Types of Room Heater – Know About Different Options

Winter is already knocking on the door, and it is time to take sweaters, blankets and comforters from the cupboard. We face the issue of a cold foot even after wrapping ourselves with all the warm materials.

Therefore to offer us a warm and cosy space, we now have the room heaters at our aid. The room heaters are an excellent option for enjoying a friendly and relaxed evening. With such a huge plethora of available options, getting the right room heater can take time and effort.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a brief knowledge of the types of room heaters. In this article, we have briefly discussed the various types of room heaters along with their pros and cons. 

 Types of Room Heater

1. Oil-Filled Room Heater

An oil-filled room heater is an appliance that uses the conventional heating method. This room heater features various metal columns with cavities wherein the heat from the oil is passed freely around the appliance. It is equipped with a heating element at the bottom which heats the oil, thus radiating heat into the room. 

 Pros of oil-filled room heaters

  • One of the major benefits of the oil-filled room heater is its high energy efficiency. This heater uses much less electricity since the oil remains warm for longer hours, radiating heat. In simple words, oil-filled room heaters enable you to save some extra bucks on a long electricity bill. 
  •  The oil-filled room heaters work silently, ensuring that you enjoy an undisturbed sleep in a warm cosy room.
  • The oil-filled room heaters are an excellent choice for large spacious rooms. This type of room heater results in radiating heat that spreads evenly across the space. 
  • This room heater offers long-lasting warmth since once the oil gets hot, it remains at the same temperature for longer hours. 

 Cons of oil-filled room heaters

  • One of the major disadvantages of the oil-filled room heater is that it has a slow start-up mechanism. An oil-filled room heater can take almost 30 minutes to disperse heat. 
  •  The oil-filled room heaters comprise a metal base that gets heated up faster. It can result in burns if not handled properly. 
  •  This type of room heater is quite bulky, making it difficult to shift its place 
  •  The oil-filled room heaters are pricey 

 2. Heat Convector

A heat convector room heater uses the convection current for heating and circulating warm air. The convection currents move evenly throughout the appliance, passing through its heating element.

In a heat convector room heater, cooler air molecules get displaced, resulting in the rise of heated air molecules. It is the displaced cooler air that gets heated and results in a decrease in their density. This cycle continues, thus emitting heat. 

Pros of heat convectors

  • One of the biggest advantages of heat convectors is their easy installation. The installation of the heat convectors usually does not require any professional help. 
  •  The heat convectors feature low maintenance. The operation and cleaning of this room heater is an easy task. 

 Cons of heat convectors

  • This room heater requires regular maintenance to ensure its continuous and hassle-free functioning.

3. Halogen Heater

Halogen heaters are those heating appliances that use halogen elements in their heating bulb and element. This type of heater incorporates halogen lamps and gas to increase the temperature of the heating bulb. The halogen heater generates a huge amount of heat in a short time. 

 Pros of the halogen heater 

  • The halogen heaters do not emit toxic gas or smoke while functioning, making them an environment-friendly option. 
  •  The halogen heaters get heated up quickly, warming up a room fastly. 
  •  The halogen heaters feature a compact size and are lightweight, accounting for their portable nature. You can easily move the halogen heaters from one room to another. 

 Cons of the halogen heater 

  • The halogen heaters could be better options for larger rooms or areas. 
  • The halogen heaters do not have any protective front cover, making them unsuitable options for families having kids and pets. 
  • The bright light emitted from the halogen bulbs can result in possible eye damage

4. Ceramic Heater

The ceramic room heaters use a ceramic heating element that generates heat through resistive heating. The ceramic material has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical resistance, resulting in high conduction and generation of heat. The ceramic material also acts as a great insulator, quickly radiating heat into the room. It, in turn, also minimizes energy and heat loss. 

 Pros of ceramic heaters 

  • The ceramic room heater consists of an in-built fan that results in rapid heat dispersion into the room.
  • The ceramic material does not get too heated up, thus minimizing any burn risk or fire hazard.
  •  The ceramic heaters feature various built-in safety elements, reducing the risk of accidents 
  •  The ceramic heaters are one of the portable options since they come with an ergonomic and simple build. 

 Cons of ceramic heaters 

  •  They are not effective in heating a large area 
  •  Some ceramic heater models can be noisy 

5. Quartz Room Heater

As the name suggests, quartz room heaters are appliances that use quartz stone as their main heating element. The quartz stone converts 100% of electrical energy into heat energy. 

 Pros of Quartz room heater

  •  The quartz room heater results in an even distribution of heat across the room
  •  The quartz room heaters are highly affordable and long-lasting 
  •  This type of room heater does not burn any oxygen, thus making them extremely safe to use

 Cons of Quartz room heater

  • One of the major disadvantages of the quartz room heater is that they have a low heat radiating range
  • Safety of the users is a major concern while using a quartz room heater since it does not have any in-built safety feature 


Be it heating a large room or a small space; room heaters are an excellent solution to heating any space. Those mentioned above are the various types of room heaters easily available in the market. Each type of room heater has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence it is essential to use your discretion while buying a room heater. 

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