Window Ac vs Split Ac – Which One is Best?

Are you planning to replace your home’s air conditioning system? It is one of the most expensive appliances you can buy for your home! So, purchasing the appropriate type and size of an air conditioner is always beneficial, depending on your needs, budget, and preference.

Most people have a dilemma when deciding whether to buy a split or window air conditioner. As a result, you should be aware of the compatibility of air conditioning systems and their advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we have listed the differences between windows and split air conditioners along with their pros and cons. Please have a look at it below.

What is window ac?

Window air conditioners are the best choice for cooling small spaces, such as bedrooms and halls. They’re affordable and low-maintenance and typically come in a single unit with one face installed inside the room and the other installed outside. 

Advantages of window ac

  • Window air conditioners are a great choice for those who do not have a lot of space. Their small dimensions make them an ideal choice for many locations.
  • Window air conditioners are easy to install, and you may not even need expert assistance in some circumstances.
  • The water drains to the outside and does not need to be emptied or monitored.
  • Window air conditioners are usually silent.
  • Window air conditioners are simple to service.

Disadvantages of window ac

  • The AC unit must be able to fit through the windows, and there must be an electrical outlet within range. It can be a considerable difficulty at times.
  • It isn’t easy to control where the water drains. There aren’t many other solutions besides changing windows if water drains in an inconvenient location.
  • Windows air conditioners are aesthetically not pleasing.

What is split ac?

Split ACs are wall-mounted units with high cooling capacity, typically used in large rooms. They do not require windows for installation and come with a condenser and compressor, and the compressor is placed outdoors while the evaporator is installed indoors, cooling the room. 

Advantages of split ac 

  • Split acs are powered by an outdoor compressor either on the ground or mounted on brackets on an outer wall. They can also be installed in a garage or shed, and all you need is a small hole in your wall to connect the outside and interior units using tubing.
  • Split air conditioners are extremely simple to maintain because they feature washable filters that can be removed and replaced.
  • Their sleek, contemporary designs will effortlessly integrate with the contemporary, minimalist decor.
  • It cools the room uniformly by distributing air.

Disadvantages of split ac

  • A split system costs 30-40% more than a windows air conditioner.
  • Installing a split system requires a professional to maintain your warranty and ensure your safety. It also implies you may need to wait for an authorised installation.
  • For a split system, the inside and outdoor units must be within 30 meters. If you reside in a particularly tall building or apartment, split air conditioners may not be acceptable.

Window ac vs Split ac


Split air conditioning systems are available in various colors and designs, which can completely transform the appearance of a room. On the other hand, Window air conditioning is limited to a single color, typically white.


Installing a split air conditioner always requires the assistance of a professional and results in additional installation fees. A split air conditioner is also not a smart idea if you rent an apartment because it is not portable and difficult to install. Window air conditioners are simple to install and do not incur additional costs. Furthermore, they are lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport them from one location to another.


A split air conditioner will cost you approximately twice as much as a window air conditioner. For example, a 1–1.5 ton split air conditioner would cost you between 20000 and 30000INR, whilst a window air conditioner will cost you between 18000 and 20000INR. If you are purchasing an air conditioner for a tiny space, you might consider a window air conditioner because they do not require any additional installation fees. On the other hand, a split air conditioner is recommended for larger spaces such as a living room.

Space requirement

Window air conditioners are often low-maintenance electronic goods that are relatively simple to service due to the compact design of all of their components. On the other hand, split air conditioning necessitates an expert or professional to ensure that the unit is serviced at the appropriate time interval. Furthermore, a split air conditioner is far more critical than a window air conditioner when it comes to troubleshooting.

Energy consumption

The start rating has a significant impact on power usage. The higher the star rating, the more efficient your air conditioner is. A 5-star air conditioner will spend less energy than a 3-star air conditioner, by nearly 20% less than the latter. There is a ten per cent difference in energy use for every star that is gained. Consequently, if you purchase an AC for a small room with moderate usage, a 3 star 1.5-ton window air conditioner should be your first pick. However, if you purchase an air conditioner for a larger space that is expected to operate for 15 hours each day, opt for a 5 star split air conditioner to save even more electricity. However, keep in mind that window and split have about the same electricity consumption rates for the same tonnage in terms of technological efficiency.


Since the Split Air conditioning compressor is set up outdoors, all heating elements are installed outside your room and in a properly ventilated location. As a result, there is less load on the compressor to work and, consequently, less electricity consumption; however, this may vary from place to place depending on the climate. In this case, you must adequately insulate the connecting pipes between IDU and ODU, or the cooling efficiency will be reduced significantly. If you get an air conditioner from a reputable brand with excellent after-sales service (such as Voltas, Bluestar, and Samsung), you will not have any problems with installation. 


If it refers to noise, split air conditioners produce almost no noise, whereas window air conditioners generate some noise. Window air conditioners produce noise because they work against the window. As a result, split air conditioning is an excellent alternative for any business area or even suits your modern home décor.

Cooling capacity

Split air conditioners are often used in larger rooms since they can cool a space more quickly. Window air conditioners have a compact size and are ideal for small spaces.


Window air conditioners require very less maintenance compared to split air conditioners.


Both windows and split air conditioners are efficient in their ways. Therefore, choose the air conditioners based on your requirement, home size, and budget.

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