Best Sofa Cum Bed in India 2023

Modern problems require modern solutions. And the sofa cum bed is one such modern solution to the rampant issue of space constraints in modern homes. A sofa cum bed is a perfect solution for those facing an acute space crunch.

This is an excellent choice for offering maximum space management. The sofa bed offers additional space, facilitating easy storage. You can turn this multifunctional furniture into a sofa, bed, or lounger as per your need. With the growing demand and utter need for this furniture, the market has many options to offer that can put you in a dilemma.

Therefore to ease your dilemma, we have enlisted the best sofa cum bed in this article that is worth buying. To let you lay your hands on the apt sofa bed, this article also talks about a brief buying guide. 

Top Picks of The Best Sofa Cum Bed in India 2023

Below is the list of the best sofa cum bed in India based on their frame material, design, durability, height, size and seating capacity.

1. uberlyfe New Age Folding Sofa Cum Bed

uberlyfe New Age Folding Sofa Cum Bed
  • Frame Material: Foam
  • Warranty: 1Years

 The Uberlyfe sofa cum bed is one of the best buys, featuring the latest contemporary design and premium quality build. This sofa cum bed is made with an 11-inch multi-layer foam that offers a firm and supportive feel.

Moreover, the mattress offers various therapeutic benefits, primarily the firm support it provides to the back and neck. The ultra-soft feel of this mattress ensures ultimate comfort while resting. It has a removable cover, protecting the product from dirt and dust. The removable cover is easily washable, enabling you to wash it hassle-free.

 The DU comfort PU foam ensures medium comfort and firm sides. You can easily flip over the mattress when one side gets dirty. This sofa cum bed is made with premium quality material, accounting for its long durability. The simple build of this sofa cum bed further adds to the greater usability of the product. 


  • Reversible mattress 
  • It comes with a removable cover 
  • It gives orthopedic Support
  • Very comfortable with high quality


  •  Not found

2. Metallika Centerville Three Seater

Metallika Centerville Three Seater Sofa cum Bed
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Warranty: 3 Years

 Now upgrade your living room with the Furniture Kraft Centerville sofa cum bed. This sofa cum bed features a judicious amalgamation of the latest design and impressive durability. The primary feature of this sofa cum bed, which accounts for its vast demand, is its metal construction.

It is made from premium quality metal, accounting for the product’s durability. It effectively doubles as a comfortable bed, offering extra sleeping space whenever needed.

 It has a strong metal mesh base which keeps the mattress in place. This product is equipped with a foam mattress which delivers long-lasting comfort. Another feature unique to the Furniture Kraft Centerville sofa cum bed is its extra storage space.

To facilitate easy storing of various household items, it is provided with a large and easily accessible storage space. It has a long-lasting powder coating paint, ensuring that the stylish look of the product stays intact for years. 


  • Build with superior quality metal
  • Impressive durability 
  • Long lasting Powder coating Paint 
  • Large storage area


  • Little bit hard mattress

3. Springtek Single Size Sofa Cum Bed

Springtek Single Size Sofa Cum Bed
  • Frame Material: Foam
  • Warranty: 1Years

 Springtek is one of the popular brand names trusted and preferred by many in the arena of home improvement products. The products manufactured by this renowned company boast excellent efficiency, stylish looks, and long-lasting durability.

And this sofa cum bed by Springtek is no exception to this fact. It comes with a product dimension of 36 cm in length, 72 cm in width, 8 cm in height, and a net weight of 10 kg.

 It has an ergonomic build and compact size, which lets you place it anywhere in the living room without worrying about space constraints. The light weight of this sofa cum bed lets you easily shift its place without any hassle.

The foam of this product is made from premium jute fabric, which ensures its durability. The thick fabric makes it resistant to tear, keeping its new look intact for years. It comes with a zipper cover, which you can remove easily for washing purposes.


  • Thick premium jute fabric 
  • Lightweight  
  • Compact and stylish design


  • Foam is bit hard 

4. Adorn India Easy

Adorn India Easy
  • Frame Material: Foam
  • Warranty: 3 Years

 Refurbish your living room and save space with The Adorn India three-seater sofa cum bed. This sofa cum bed is designed thoughtfully to ensure a comfortable and easy setup without professional help.

The Adorn India sofa cum bed is an ideal solution for saving space with minimal time and effort. It has a sleek appearance, which lets you achieve a clutter-free home. This unit functions as a bed and sofa to facilitate easy space management.

 This sofa can be easily folded into a bed instantly, offering three different relaxing concepts without the hassle of constant assembly and disassembly. Apart from using this as a sofa or bed, it also functions as a lounger, enabling you to relax while watching your favourite movie. This sofa cum bed is made with the best quality fabric, offering impressive longevity. If you get bored with the look of this sofa, you can easily change the fabric and put on a new cover. 


  • Easily removable cover and fabric 
  • Serves as a lounger as well
  • Used high quality fabric
  • Space saving and easy to move


  • Not found 

5. Sleepyhead SofaBed

Sleepyhead SofaBed
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Take your comfort to the next level with the Sleepyhead foldable sofa cum bed. It comes with an elegant and contemporary look, sure to enhance modern interiors’ aesthetics. This sofa cum bed comes with a simple click-clack mechanism that lets you easily change it into a sofa or bed per your requirement. It is embedded with a plush cushioning that never loses shape, even when you flop yourself onto this sofa bed.

 This sofa bed has an adjustable backrest that facilitates an easy switch between vertical, flat, and inclined positions, thus facilitating space management. The frame is made from premium solid wood, making it resistant to termites and less susceptible to natural decay.

To offer ultimate comfort, it is upholstered and filled to the brim with double layers of high-density foam. It features high-quality fabric, which facilitates easy maintenance and cleaning. 


  • Adjustable bracket 
  • The click-clack mechanism offers easy conversion from bed to sofa and vice versa
  • Comes with 3 back rest positions
  • Comfort high density foam


  •  No cons found

6. FURNY Wood 3 Seater Gaiety Sleeper

FURNY Wood 3 Seater Gaiety Sleeper
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Warranty: 1 Years

 If you are searching for a sofa bed that offers longevity, stylish looks, and comfort yet comes with an affordable price tag, you can opt for the Furny Gaiety sofa cum bed. The primary material used in this sofa bed is Timberwood, which offers strength and stability.

Timberwood is one of the primary factors behind the long durability guaranteed by the Furny Gaiety sofa cum bed. This three-seater sofa cum bed comes in a dimension of 33 cm in height, 75 cm in length, and 37 cm in width.

 It comes with a contemporary design that will add a touch of elegance to your living space. The wooden frame of this sofa bed offers strength to the product, ensuring its longevity. The hardwood frame is designed thoughtfully for everyday use. The large depth of the sofa allows for broader seating and allows complete relaxation.


  • Robust hardwood frame 
  • Stylish look 
  • Strong and durable sofa
  • High quality fabric


  • Not found

7. Wakefit Sofa Cum Bed

Wakefit Sofa Cum Bed
  • Frame Material: Foam
  • Warranty: 2 Years

 Wakeshift’s range of sofabeds is crafted thoughtfully for modern Indian households. This sofa cum bed is constructed with 500 plus GSM fabric, which ensures maximum comfort. Wakefit sofa cum bed is large enough to accommodate three persons easily.

With this sofa bed at your aid, you no longer have to worry about accommodating extra guests in your home. One of the prominent features of this sofa bed is its compact build and sleek design. It takes up less space for its placement, ensuring maximum space management.

The sofa bed’s monochromatic and eye-soothing colour scheme will elevate your living space. It is made of 100% polyester fabric, offering a smooth feel to the skin. The smooth texture of the fabric facilitates easy cleaning. It comes in a preassembled form, thus saving you time and effort. Moreover, the brand offers a two-year warranty on the product, which is a major additional benefit.


  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Comfort and elegant design


  • Not found

Buying Guide for the Best Sofa Cum Bed in India

While buying the best sofa-cum bed, you need clarification about which one to choose. However, to eliminate the confusion, you can consider the factors that would guide you to seamlessly choose the right model of sofa cum bed without confusion.

Frame material: The frame material is one of the first things you must consider while purchasing the best sofa cum bed. Usually, the sofa cum bed is available in various frame materials such as kiln-dried hardwood or hardwood and furniture plywood. Always prefer the sofa cum bed, which has hardwood-kiln or hardwood furniture plywood and avoid the frame made using softwood or pine. The former frame material is sturdier as well as more durable.

Easy to open and close: If the model of sofa cum bed you purchased is not easy to open and close, it will be of no use. The best sofa cum bed should open and close smoothly without sticking or squeaking. Prefer to look for units that are designed with lockdown bars as they have efficient closure and easy opening.

Mattress Quality: Another thing you must consider while purchasing the best sofa cum bed is its mattress quality. As a quality mattress is necessary for a good night’s sleep, in a similar instance, the sofa cum bed should also have a higher quality mattress so that you can sit comfortably and even if you want to sleep, you can have a peaceful sleep. The mattress should efficiently support the body parts such as the lower back, hips, and shoulders. Always prefer a sofa cum bed mattress which is thinner and better built, always the thicker mattress is not the best option.

Size: Apart from frame material, opening and closing mechanism, and mattress quality, you also need to consider the size of the sofa cum bed. Always purchase the appropriate size of the sofa cum bed so that it can fit easily into your space without any trouble. Remember to find out the measures of when you will open the mattress. There should be sufficient space in the front and some in the back.

Edge smoothness: You also need to consider whether the edges of the best sofa cum bed model you have purchased are smooth. Sharp or rough edges could easily snag, and it can also cause the fabric of your sofa to get ripped off. Hence, prefer a model of the best sofa cum bed, which comprises smooth edges so it won’t rip off the fabric.

Best Sofa Cum Bed in India Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better: a bed or a sofa bed?

Even though sofa beds are comfortable to sleep in, nothing can match the traditional mattress and bed. The sofa beds are used for sofas, which are useful for living rooms, home offices, etc., that have short space to keep beds. 

Can I sleep on the sofa bed every night?

Yes, you can sleep on a sofa bed every night if it opens like a regular one. If the sofa bed opens like a regular bed, you won’t have trouble sleeping at night, and you can have a peaceful sleep; however, if the sofa bed does not open like a regular bed, you can face health issues while sleeping on it every night.

How much thickness is good for a sofa bed?

Always prefer a model of the best sofa cum bed whose thickness is 4 inches to 5 inches. But more preferably will be 4.5 inches thick as you can sit and sleep comfortably without any hassle.


Thus, from our above discussion about the best sofa cum bed, it would become easier for you to choose any sofa cum bed from the above models. All the models mentioned above of the best sofa cum bed are sturdy, durable, and elegant.

They have an easy open and close mechanism and come with a superior quality mattress that can last for several years. We have also discussed a buying guide that would help you to seamlessly choose the appropriate model of the best sofa cum bed without any confusion.

Similarly, our discussion about some frequently asked questions would help you clarify some queries that could evolve in your mind while purchasing the best sofa cum bed.

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