Types of Exhaust Fan – Know About Different Options

The exhaust fans are a type of fan that has a primary function to remove air from a room and eventually replace it with new air from outside, thereby ensuring fresh air in the room. They are extremely beneficial in ways that you would never have thought made possible.

Usually, the lack of airflow in the room can cause numerous problems, such as mildew, mold, damage to the walls and furniture, etc. But with an exhaust fan at our disposal, it can easily limit these problems as it efficiently recycles the air.

However, the market is currently filled with various types of exhaust fans with different uses. Hence, you need to follow this article to know the types of exhaust fans.

Types of Exhaust Fan Based on Design

1. Wall mount exhaust fan

One commonly found type of exhaust fan is the wall mount exhaust fan. This type of exhaust wall is mostly used in homes. As the name suggests, this ventilation appliance is installed on the wall. The wall-mount exhaust fans involve a simple installation process that can be carried out without professional help.

This type of exhaust fan is widely effective in removing dirt and sticky stuff from nearby surfaces. One of the major benefits of this type of exhaust fan is that it does not require any external duct or mechanical ventilation heat recovery system, which accounts for its simple installation.

The wall-mount fans are highly suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. The size of this type of exhaust fan ranges from 8 inches to 12 inches. To make the full utility of the wall-mount exhaust fan, you must ensure that the size of the exhaust fan complements the size of your kitchen or bathroom.

2. Roof mount exhaust fan

The roof exhaust fans are the ones that work on the principle of convection. This type of exhaust fan expels the warm air from the room when it rises to the attic. These are suitable for large spaces such as office buildings, manufacturing units, warehouses, etc.

3. Exterior exhaust fan

The exterior exhaust fan is a suitable choice for those searching for a completely noiseless appliance. The exterior exhaust fan comes with a separate unit that needs to be installed outside the room.

4. Inline exhaust fan

The inline exhaust fan comes with a powerful blower fan that can easily move a large volume of air. This type of exhaust fan can produce up to 1500 CFM. The inline exhaust fan facilitates the effective circulation of inside and outside air, thereby removing humidity from the space.

To meet the various ventilation requirements, the inline exhaust fans come in several sizes, capabilities, and configurations. These are available in both versatile multiport and single-port versions. The single-port inline exhaust fans feature one outgoing exhaust fan and one incoming supply duct.

The multiport inline exhaust fans come with multiple ducts. One of the primary benefits of the inline exhaust fan is that they are comparatively more energy efficient than the other types of exhaust fans. This type of exhaust fan effectively removes moisture and heat from the room.

The inline exhaust fans work effectively in ventilating and cooling large spaces. To ensure the smooth and effective functioning of the inline exhaust fans, they need to be paired with carbon filters or flexible duct tubes.

5. Window exhaust fan

The windows exhaust fan is thoughtfully engineered to fit snugly into a window opening. They usually come with side panels that expand easily to cover the entire window. Some window exhaust fans have two smaller fans mounted side-by-side, while others come with a large fan.

Most of the window exhaust fans feature up to three variable speeds. The primary aim of a window exhaust fan is to ensure continuous fresh supply inside the room. The window exhaust fan pushes out stale and warm air from the room and pulls in fresh cool air.

The type of exhaust fan is equipped with a thermostat that automatically shuts off the appliance when there is a sudden drop in temperature. Moreover, they often come with several advanced features such as a timer, remote control, etc.

Types of exhaust fans based on uses

Below is a curated list of types of exhaust fans which are based on the type of uses:

1. For bathroom

Usually, in a bathroom, four types of exhaust fans are used. They are ceiling mount, wall mount, inline, and window-mounted. Every time you take a shower, moisture will certainly get built up on the surface of the mirrors and bathroom tiles.

As the types mentioned above of exhaust fans are smaller, they efficiently work by removing all the bad odor and moisture from the bathroom. Moreover, bathroom exhaust fans are available at a lower price than the other types of exhaust fans based on use. Their compact size also ensures they can be easily installed on any bathroom corner without any hassle.

2. For kitchen

The exhaust fans used in the kitchen can enable you to achieve better ventilation in your kitchen, and it also helps to get rid of all the smoke and fumes caused by cooking in the kitchen.

The exhaust fans for the kitchen also keep the musty air, steel, and dirt away from the kitchen, ensuring that your kitchen is safe to breathe and always free from bad odor and moisture.

Usually, the hood exhaust fans or ceiling-mounted exhaust fans are used in the kitchens to remove all the bad odors and keep the kitchen well-ventilated.

3. For industry

The industrial exhaust fan is a type of exhaust fan that efficiently provides and accommodates a large flow of air or gas to several processes, which may happen in numerous industries.

Usually, these types of exhaust fan work by rotating the number of blades connected to the shaft and then driven by a motor. There are two types of exhaust fans for industrial use: centrifugal fans and axial fans.

The axial fans move a large volume of air at low pressure. In contrast, the centrifugal fan uses the centrifugal force generated by rotating a disk with blades mounted at the right angles to enhance the air pressure.


Hence, from our above discussion about the types of exhaust, we now hope you have some knowledge about the various types of exhaust fans.

Above, we have discussed exhaust fans based on design and exhaust fans based on uses. It would give a comprehensive idea about which type of exhaust fan is used in which place. 

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