Best Recliners in India 2022 – Highly Comfortable And Durable

After returning home from a tiring day at the office, school, and college, everyone wants some relaxation. The ordinary chair does not give the comfort that your body requires.

But a chair that provides you with never-ending comfort and also provides effective relaxation to your body is the recliner chair. They are one of the most comfortable and satisfying furniture you should have in your home to recline and relax. 

However, purchasing a recliner is challenging, as you have to consider numerous things beforehand. Moreover, as there are various types of recliner chairs available in the market, it can make you fall into a dilemma about choosing one.

Thus, to help you purchase the best recliner chair for your home, in this article, we will have a glimpse of the best recliner chairs in India. We will also discuss a buying guide to simplify the purchasing task of a recliner chair.

Top Picks of The Best Recliners in India 2022

Below is the list of the best recliners in India based on their material, seat height, frame material and warranty.

1. Wakefit Stargazer Manual Recliner

Wakefit Stargazer Manual Recliner
  • Frame material – Neem Wood
  • Warranty– 3 Years

Manufactured thoughtfully with superior-quality fabric, this recliner by Wakefit is one of the best available models. It is made of premium leatherette fabric, making it an ideal choice for families with pets and children.

The wakefit recliner features a metal-to-floor mechanism that facilitates easy usage and ultimate comfort. It has a low leg that lets you easily push back the recliner and relax.

The zero wall functionality of this recliner ensures that it takes significantly less space while allowing you to put your feet up. This recliner by Wakefit comes with three reclining positions to provide the ultimate comfort for the users.

You can easily adjust the reclining positions as per your need and convenience. The regal brown color offers the recliner an elegant and sophisticated look. The addition of this recliner will definitely upgrade the looks of your room. 

2. Sleepyhead RX5 Recliner

Sleepyhead RX5 - Fabric Recliner
  • Frame material – Wood
  • Warranty– 3 Years

Now add an element of style to your living room with the Sleepyhead RX3 recliner. This recliner is made of a sturdy solid wood frame that grants a robust quality to the recliner. They feature an open design with soft round shapes and a curved back seat.

To ensure the ultimate comfort of the users, it is embedded with multi-layer cushioning that offers a highly smooth sensation on the skin.

With an easy lever pull, you can toggle between sitting up to watch your favorite match, lying down for a snooze, or enjoying a rainy day lounging with a book. The RX5 premium quality polyester fabric offers easy cleaning and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for everyday use.

The ergonomic design of this recliner lets you place it anywhere in your room without worrying about space constraints. Moreover, this recliner comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty as an additional benefit. 

3. Nilkamal Matt Manual Recliner

Nilkamal Matt Manual Recliner
  • Frame material – Metal
  • Warranty– 1 Years

In the arena of home improvement products, Nilkamal is one of the well-known brands that produces superior quality products that excel in both look and performance. This recliner by Nilkamal is no exception to this fact. It features a product dimension of 90 cm in height, 83 cm in width, and 100 cm in length.

Moreover, the net weight of this Nilkamal recliner is 36 kg which lets you quickly shift its place without much hassle. It is made of superior-quality fabric that ensures both longevity and easy cleaning. This recliner is equipped with an easy-to-pull lever that lets you easily adjust its reclining position per your comfort requirement.

One of the significant features of this recliner by Nilkamal is the in-built glass holder. This feature is provided as a cavity that lets you easily put your glass without the fear of toppling the contents. 

4. Home Centre Toledo Recliner

Home Centre Toledo Recliner
  • Frame material – Wood
  • Warranty– 1 Years

Another best recliner in India that you can buy without any second thoughts is the Home Centre Toledo recliner. This recliner is thoughtfully engineered to maximize the human need for comfort. The cushioned seat, padded back and rolled arms enfold you in a caress of never-ending comfort.

This recliner comes with exclusive lower back support to eliminate any minimal chance of back pain. The cushion is cut with a tight upholstery PU construction that supports the lower back while you are in a comfortable position. It has a simple mechanism that gives you essay access to the reclining positions.

 With just a simple push, you can enjoy a relaxed recline. This recliner by Home Centre comes with a contemporary design that involves luxe lounging with high-density foam cushion.

The textured fabric on a hardwood frame makes this recliner an ideal cozy addition to your living room. The fabric features a smooth surface that facilitates easy cleaning. You can easily clean this recliner with a wet cloth without worrying about damaging the material or its texture. 

5. Solimo Recliner

Solimo Recliner
  • Frame material – Metal
  • Warranty– 3 Years

The Solimo Musca recliner features the perfect combination of high efficiency, robust performance, and a superior look. This recliner’s brown chocolate color scheme offers a stylish and elegant look. The outer cover is made of premium quality fabric, whose color does not fade over time, even after continuous rubbing.

 This recliner guarantees a robust framework since it has been tested for 25,000 cycles with a 100 kg weight on the seat and backrest. This product meets the stringent European requirement standard for performance and safety.

It implies that it is free from toxins and harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, AZO dye, and lead. It is highly stable and can easily withstand a weight of 160 kg. A simple lever pull lets you enjoy a reclining position. 

6. Duroflex Recliner

Duroflex Recliner
  • Frame material – Pine Wood
  • Warranty– 1 Years

One of the best recliners in India with which you can never go wrong is the Duroflex Avalon recliner. It is made with high-quality duroflex foam and premium upholstered fabric, offering plush comfort.

The backrest portion of this recliner has a nylon webbing and zig-zag spring filled with non-siliconized virgin polyfill, offering excellent back support. The armrest is provided with an additional polyfill cushion that lets you sit for long hours without any discomfort.

This recliner meets the European standards of durability, offering you the promise of long-lasting longevity. Keeping in mind the different sitting positions of a human, it is given an ergonomic design.

The mixed fabric of polyester and polypropylene makes its abrasion resistance, resistance to tear, and pilling resistance. It comes with an ultra-modern design making it an ideal choice for your contemporary room interior. The perfect angle of this Duroflex recliner lets you sit for long hours or even enjoy a sound sleep without discomfort or backache. 

7. WellNap Motorized Recliner

WellNap Motorized Recliner
  • Frame material – Wood
  • Warranty– 6 Months

Featuring a classy look and high efficiency, this recliner by WellNap is another best recliner with which you can never go wrong. It comes with supreme cushioning that offers comfort to the users. One of the significant features of this recliner is its push button technology that provides ease of use.

Simply pushing a button, you can gain control of its reclining mechanism. Another primary benefit of this recliner by WellNap is its affordable price range. You no more have to burn a hole in your pocket to enjoy premium comfort.

The framework of this recliner is made of premium-class wood, which offers it robust strength and durability. 

Buying Guide for Best Recliners in India

While purchasing a recliner chair, there are certain factors that you need to consider so that you can buy the right one for your home. Thus, below is a list of factors that would guide you in selecting the appropriate recliner chair for your home:

Size and space required

The first and foremost thing you need to consider while purchasing a recliner chair is the size and space required for it, whether the room where you will keep it has sufficient space.

For this, you need to measure your room, and then you will get a clear idea of where to place the recliner chair. Since you will be required to open the foot space, you must ensure an open space in front of the recliner. After you have measured your room, then you can select the appropriate size of the recliner as per the available space.

Body size

Another thing that you need to consider before purchasing a recliner chair is your body size. You need to sit in the recliner for as long as you need to; for this, you need to check whether your body fits perfectly into the recliner chair.

The Thumb rule for deciding this is that you need to ensure that your feet are touching the floor while sitting, and your head should comfortably fit the headrest. Moreover, you also need to ensure that the gap between your leg rest and seat is a minimum of 5 inches or less than that.

Fabric quality

The next thing you must consider while purchasing the best recliner chair in India is its fabric quality. If the fabric of the recliner chair is not comfortable, you have to face hardship while using the recliner chair.

Hence, you need to give sufficient attention to the fabric used in the chair. Recliner chairs have varieties of options for fabric quality, such as synthetic, cotton, leather, and microfiber. The leather recliner chair is of utmost comfort, and the cotton upholstery recliner chair provides adequate comfort.


Since you would invest in good and costly furniture, you need to ensure that you purchase a model of recliner which is durable and it can last long for several years. I always prefer a recliner chair with a 3-4 sided frame as it provides more durability.

Not only this, but it also ensures that the layer between the cushions and springs is a definite mesh layer. Moreover, you also need to check whether the base of the chair is strong enough to support the maximum weight.

Operation type 

Usually, the recliner chair has two types of operation: manual and power. The manual operation type recliner uses a spring so that the chair quickly pops into place, and you need to operate it with a lever given at the side. The power recliner uses a motor to pop out the chair, which is smoother than the manual one. You can select any one of them as per your requirement.

Benefits of a Recliner Chair

Below mentioned is the vast plethora of benefits offered by the recliners. 

Stress Relief– One of the ultimate benefits offered by the recliners is stress relief. The best recliners are made of superior quality fabric and cushion that relaxes the mind and body by providing ultimate comfort. The recliner’s power reclining and lumbar support feature effectively lower stress levels. 

Offers increased mobility– Mobility is a significant issue affecting most adults. Sitting in one position for long hours makes the joint stiff, affecting mobility. Having restricted mobility can be quite irritating.

The best recliners work effectively in improving the mobility of a person. With just a touch of a button or pull of a lever, the recliner can open the foot space or recline back completely. The recliners offer a secure and safer way of movement without putting stress on the joints. 

Improves the aesthetics of your interior- The recliners come in various contemporary designs, elegant color schemes, and ultra-modern build. The addition of recliners offers an impression of class and elegance to your room decor. 

Offers lumbar support– The recliners are equipped with lumbar support features, reducing back pain chances. Along with reducing back pain, the lumbar support offers better spinal cord alignment, proper posture promotion, and reduced risk of back injury. 

Improves blood circulation– Sitting or standing in a static position for extended hours restricts blood circulation, which can lead to various medical complications.

Therefore, we now have the recliners to ease this case. The recliners enable us to recline the seat, resulting in movements and changes in our sitting position. Such convenient positioning results in improved blood circulation. 

Best Recliner Chair FAQs

Which recliner material is best?

Opting for 100% leather is best for the recliner material. The leather material offers a natural smooth finish to the recliner. Moreover, the leather is also quite durable and highly long-lasting, thus making it one of the best recliner materials. 

Is a recliner good for health?

A recliner is perfect for health, offering several health benefits. Sitting or sleeping on a recliner improves blood circulation, relieves back pain, calms the nerves, and provides better digestion.
Moreover, sleeping in a recliner opens up the diaphragm, helping you breathe easier. Those who suffer from heartburn, GERD, or acid reflux often find immediate relief while sleeping in a recliner.

Which recliner is better, manual or electric?

If you have limited mobility, the electric recliner chair is more suitable for you. The manual recliner is a little more carefree than the electric recliner, as they can go anywhere in your house and are also more lightweight than the electric recliner.

Are recliners good for blood circulation?

Yes, the recliner chair is good for blood circulation. Relaxing on a recliner chair improves blood circulation in the body.

The recliner chair tends to raise your legs to a comfortable position, thereby taking the pressure from your joints and enhancing the blood circulation in your body.

What is the average life of a recliner chair?

The recliner chairs are very durable. The average life of a recliner chair ranges from 10-15 years on regular use. 


The recliners are a great discovery of modern technology that has significantly upgraded our living standards. From ultimate comfort to style, recliners offer various benefits that account for their vast popularity and demand in the market.

If you wish to get the best recliner, you can opt for any of India’s best recliners. These best recliners promise comfort, longevity, and elegant looks. Our buying will let you choose the best recliner model that effectively enhances the user experience.

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