The quality craftsmanship offered by the brand makes their products value for money.

The designs put forward by the brand, makes them compatible with all living space, making them an eclectic complementary addition to your room. The sofa sets by Seventh Heaven are made with premium quality jute fabric, which ensures impressive durability.

Notable Features

  • Vibrant colour range
  • The sofas come with the orthopaedic hard side, which offers healthy support to the spine
  • The brand offers premium washable covers with all their sofa models
  • The products come with a one-year manufacturer warranty

7. Home Center

Home centre is India’s favourite brand which produces elegant sofas. It uses various types of wood to design the frame and ensures a high degree of resilience and rigidity.

The sofas manufactured by Home centre are lightweight, have smooth surfaces, a uniform, and have a compelling appearance.

The most fantastic feature that sets Home centre sofas apart from other furniture is its sofas have quality fabric and efficient stitching and design.

Notable Features

  • Modern-looking sofas
  • Affordable price range
  • Solid wood frame to ensure practical sturdiness
  • Upholstered with the highest quality fabric

8. Nilkamal

Nilkamal is one of the oldest brands in India, which manufactures high-quality sofas. The sofas manufactured by them are not only comfortable but also durable and have a trendy style. All the sofas by nilkamal are made keeping modern demand and tastes in mind.

One of the significant aspects of the Nilkamal sofas is that they come with one year of warranty which ensures the replacement of particular damaged parts or the entire product.

Notable Features

  • Made from solid wood
  • Comes in sophisticated style and luxury appearance
  • High-quality upholstery which provides the utmost comfort
  • Perfect for home and office settings
  • Superior quality and comfortable armrest

9. Fresh Up

Fresh up is another best sofa brand in India that make affordable and quality sofas. These sofas have not only the element of comfort but also an elegant design that imparts an aesthetic look to the room. They usually manufacture sofas cum beds that are compact, comfortable as well as convertible.

Notable Features

  • HD foam is used, which gives orthopaedic support
  • Heavy GSM jute fabric that imparts a luxury looks
  • High-quality zippers for seamless removal of the fabric
  • Overlocked fabric which provides neatness

10. Sekar Lifestyle

Another Indian brand that produces good quality sofas is Sekar Lifestyle. They have a plethora of seating capacity sofas ranging from 2-3 seater sofas and a combination of 3-seaters with one or 2-seater sofas. The frame of their sofas is made from high-quality wood, which makes them more sturdy and durable.

Notable Features

  • Superior quality design and perfect finishing
  • High-quality fabric
  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Affordable price range

 11. Sofa Architect

If you are looking for a high-quality sofa in an affordable price range, then Sofa architect has a plethora of ranges of sofas for you. They have extensive products within an affordable and unbeatable price range. You can find everything you need to create a home just like you have dreamt of at Sofa architect.

Notable Features

  • Classic and luxury design
  • Highest quality 6-inch fibre legs which can easily carry any weight
  • Upholstered with a variety of coloured fabrics
  • Recron fibre is used for extra softness and comfort.

Buying Guide For Best Sofa Brands in India

There are various things to consider while choosing a sofa and the best sofa brands in India. Hence, below is a list of factors you need to consider while purchasing a sofa from the best brand in India so that you can easily choose the right one hassle-free.

Material – The first and foremost thing you must consider while purchasing a sofa from the best sofa brand is its material. You need to check the type of wood used, the foam, and the fabric’s quality.

Different sofa brands use different materials, such as some used oak or neem wood, and others may use teak wood. However, the stronger the frame wood, the more years the sofa can last.

Moreover, the fabric’s quality and stitches also matter the most, as the stitches should be tiny and hold the cushions effectively. Hence, consider these factors when choosing a sofa from the best sofa brands in India.

Type of sofa – There are different types of sofas, such as single-seater or two and 3-seater sofas. Similarly, there are other kinds of sofas, such as L-shaped corner sofas, sofa cum beds, etc.

Among these, two or three-seater sofas are the regular type of sofa. The L-shaped sofa has an extra seating space reflecting style and luxury.

The sofa cum beds can be turned into a bed, and you can use them as a bed for sleeping. You can select any sofa depending on your requirement and the room’s interior design and space.

Size – The size of the sofa also matters when choosing the best sofa brand in India. You need to choose precisely what size of sofa you would require.

The thumb rule for choosing this one is to consider the number of members in your family and how frequently guests visit your house.

If a big family and guests frequently visit your house, choose a more oversized sofa with three or more three-capacity seating spaces or a sectional sofa. However, if you are single or have a small family, you can choose a two-seater or one-seater sofa accordingly.

Sofa shape – There are different types of sofa shapes, but among them, rectangular and L-shaped sofas are the most popular ones.

There are also other shapes of the sofa, such as a semi-circle or circle sofa. You can choose a type of sofa shape depending on the size you want the sofa to be and how you will keep it oriented.

Room type – You also need to consider the size, shape, and type of room before purchasing a sofa from the best sofa brand in India. For this, first, you need to measure the area where you will keep the sofa.

It will provide you with an estimate of how big size sofa your room can accommodate. Then you need to consider the interior design of the room and then select an appropriately designed sofa from the best sofa brands in India.


Hence, above, we have mentioned the best sofa brands in India, which you can consider while purchasing a sofa for your house. The sofa provides us with maximum comfort and enhances the room’s aesthetic, and it is where we spend most of our time.

Hence, it remains imperative to select the right sofa for your home from the above-mentioned best sofa brands in India by following the buying guide mentioned above.

Moreover, we have also mentioned the key features of each sofa brand in India, which will help you determine which sofa will be suitable for you as per your requirements.

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