Types of Ceiling Fan – Know About All Different Options

One of the greatest inventions of the 19th century is the ceiling fan. They have become a primary source of comfort in all our homes. Without ceiling fans, One cannot imagine our lives; they have become a necessity.

They provide us with cool air, which you can achieve more economically than air conditioners. Not only do they add some convenience to our life by delivering cool air and ensuring effective ventilation of our rooms, but they also add some aesthetic to the room with their design. 

 The designs and technology of ceiling fans have undergone numerous modifications over time. Now varieties of ceiling fans are available in the market, which you might have little knowledge about.

Hence, to know more about the type of ceiling fan available in the market and which one will be the right one for you. Following this article will provide in-depth knowledge about the types of ceilings available in the market and how they differ.

Different Types of Ceiling Fan You Can Consider

1. Remote control fan

Outdoor fans, standard ceiling fans, and other types of ceiling fans come in certain models that function with a remote. The remote control fan is a modern-day appliance that is an ideal choice for contemporary interiors. The remote control operation facilitates easy handling of the speed of the fan.

A remote control fan lets you control it right from your resting place, making it an ideal option for older people or individuals with mobility issues. Certain remote control fans have advanced options such as dimming lights, setting a timer, deactivating the fan, etc. These advanced features add to the greater usability of this particular appliance. 


  • Perfect addition to modern homes 
  • Offers control access without getting up from your favourite couch 
  • Comes with several advanced features 
  • Hassle-free usage 


  • Risk of misplacing or breakage of the remote 

Best for – This type of fan is best for older people and people with mobility disabilities.

2. Standard ceiling fan

As the name implies, the standard ceiling fan is the most conventional type. A standard ceiling fan is most commonly found in all domestic households and other institutions. This fan type comes with defining features, such as four or three blades. The blades are usually made from metal, plastic, MDF, or wood.

The standard ceiling fan is one of the most versatile options available. This type of fan is typically mounted under a ceiling. The major reason for the popularity of this type of fan is its wide variety of choices. It is available in various types, colours, sizes, and designs. The standard ceiling fan is installed with a down rod that keeps the fan stable in one place. 


  • Versatile product 
  • Affordable price range 
  • Highly durable 
  • Easy installation 


  • Difficult to clean 

Best for – The standard ceiling fan is best for long-time use.

3. Designer fan

One of the latest additions to the types of ceiling fan is the designer fan. The designer fans are not only a cooling appliance but also have become an integral home décor. Designer fans are a reflection of one’s lifestyle. The designer fans help instantly alleviate one’s décor. 


  • Ideal for modern décor 
  • Elegant look
  • Easy to maintain 


  • Costly 

Best for – The designer fan is best for modern homes and establishments.

4. Anti-dust fan

Cleaning and maintaining ceiling fans is one of the most tedious and challenging tasks. To ease this situation, the anti-dust fans are the best options. This type of fan comes with a special coating that attracts comparatively less dust, making cleaning easy and hassle-free. 


  • Attracts less dust and dirt
  • Facilitates easy cleaning 
  • Hassle-free maintenance 
  • Colour and look remain intact for years 


  • Complicated installation 

Best for – This type of fan is best for those who have a time crunch and cannot afford much time to clean the fans.

5. Ceiling fan with light

The ceiling fan with light is one of the latest additions in the market. This type of fan offers a cool breeze along with illuminating the room. This kind of fan usually has a light fitting in the middle portion. 


  • Offers breeze and light simultaneously 
  • Smart lighting options 
  • Decorative styles 
  • Energy-saving product 


  • Durability is an issue 

Best for – A ceiling fan with light is the best option for contemporary establishments.

6. Low profile ceiling fan

Also known as flush mounted or hugger fans, the low profile ceiling fan is installed directly to a mounting bracket. This type of fan is suitable for rooms with fewer than 8 feet. It offers less airflow as compared to a regular ceiling fan. 


  • Does not require down rod 
  • Hassle-free installation 
  • Easily customizable 


  • Not suitable for hot, humid climates 

Best for – The low-profile fans are suitable for low-ceiling rooms.

7. Small ceiling fan

Small ceiling fans come with a compact size and shape. Despite their small size, they offer a powerful air throw because of their robust motor. 


  • Compact size 
  • Powerful motor
  • Higher air throw 
  • Instant cooling 


  • Not ideal for large-sized rooms 

Best for – The small ceiling fans are best for compact offices and storerooms. 

8. Smart ceiling fan

Smart ceiling fans are the ones that come with a smart automation system. Unlike conventional ceiling fans with a wall switch or cord, you can operate smart ceiling fans from mobile phones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This type of fan can be controlled easily through your mobile even while you are not at home. 


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Can track occupancy rates and temperature of the room 
  • Can be programmed as per the room’s cooling
  • Offers easy control through a mobile phone app


  • Expensive 
  • Requires additional installations procedures 

Best for – The smart fans are best for controlling the ambient temperature of the room. 

9. DC motor ceiling fan

A DC motor ceiling fan converts the AC power supplied to your home, thereby regulating its speed. The DC motor ceiling fan offers effective air movement while using less energy. 


  • Energy efficient 
  • Silent operation 
  • Requires simple parts for installation 
  • Lower voltage 


  • Uneven flow 

Best for – DC motor ceiling fan is best for those looking for a silent operating fan. 

FAQs Related To Types of Fan

Which is the most efficient type of ceiling fan?

The most efficient ceiling fan you can get is the dc motor ceiling fan. The dc motor ceiling fan is more efficient and quieter than the other ceiling fan and the ac motor ceiling fan.

Which ceiling fan is best for cooling and quiet?

The ceiling fans with dc motors are made with the latest technology and are the best for getting cooler air. They have electrical magnets in them that do not cause an electrical buzz sound in them. They also run more quietly without producing any sound.

Which type of ceiling fan gives more air?

The flush mount ceiling fan with higher CFM gives the most air. Moreover, the high-flow model of ceiling fans with higher CFM gives more airflow and cooler air.


Hence, above, we mentioned the different types of ceiling fans available in the market. Following our above discussion about the types of ceilings, you will learn more about the varieties of ceiling fans.

We have also discussed some frequently asked questions that would solve the queries arising in your mind while looking for the types of ceiling fans.

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