Types of Kitchen Chimney – Know About Different Options

One of the essential appliances of a modern kitchen, without which a kitchen would look incomplete, is the kitchen chimney. It is the appliance that effectively absorbs fumes and smoke from the kitchen, thereby freeing the kitchen from oil and smoke. Not only this, but also it adds significantly to the décor and style of the modern kitchen. 

However, while purchasing a kitchen chimney, you can fall into a dilemma about which type to buy. As there are various types of kitchen chimneys, and each is suitable for a specific design of the kitchen. The type of kitchen chimney should match the look of your kitchen. Thus, to help you know the different types of kitchen chimneys available in the market, in this guide, we will discuss everything which will help you know about the various types of kitchen chimneys.

 Types of kitchen chimneys based on design

Below is a list of types of kitchen chimneys which are based on the design of the kitchen:

Wall mount

The wall-mount kitchen chimney is an electrical chimney which is installed against the cooktop and adjacent to the wall. You can easily get a wall-mount chimney in various sizes as per the available space in your kitchen. The wall-mount kitchen chimneys are the most popular and available at an affordable price. One of the significant aspects of the wall-mount kitchen chimney, which makes it different from the rest, is that you will not have to make additional changes in your stovetop position.


●Provides the kitchen with a modern and stylish look

● It can be mounted on the wall above the stovetop

●Easily available in different sizes

●Available at an affordable price


● You can only install it on the wall


As the name says, the corner chimney is installed at the corner of the kitchen above the cooking platform and against the wall. This kitchen chimney is suitable for the kitchen where the cooking counter is situated in the corner.


● Its suction capacity is very high

●You can easily clean and maintain it

● It is available in various designs

●It is available at an affordable price


● Not very popular in India


The built-in kitchen chimney is installed inside the wood furniture work of the kitchen. It effectively takes less space and is placed against the wall to get enhanced support. You can easily get varieties of a size of built-in kitchen chimneys suitable for the kitchen.


●Effectively fits into the kitchen cabinet

●It is available in a variety of sizes

● They are suitable for gas stoves with 3-6 burners

●The suction capacity is very efficient

● It is effortless to clean and maintain


● It is more costly than the wall-mount kitchen


Another type of kitchen chimney based on the kitchen’s design is the island-type kitchen chimney. This type of kitchen chimney is the best kitchen chimney which you can prefer to purchase. The island-type kitchen chimney is preferred when the cooking platform of the kitchen is situated in the centre, the chimney is installed directly from the ceiling, and it will be hanging from above the cooking counter. The island kitchen chimney imparts the kitchen with a modern and elegant touch.


●Consists of sleek and stylish design

●The suction capacity is very high

●Can be easily made available in a variety of shapes and styles

●Suitable for 4-6 burner cooktop


●It is very expensive

Types of kitchen chimneys based on ducting

Now above, we have discussed the kitchen chimney based on design. Now let us have a look at the types of kitchen chimneys based on ducting

Duct chimney

The duct kitchen chimney uses a large pipe to remove heat and smoke from the kitchen effectively. The tubes or ductwork efficiently suck in the smoke and hot air and then let them off outside the house. They can easily remove a large amount of hot air at a time.


●Efficiently removes the hot air and smoke from the kitchen

● Provides heavy-duty performance

● Easy to maintain

● Operate silently


●Very costly than the ductless chimney

● Difficult to install

Ductless chimney

Compared to the duct kitchen chimney, the ductless kitchen chimney uses an exhaust fan to effectively filter out the smoke and dry air from the kitchen. The primary purpose is to remove the quality of air in the kitchen. It is ideal for the decorated kitchen and imparts a significant aesthetic to the kitchen.


●Very easy to install

● They are more affordable


● It produces some noise

●It does not work to cool down the air in the kitchen

● They have high maintenance

Types of chimneys based on cleaning

Now let us briefly look at the various types of kitchen chimneys based on cleaning.

Manual clean

The manual clean kitchen chimney is the type of kitchen chimney which requires you to manually clean the chimney by removing all the oil collector and other parts. You must manually remove all the filters, wash them, and clean them.



● Available in various sizes

●Efficient suction capacity


● Cleaning process is tedious

Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney

Another type of kitchen chimney based on the type of cleaning is the auto-clean kitchen chimney. They are based on the principle of centrifugal force, and this works by efficiently separating the grease from the fumes. The turbine blower efficiently forces the air to move towards the chimney wall, and then whatever oil is present gets struck to the container walls and then collected in the oil collecting bowl. You can easily clean this detachable oil collector once a month in a seamless and hassle-free manner.


● Higher lifespan

● Seamless cleaning process

● Effective design


● Available at a higher price


The kitchen chimneys are usually differentiated based on the type of kitchen design, duct, and cleaning process. You can easily prefer to purchase any kitchen chimney as per your requirement, convenience and kitchen design.

Our above discussion on the various kitchen chimneys shall provide you with in-depth knowledge about everything you need to know about the various types of kitchen chimneys. Thus, guide you to choose the right one as per your requirement.

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