Tablet vs Laptop – Which One is Better for You?

Are you looking for an easy-to-understand comparison between tablet and laptop? In our guide on tablet vs laptop, we will compare both devices on various parameters so you can select the best one for you per your needs.

Technology has become the main wheel of our everyday life, without which most of our work remains incomplete. While talking about technology, laptops and tablets are such gifts of technology that have successfully accelerated and eased our work and life.

From enjoying our favorite movies to preparing a PowerPoint presentation for an important meeting, laptops, and tablets have proved their importance and greater usability in every aspect. The primary benefit of these electronic gadgets is their portable build, which lets you carry them anywhere and get your work done while moving.

Both laptops and tablets come with their own set of uses and specifications. With such huge features and benefits, you can get confused about whether to buy a laptop or tablet. To make your work easy, this article briefly discusses the benefits of laptops and tablets and distinguishes between them with all the necessary elements.

Benefits of Tablet

  • Owning a tablet makes traveling, especially business trips, much easier and hassle-free. The tablets feature an extremely lightweight and slim build that takes up very little space in your bags.
  • One of the greatest benefits of tablets is their affordable price range, which makes them easily accessible to all. Additionally, the maintenance and software support of the tablets cost much less, further adding to their affordable nature.
  • Watching movies, typing, or reading on a tablet is much more convenient and easy, making it a user-friendly device.
  • The tablets come with various latest applications, which allow optimized social networking. Through the various social media sites, cloud-based applications, and email, you can easily get connected to various persons, expanding your social world.
  • Along with basic features, tablets are ideal for gamers. The fast processor of the tablets offers an immersive gaming experience on a big screen.
  • The biggest attraction of tablets is their ability to entice ardent readers. The tablet is a digital library, letting you store various e-books and read them at your convenience.
  • The tablets are designed thoughtfully to be interactive devices through their digital pens. It facilitates taking down notes, sketching ideas, and annotating projects.
  • With the addition of a mouse and keyboard, you can change the tablet into a traditional computer setup anytime.

Benefits of Laptop

  • One of the major benefits of laptops is that they are compact and easier to carry. The laptop does not require wires, making them easy to carry around.
  • A laptop permits easier offline operations. You can save all your large files to the laptop’s hard disk and access them as and when required without hassle.
  • The laptops come with large internal storage that lets you save all your large files, photos, videos, and important documents in one place without worrying about losing them.
  • The laptops do not require any special installation setup, letting you use them right out of the box.
  • The laptops are made with highly durable premium quality materials, accounting for their long service life
  • The biggest advantage of laptops is their excellent battery backup. It allows you to use the device freely in areas that face frequent power cuts.
  • The laptops are highly portable devices because of their lightweight. The portable nature of laptops lets you carry them while traveling and attend virtual meetings and classes without fail.
  • The use of a laptop is quite simple. It has a built-in battery, keyboard, microphone, speakers, and touchpad. Some models also come with an in-built camera.

Tablet vs Laptop

Want to know more about the differences between tablets and laptops? Hence, the factors below provide you with in-depth knowledge about the differences between a laptop and a tablet.

Input Method

The tablets work on the touchscreen interface for input, which can present you with challenges when you have to input the text. As the tablets have no keyboard, you must type on the virtual keyboard, which has varying designs and layouts.

Though some models of tablets come with a keyboard, they have detachable keyboards and work primarily on the touchscreen interface. However, adding an external Bluetooth keyboard for the tablet will suffice for giving the input if you want a laptop experience, but it will cost more and reduce the portability.

Whereas the laptops have attached keyboards for giving the inputs. You can seamlessly give inputs using these keyboards, which enhances your convenience. Thus, laptops are better for those with more typing work, and you can do more with a laptop instead of a tablet.

Size and Portability

Another major difference between tablets and laptops is their size and portability. However, both tablets and laptops are designed to enhance portability; there is also a difference in size and portability.

The size of the tablets tends to be smaller than the laptops, and the former has more portability. Not only are tablets small, but they also weigh less than laptops.

The primary reason for the difference in size between laptops and tablets is the keyboard and trackpad of the laptops that take up additional space. You can more easily carry around a tablet than a laptop due to its smaller size and effective portability.

Screen Type and Size

There is also a difference between the screen type and size of the laptop and tablet. The laptops comprise larger screens which are ideal if you have to use the screens for more time for tasks such as office tasks, studying, multitasking, and gaming.

But if you look for the best display, the tablets score an edge over the laptop as the tablets are usually equipped with super Amoled or AMOLED screens, whereas the laptops are equipped with normal LCD and LED screens.

Battery Life

A major point of difference between laptops and tablets is their battery life. Compared to laptops, the battery of tablets lasts much longer. The power requirement of hardware components of a tablet is much lower.

On the other hand, a laptop requires more powerful hardware. The batteries embedded in the laptops take up much smaller space required for their internal components. Thus even with a higher battery capacity, the laptop batteries do not last long.

On average, a laptop can run relentlessly on a single charge for five to eight hours. While with a single charge, a tablet offers almost ten hours of web usage.

Storage Capacity

To keep down the costs and build the tablets, the manufacturers use solid-stage storage memory for storing data and programs. However, this technology has one major drawback: it limits the amount of data it can store.

In simple words, the storage capacity of tablets is quite low. Most tablet models have a storage capacity ranging between 16 to 128 gigabytes. In contrast to tablets, laptops are equipped with conventional hard drives, which offer lots of internal storage space.

A medium-ranged laptop comes with at least 500 GB hard drive or internal memory. When it comes to considering storage capacity, laptops hold greater marks than tablets. However, laptops and tablets feature additional specifications, such as a micro SD card and USB port, which offer additional external memory space.

Software and Apps

 The software’s capabilities on a laptop and tablet differ greatly in terms of their efficiency. Usually, the software of a tablet is quite slow compared to a laptop. The major platforms available on a tablet are android and ios.

These operating systems have their required specific applications. Various applications are available in each of these operating systems, and certain tablet models perform the basic task as that of a laptop. However, the tablets lack input and performance because of their software and restricted applications.


Be it for emailing, playing video or audio, or web browsing, tablets and laptops perform exceptionally well since these activities do not require higher processing power. However, things start getting complicated when we are required to perform demanding tasks such as HD graphics or multitasking.

In such tasks, laptops perform much better than tablets. In terms of performance, even a high-ended tablet cannot compete with a laptop. The superior components and robust and advanced software and processors of the laptops account for their powerful performance.


 Tablets are more useful for those focused on tasks such as browsing the internet and watching videos. While on the other hand, laptops are designed specifically for content creation. From making PowerPoint presentations to enjoying movies, laptops offer many uses. The laptops are equipped with high-performing processors, which offer greater usability.


 The laptops and tablets have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled specifications, allowing greater connectivity. If you are on the search for a device that you can use in various locations while moving, then a tablet with a data package is of great use.


 In terms of price, laptops come with a higher price range than tablets. The robust processor, advanced specifications, and latest software of the laptops account for their higher price range. While on the other hand, the tablets come in an affordable price range.


The tablets and laptops come with their own set of specific uses. If you are on the search for a general-purpose computer, then a laptop is a great choice. Moreover, the laptops are ideal for heavier tasks such as multitasking, making Excel sheets, or editing videos.

On the other hand, tablets are ideal for lighter uses, such as watching videos or enjoying e-books. Additionally, the tablets make great travel companions as well because of the limited space they take.

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