Smart TV vs Android TV – Which One is Better?

Since its inception in society, television has been an integral part of our everyday life. It makes sure that our entertainment quotient is never compromised. Owing to the latest technological advent, we now have many options in the TV arena, primarily smart TV and android TV.

While the android TV offers various advantages for some, for others, smart TVs are the best. To meet the various needs of the consumers, the television industry strives to bring innovations. If you are planning to purchase the latest TV but cannot decide which to buy, a look at the differences between android TV and smart TV will help in your purchase. 

What is a smart TV?

Also popular as internet TV, a smart TV is the latest addition to the television sector that has become a significant hit these days. In simple terms, a smart TV is one that directly gets connected to the internet.

Moreover, through a connection to the internet, the smart TV gives you access to various network-based media such as Roku, fire stick, Hulu, or Netflix without any additional device. Along with online content, a smart TV enables users to stream music and view videos and photos through the internet.

In other words, the smart TV can be seen as a convergence of digital media players, computers, and televisions. A smart TV comes with a set-top box or integrated television capabilities that offers advanced computing ability.

Smart TVs enable the users to use a mobile operating system that offers a platform for application developers. Smart TVs provide access to various online content through a wifi network, Ethernet, or broadband router.

The primary benefit of smart TV is that it offers you music, movies, web series, and other content that requires an internet connection. Additionally, smart TVs even provide access to gaming and web browsing and are easily compatible with media stored on the laptop or computer. 

What is Android TV?

Simply put, an android television uses android as its primary operating system. The android operating system gives you access to universal applications such as the Google play store, which enables you to download various other games and applications and provides access to Google assistant.

One of the primary goals of this operating system is to give instant availability to several streaming services. Moreover, the android operating system enables you to organize all the local files. An Android TV is an upgraded version of the Google Android mobile operating system embedded into a television. 

Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV

Below are important points on which we compare the smart tv and android tv and know which is better on each parameter.

Ease of use

The smart TVs’ navigation system is usually intuitive. The remote of the smart TVs are designed aesthetically to complement the working of the smart TV. Smart TVs feature a non-customizable and simple navigation and operating system that adds to the ease of use.

Smart TVs’ direct interface results in better and faster performance. On the other hand, the Android TVs, similar to android phones, are highly customizable. It gives easy and hassle-free access to various applications you can download through the Google play store.

The wide variety of options in certain auxiliary functions makes using android TVs a complicated process. Therefore, smart TVs hold greater points regarding ease of use than android TVs. 

Automatic OS updates

In terms of automatic os updates, android TVs perform much better than smart TV. The development of the resources of the android TV is much faster-paced than the smart TV.

Moreover, in android TV, the developers regularly provide updates to various applications. Additionally, when connected to internet sources such as wifi, the android TV gets updated automatically, which does not happen in the case of smart TVs. 

Voice assistant

The android TV features a built-in Google Assistant that lets you carry out various tasks with just a command. With Google Assistant, you no longer need to type a query or browse through various channels or web content. All you need to do is command Google assistant to set up your favourite web series.

The Google assistant facilitates easy switching between channels or shoes through voice command. On the other hand, smart TVs do not have a voice command system; they come with full-sized keyboards. You must type the major keywords on the provided keyboard to browse through channels and shows on the smart TV. 

Screen mirroring or casting

The android TV comes with a built-in Chromecast and Google assistant that enables you to easily cast or screen your favourite show or application. Moreover, different equipment is not required for casting or mirroring while using an android TV.

However, when it comes to smart TVs, this feature is a difficult task. To carry out screen mirroring or casting, one has to spend extra bucks and involve the hassle of extra equipment. 

Supported applications

From Google assistant to the app library, the android TV gives you access to many applications. The android TV features a broader number of supported applications through the Google play store. This platform comprises all the applications usually found in a regular android phone.

From Netflix to YouTube and prime video to Hotstar, everything is readily available on android TV. The best part is all these applications are optimized for the television platform and feature easy control. In the case of smart TV, the access to supported applications is limited since there are few applications in the app store for smart TVs. 


In terms of efficiency, smart TVs have a significant advantage as compared to android TV. Since the android TV involves a vast array of applications, the performance of the android TV is not that impressive, which in turn hampers its efficiency. While, the smart TV does not involve such a complicated operating system, resulting in higher efficiency. 

Chromecast support

The android TV features a built-in Chromecast, which is absent in the smart TV. 


The major features that distinguish between a smart TV and an android TV are paltry. Both smart TV and android TV are quite famous and have their unique set of advantages. Regarding efficiency and performance, the Android TV has the upper hand.

If you are still confused between smart tv or Android TV, then we suggest you check our detailed guide on how to choose a tv. It will help you choose the best tv for your home according to your needs.

While in terms of operation, the smart TV features an easy process compared to its Android counterpart. Overall in the arenas of essential factors such as Chromecast support, supported application, screen casting or mirroring, automatic os updates, etc., the android TV features a greater advantage over the smart TV.

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