Best 75 Inch TV in India for 2023 – (Luxury of Large Screen)

With the big-size TV becoming a norm, with a 75 inch TV in your home, you can convert your room into a mini theatre and enjoy watching movies, shows, etc. They have redefined the TV-watching experience by making it more thrilling and exciting.

Nowadays, the models of the best 75 inch TV in India have changed how one used to watch TV earlier. With a big screen size, you can get an ultimate viewing experience with exceptional clarity and details. However, purchasing a 75 inch TV in India is a challenging task.

You can need clarification on the variety of options for TV available in the market. Hence, to make the purchasing job easier for you, in this article, we will discuss some of the best 75 inch TVs in India and a buying guide and frequently asked questions that would simplify your purchasing task. 

Our Picks For The Best 75 Inch TV in India 2023

Below is the list of the best 75 inch tv in India based on their display type, screen resolution, sound quality, smart features, connectivity options, and warranty.

1. Hisense 75 inches Bezelless Series Smart LED Google TV

Hisense 75 inches Bezelless Series Smart LED Google TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 2 Year

Featuring a 4K resolution, the Hisense 75 inches TV is one of the best products worth buying. It features upscale UHD AI, which offers stunningly realistic quality with ultra-clarity. It is the best 75 inch tv in india under 1 lakh budget.

The Dolby Vision specification of this TV lets you experience superb quality and vibrant colours, which reveal every detail on the screen with utmost clarity. This TV’s pixel tuning allows you to enjoy a better dynamic contrast of brightness and darkness.

One prominent feature of the Hisense 75 inch TV is the game plus mode, which minimizes lag, shaking and jitter, promising an optimum gaming experience. It has a remote finder feature that lets you find your remote with a button click. 

While researching this tv, we found this model is the cheapest 75 inch TV in india with good customer reviews. We recommend this model if you are looking for an affordable 75 inch tv with all innovative features.


  • Game plus mode minimizes lag 
  • Floating glass display 
  • Remote finder 
  • Room fitting sound 


  • Need improvement in installation service

2. Vu 75 inches The Masterpiece Glo Series Smart Android QLED TV

Vu 75 inches The Masterpiece Glo Series Smart Android QLED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Now experience your favourite movie scenes come to life with the VU 75 inches Masterpiece Glo series TV. This TV comes with industry-leading quantum dot technology, which allows inky blacks and excellent contrast ratios. This tv model from VU is best 75 inch tv in india under 2 lakh.

The full array of local dimming discrete zones offers a brightness level of 800 nits. This masterpiece is crafted with premium aluminium alloy in Armani Gold colour. The elegant colour and style of the TV will make it the centre of attraction in your living room.

It has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, ensuring buttery smooth, lifelike visuals. The high refresh rate of the television also makes it an ideal choice for enjoying fast-paced games. It has several modes to enhance the viewing experience, such as cinema and AI modes. 


  • Crafted with premium aluminium alloy 
  • Stylish and elegant look 
  • High refresh rate 
  • Embedded with a super-fast processor


  • Not found

3. Sony Bravia 75 inches XR Series Smart Full Array LED Google TV

Sony Bravia 75 inches XR Series Smart Full Array LED Google TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

In the arena of electronic products, Sony Bravia is a leading name which has a vast customer base. The Sony Bravia XR series 4K Ultra HD TV is highly efficient and an epitome of style and elegance incorporated into one. It has four connectivity ports to connect your TV to various other devices.

The XR contrast booster feature of this Sony Bravia TV enables you to adjust the brightness for higher peaks in glares and deeper blacks in shadow. The auto game mode of the TV automatically switches into the game mode to minimize input lag and make the action more responsive.

The Dobly Vision brings all the scenes vividly to life to offer an authentic viewing session. The acoustic multi-audio technology includes correctly positioning the speakers and high-frequency emitting sounds from the right place. Its built-in mic lets you control the TV through voice commands. 

If you are looking for premium quality and the best 75 inch 4k tv in india with exceptional sound quality, then this model is highly recommended by us. Also in our list, this tv model is the top choice of customers.


  • High quality vision and sound with XR processor
  • Auto game mode 
  • Offers ambient optimization 
  • Bravia cam facilitates video call


  • No cons found

4. Mi 75 inches Q1 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV 

Mi 75 inches Q1 Series 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Now experience the magic of QLED display with the Mi Q1 series ultra HD smart TV. The dynamic local dimming with incredible contrast ensures stunning dark and bright tones. It has a metal bezel-less design that lets you see every detail on the TV.

This TV not only offers an excellent visual experience but also excels in its audio quality. It has six speakers of 30 watts that offer high-fidelity audio and a premium listening experience. The MI TV features patch wall 4 with IMDb that lets you navigate over 30 online content.

The IMDb rating gives you a brief idea of the trending web series and movies. The kid’s mode allows the parents to control what the kids watch. A significant advantage of this high-quality TV is its hands-free Google Assistant, which lets you control the TV through voice commands. 


  • Advanced QLED display
  • Hands-free Google Assistant 
  • Patchwall 4 with IMDb ratings 
  • Built-in Chromecast 
  • Equipped with 30 watts speakers 


  • Can not adjust brightness while connect with HDMI

5. Samsung 75 inches 4K Ultra HD Smart Neo QLED TV

  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Samsung is a famous brand name in the electronics industry, which never fails to amaze its customers with its quality products. The light control feature of this TV lets you enjoy great details in the brightest and dark scenes.

It is equipped with a neo quantum processor that optimizes your viewing experience, ensuring that you always get 4k resolution. A prominent attractive feature of this Samsung TV is its neo-slim design, adding an element of grace to the appliance.

It has an eye comfort mode that lets you lower the brightness and colour, ensuring the screen goes soft on the eyes and minimizing eye damage. With its smart hub specification, you can freely stream movies without wasting time searching for them. 


  • Advanced light control feature
  • Eye comfort mode for relaxing eyes
  • Multi view feature TV and mobile at the same time
  • Google Duo for video communication


  • Not found

6. LG 189 cm (75 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

LG 189 cm (75 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Another best 75 inch TV in India that you can buy without any second thoughts is the LG 4K ultra HD smart TV. It comes with a product dimension of 167.8 cm in length, 59.9 cm in width and 96.4 cm in height.

The slim design of this LG smart TV lets you place it on the cabinet without worrying about space constraints. To allow a hassle-free connection with other devices, it comes with three HDMI ports, including two USB ports and one VGA slot.

The connectivity options let you connect your laptop, gaming console and even smartphone to the TV. Moreover, the brand offers a one-year warranty on the product, which is a significant additional benefit. 


  • Swift response time 
  • Eye comfort display automatically adjusts the colour and brightness 
  • Large memory storage capacity 
  • Ultra slim design 


  • No cons found

7. Lloyd 189 cm (75 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Lloyd 189 cm (75 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV
  • Resolution – 4K Ultra HD
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Are you looking for an affordable and highly efficient 75 inch smart TV? Then Lloyld 4k Ultra HD Smart QLED TV is just the right choice. It has a refresh rate of 60 hertz, making it a suitable choice for fast-paced games and movies.

The 3 HDMI ports of this TV lets you connect it to other gadgets. This Llyold TV gives you instant access to various online platforms such as Hotstar, YouTube, and Netflix. 


  • Instant access to various online platforms 
  • 24 watts sound output 
  • Good sound quality
  • Affordable price range 


  • Design are not up to the mark

Buying Guide For The Best 75 Inch TV in India

Below is a list of factors you need to consider while purchasing the best 75 inch TV in India to choose the right one without any dilemma easily.

Display Type

One of the first things you need to consider while purchasing the best 75 inch TV in India is the display type of the TV. Various display types are available such as LED, QLED, and OLED. Among these, the LED display type is the most affordable and ideal for daytime viewing.

Black LevelExcellentPerfectExcellent
Viewing AnglePoorExcellentPoor
Gray UniformityDecentExcellentDecent
Color GamutGoodGreatExcellent
Motion BlurGoodPerfectGreat
Image RetentionExcellentPoorExcellent
Price and AvailabilityExcellentDecentGreat

In comparison, OLED and QLED produce superior colour range and brightness and adequate picture quality. Among these two, better contrast views can be found in the OLED display type.

Hence, if you require better clarity and display, you can go with the OLED display type, but if you need a suitable display type at an affordable price, then a QLED display would be appropriate. Similarly, an LED display will suffice if you need a regular view with a compelling viewing experience.

Screen Resolution

There are various screen resolutions, such as HD ready, full HD, 4K ultra HD and 8K ultra HD. The screen resolution is essential if you want an immersive viewing experience with better-detailed pictures.

The thumb rule for choosing the screen resolution is more the resolution, sharper and more detailed pictures you can get on the TV screen. Hence, if you need more brilliant and clear photos, go with the 8k ultra HD or 4k Ultra HD resolution.

However, if you want a decent and good display within an affordable price range, the HD ready or Full HD will suit you.

Sound Quality

Sound is a significant component of TV; without adequate sound, there will be no thrill in watching a show or movie on TV. To get efficient audio quality from your TV, you need to purchase a model of the best 75 inch TV in India, which has higher proper wattage, as the more the wattage, the better sound clarity you can get.

Connectivity Options

While buying the best 75 inches TV, look for one with at least three connectivity options. The connectivity options let you connect the TV to various other gadgets, such as gaming consoles, laptops, etc.

Smart Features

Look for a TV with various intelligent features such as a clarity enhancer, remote finder, eye comfort mode, etc. 


A warranty on the TV will let you claim a replacement or repair of the damaged parts. Therefore, it is best to opt for a 75 inches TV with at least a one-year manufacturer warranty.

Best 75 Inch TV In India FAQs

Who makes the best 75 inch flat-screen TV?

Many manufacturers make the best 75 inch flat-screen TV, including Samsung, Hisense, Lloyd, Sony, LG, etc. All of them are better, but they have different specifications and features in their model that make them incomparable.

Is a 75 inch tv worth it?

Yes, a 75 inch TV is worth it. You can get an excellent and thrilling TV-watching experience with the big screen. While watching any shows or movies, you will feel like you are viewing them from somewhere other than your home but rather from a theatre. 

Is 4K suitable for a 75 inch tv?

Yes, the 4K screen resolution is the minimum resolution that would suffice with the 75 inch TV. With this screen resolution, you can have sharper and more detailed pictures on a giant screen like 75 inch TV.

Wrap Up!

Hence, following our above discussion about the best 75 inch TV in India, you can now easily choose a 75 inch Tv from the models mentioned above. All the models discussed above of the best 75 inch TV in India are equipped with numerous impressive specifications.

They provide sharper, crisper, and more detailed pictures with good sound quality that can redefine your TV-watching experience. Moreover, our discussion about the buying guide for 75 inch TV in India would simplify your purchasing task.

We have also discussed a few frequently asked questions, which would help you to get answers to the queries which might arise in your mind while purchasing the best 75 inch TV in India.

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