Sine Wave vs Square Wave Inverter – Which One is Better?

Usually, while purchasing an inverter, a common dilemma that everyone falls into is to purchase the square wave inverter or sine wave inverter. The household electric appliances use the ac current, whereas the inverter battery stores energy in dc energy.

The primary task of the inverter is to convert the dc energy into ac energy to power the household appliances. In terms of its circuits, the inverter converts dc current into either sine wave ac current or square wave ac current. 

The sine wave is very much similar to the alternate current (ac), whereas the square wave tends to mimic the waves of the current, but it is the direct current ( dc) style. If you are purchasing a new inverter and have a similar dilemma, which one to purchase, sine wave or square wave inverter. Thus, you need to follow this article; in this article, we will discuss sine wave and square wave inverters and their differences.

What is a sine wave inverter?

Sine wave inverters are the type of inverter which transforms the dc current in the inverter battery to ac current to run the electric appliances in your household. The electricity is stored in the battery as a direct current, but household electric appliances require an alternate current. Hence, the sine wave inverters transform dc into ac current.

What is a square wave inverter?

The square wave inverter is the type of inverter which converts the solar dc to ac power. The design of this type of inverter is straightforward. This type of inverter comprises a large amount of harmonic content, which tends not to be appropriate for some loads or electric appliances. 

Sine wave vs square wave inverter

Now, after our discussion on the sine wave inverter and square wave inverter, we have some knowledge about these two types of inverters. Now let us have a brief look at the vital part, which is the difference between a sine wave inverter and a square wave inverter:

Supported appliances

The sine wave inverters support many household appliances such as laptops, computers, fans, tube lights, refrigerators, ovens, TVs, etc., and many more. As they convert the dc into ac power, they can easily power several household appliances in case of a power cut. 

But the square wave inverter cannot support numerous household appliances like the sine wave inverter. The square wave inverter can only support motors and non-sensitive appliances. 

Safety Level

Regarding safety, the sine wave inverters have the upper hand over their counterpart, the square wave inverter. The sine wave inverters are not only reliable to use, but also they are highly safe to use. They do not pose any risk to any person or children, and you can easily use them for any household appliances without hazard to an individual’s health.

But the square wave inverters are less reliable in terms of safety than the sine wave inverters. They are unsafe and also less reliable to use. Furthermore, the square wave inverters are also unsafe for specific appliances. 

Noise level

While using the sine wave, inverters usually do not produce any noise, or they only produce a typical sound, which does not disturb anyone, and it is also negligible for anyone to notice such sound.

But in comparison to the sine wave inverter, the square wave inverter makes a sound when used. During operation, the square wave inverters produce a loud noise, and you can hear the buzzing sound from the square wave inverters during their operations.


In terms of cost, the sine wave inverters tend to be more costly than their counterpart, the square wave inverter.  

The cost of square wave inverters tends to be relatively cheaper than the sine wave inverter. To purchase this inverter, you will not have to pinch your pockets.


Hence, through our above discussion, you can now comprehensively understand the sine wave inverter and the square wave inverter. We have also discussed the differences between them. Hence, it will surely guide you to purchase your desired type of inverter without any further dilemma.

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