Types of Fan Regulator – Know About Different Options

One of the most common electric appliances which we all have in our homes is the ceiling fan. However, one of the most intriguing facts is that they come with a device with which you can seamlessly control the fan’s speed per your requirement.

The fan regular refers to the device with which you can regulate and control the speed of the fans. But do you know that as there are different types of fans, there are also different types of fan regulators which are differentiated based on functionality and technology?

Hence, if you want to quench your thirst for knowledge of various types of fans regulator and know more about them. Then you need to follow this article.

Types of Fan Regulator Based on Functionality

Below is a list of types of fan regulators based on their functionality:

1. Electric regulator

Electric fan regulators were those regulators that were in your home in the past. They are equipped with resistors that help decrease the ceiling fan’s voltage. Usually, the resistors get heated up while decreasing the voltage.

Thus though it saves some electricity by reducing the fan’s speed, the same electricity is lost as heat in the regulator. These regulators are not durable and get damaged frequently in the long run due to internal heat.

The electric regulators come in a bulky shape and are used to occupy much space on the electric board.

2. Electronic regulator

Electronic regulators are the latest and most advanced type of regulator. They come in a smaller and more compact size compared to electric regulators. Instead of resistors, the electronic regulators use capacitors to decrease the voltage.

The capacitors of these electronic regulators regulate the fan’s speed by efficiently regulating the waveform of the power supply. The electronic regulators do not get heated up like the electric ones, effectively saving electricity when the fan runs at a low speed.

There are two types of electronic regulators available in the market; movable types move smoothly without any stepped number. Another one is the step regulator, which moves with steps and steps numbered from one to five.

Types of Fan Regulator Based on Technology

Now above, we have discussed the types of regulators based on functionality. Now let us have a glance at the types of regulators based on technology:

1. Resistive

Resistive regulators are box-type regulators which can be commonly found in every house. They are installed with a circular knob and tend to directly control the fan speed with which the ceiling fan’s motor rotates.

Usually, resistive fan regulators are available in large sizes and shapes. However, if you use them at a lower speed, there can be more power loss, and this feature of the resistive regulators makes them inefficient.

2. Phase angle controlled

Another type of fan regulator based on technology is the phase angle controlled regulator. They are also popular by the name of dimmer switch regulators. They have semi-conductor devices that efficiently adjust the voltage across the fan.

Compared to the resistive regulators, the phase angle controlled regulators are more efficient as they do not have any loss of power when running at a low speed. But they make an annoying sound while operating and have higher failure rates as the active devices tend to be susceptible to power.

3. Inductive

The inductive fan regulators comprise an inductive coil with various contact points that can efficiently achieve the desired speed regulation. In this type of regulator, the variance in speed is achieved by tapping on the winding of the transformer, causing inductive reactance to get varied.

But they also lose power, just like the resistive regulators. They come in a bulky shape and size and also lack aesthetic appeal.

4. Capacitive

The name of electronic regulators also knows as capacitive regulators. They use a capacitor to regulate the voltage across the fan effectively. They are more energy efficient with linear speed control.

Capacitive regulators are the most reliable type of regulators amongst types of regulators based on technology. They are available in two types, stepped and movable type.


Thus, above, we have discussed the types of fan regulators in-depth. By following this article, you will have gained some insights about the type of regulators for ceiling fans.

We have discussed types of regulators based on functionality and technology. It would provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the various types of fan regulators.

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