The Ultimate Speaker Buying Guide in India for 2023

It is rightly remarked that music is a feeling, not just an art. And this feeling increases to a greater manifold with the speakers. The speakers are audio devices that promise excellent sound quality, letting you delve deeper into your favourite tunes while travelling.

The greater demand and importance of the speakers have resulted in their various types and models. Buying a speaker takes work since it involves multiple vital factors that must be considered.

Therefore to make your task easier, this article talks of a brief speaker buying guide consisting of the essential factors to consider. 

Most Helpful Speaker Buying Guide

Below mentioned are the essential factors to consider while buying a quality speaker. 

Type of Speaker

Buying a speaker is an important decision; hence, getting the right speaker is crucial. However, to get your hands on the appropriate speaker, you must know its various types. It is also one of the most important point to consider in our speaker buying guide.

While talking about the typology of speakers, there are four major types: Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers, multimedia speakers, and home theatre. 

Bluetooth speakers – As the name suggests, Bluetooth speakers are the ones that get connected through Bluetooth. The Bluetooth speakers eliminate the requirement of any additional wires for connecting the speakers to your device.

It offers the speakers a wireless connection, saving you from tangled wires. The wireless nature of these speakers makes them portable, letting you carry them quickly on your picnics or vacation trips.

This type of speaker comes with replaceable batteries and rechargeable nature. The Bluetooth speakers receive digital audio signals from the host device, which are usually in a compressed form. The speakers then decompress, amplify and decode that audio through the built-in speakers.

This kind of speaker works on the same principle as a car radio. The wireless connection of the Bluetooth speakers lets you connect it with various devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc. 

Key Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers:

  • Highly portable
  • Wireless connection 
  • Fascinating sound quality 
  • No installation is required 
  • Since they are not required to be connected to an electrical outlet, they are an energy-efficient option

Smart speakers – The smart speakers are a new addition to the speaker’s section. This kind of speaker is a voice-activated device with an in-built virtual assistant. The virtual assistant lets you control the speaker through your voice command.

This kind of speaker allows you to do more than listen to your favourite songs or podcasts. Along with playing music, the smart speakers facilitate making appointment notes and controlling other smart devices in your home.

The smart speakers come with voice recognition technology such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. The artificial intelligence technology used in the smart speakers instantly recognises the voice and starts functioning with a ‘wake word.’ 

Key Benefits of Smart Speakers:

  • Offers hands-free operation 
  • The device lets you control other devices in your home 
  • Offers quick recommendations 
  • Helps you with your everyday tasks 

Multimedia speakers – As is evident from the name, the multimedia speakers are a comprehensive unit with several additional speakers. The multimedia speakers include a satellite speaker and specific subwoofers.

These subwoofers complement the functioning of the satellite speakers, accounting for their superior sound quality. This type of speaker comes with specific essential basic controls such as volume and power control. The subwoofers of the multimedia speakers offer a surround sound effect, covering an entire room. 

Key Benefits of Multimedia Speakers:

  • This type of speaker offers easy connection with computers
  • Ideal choice for movies 
  • Excellent sound quality 
  • Easy and hassle-free use 

Home Theatre – Another significant typology of speakers that is quite popular is the home theatre. A home theatre is a video and audio configuration equipment that enhances a home theatre experience. This type of home theatre creates a cinema hall in your bedroom.

This kind of speaker comes with several essential elements such as cable or satellite, media server, subwoofers, Ultra HD Blu-ray player, etc. Most home theatre models come with remote control operation, while some latest models support the voice command mechanism. 

Key Benefits of Home Theatre:

  • Ensures high-performance audio 
  • Offers movie theatre experience in the comforts of your home 

Output Power

Another essential criterion that cannot be undermined while buying a speaker is its output power. The speaker’s output power determines the speaker’s sound quality and performance. The output power of a speaker is measured in watts.

The more the wattage of the speakers, the better their performance will be. Moreover, if you need to install the speaker in a large room, it is better to use a higher output power one. A speaker with 150 to 500 watts is ideal for enjoying songs. 

Connectivity Options

The connectivity options are another vital factor to consider before you decide upon the speaker model you wish to buy. The connectivity options will let you connect your speaker with other devices such as laptops, mobile phones, etc.

Look for a speaker which comes with both wired and wireless connectivity options. Moreover, you must ensure that the speaker you choose comes with essential connectivity options such as HDMI, AUX input, USB, NFC, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. 

Sound Quality

One essential factor you cannot afford to miss while buying a speaker is the sound quality. It is the sound quality of a speaker which determines the efficiency of the appliance. Therefore you must ensure that the speaker you choose has a superior sound quality.

Primary Usage

The speakers come in various types, and each style has its use. Therefore it is imperative first to sort out your primary usage intention of the speaker before you decide upon the final buy. If your primary aim is to enjoy a movie theatre experience, it is best to opt for home theatres or multimedia speakers.

If you are a frequent traveller and wish to enjoy music on your trip, then it is best to go for wireless Bluetooth speakers. However, smart speakers are an ideal choice if you are techno-savvy and have a fetish for the latest electronic products. 

Final Words!

Hence, above, we have briefly discussed a speaker buying guide. This speaker buying guide will help you navigate your decision-making process while buying a speaker. The speaker is a convenient product that lets you enjoy your favourite music or podcasts with excellent sound quality.

The speakers come in various types, each with specifications and benefits. And therefore, it is essential to have a brief idea of the crucial factors that will allow you to choose the right kind.

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