Mi TV Stick vs Amazon Fire Stick – Which One is Better?

Now watching shows and movies and playing music videos have become more fun with the media streaming devices on the smart TV. However, while purchasing a media streaming device, one can get into a dilemma between a Mi Tv stick and an Amazon fire stick. Both are the best in the sphere of media streaming devices. 

Xiaomi has launched the Mi TV stick recently, and it stands as a great competitor to the Amazon fire stick. Though both are efficient, they are different in terms of their specifications and functions. Hence, if you want to know the difference between the Mi TV stick and Amazon Fire Stick, you must follow this article.

Difference Between Mi TV Stick vs Amazon Fire Stick

Below are the important points on which we will compare both devices and understand which is better on each aspect.


In terms of design, the Mi TV stick and Amazon Fire Stick comprise a stick-like design with a micro-USB and HDMI port. But some more minor differences can be easily marked between both of them. The differences can be observed in terms of the color of both the sticks. Xiaomi Mi TV Stick comprises a dual-tone color. Similarly, the Mi TV Stick has dedicated buttons for Google assistant, Netflix, and Prime Video, but Amazon Fire Stick has only a dedicated control for Alexa.


In terms of specification, slight differences between the Amazon Fire Stick and Mi TV stick can be marked. The clock speed of the Mi TV Stick is 2 GHz, and it also comes with Bluetooth 4.2. The Amazon Firestick has a clock speed of 1.3 GHz and comprises Bluetooth 4.1.

Similarly, the Amazon Firestick has Dolby-vision capable display, but the Mi TV stick has no Dolby-vision capable display. Another vital difference between both media streaming devices is that the Amazon Fire Stick TV has no ad-free feature, but the Mi TV stick comes with an ad-free feature.


The Mi TV Stick and the Amazon Firestick have a maximum resolution of 1080p at 60 Hz. However, in the case of low-resolution TV that is 1080p, both the sticks can efficiently scale down to effectively adapt to the required resolution of the TV. The Mi TV stick has Dolby with DTS surround sound support, and the latter comes with Dolby audio with 5.1 surround sound output. 


You can easily differentiate significant differences between the Mi TV Stick and the Amazon Fire TV stick. The former gets power from a quad-core processor coupled with 8GB of storage space and 1 GB of ram. Whereas the latter comes with a quad-core processor and similar storage and ram space, the Amazon fire stick has Bluetooth 4.1 LE, which is missing in the Mi TV stick.

Another significant difference in the performance of the Mi TV stick and Amazon fire stick is that the former has in-built Chromecast support, but the fire stick has screen mirroring support.

App Support

You can easily access the Google play store if you want to download any app on the Mi TV stick. But in the Amazon Firestick, you can download new apps through Amazon’s app store, as it does not give access to the google play store. Similarly, the Mi Tv stick comprises a broader catalog of apps due to its support with the Google play store.

Also, it supports all popular OTT platforms such as Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Prime Video, and many more. But the Amazon fire stick has the upper hand by giving you access to the Apple TV + along with the other OTT platforms.

Operating system

One of the essential differences between the Amazon Fire Stick and Mi TV stick is their operating system. The Mi TV Stick runs on android 9.0, but at the same time, the Amazon fire stick runs on the Amazon FireOS. The Mi TV stick is more application-focused, whereas the Amazon Firestick is content-focused. 

OTG Support

The Amazon fire stick and the Mi TV stick are powered through a micro-USB port. You can easily plug them into the micro-USB port of your TV and enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies.

However, if you aspire to extend the storage on the media streaming sticks through OTG cable, then it can only happen in the case of the Amazon fire stick but not in the Mi TV stick as it does not support OTG. Thus, the Amazon fire stick is a better option if you plan to attach HDD for offline movies and shows.


You can easily find variations between the Amazon fire stick and the Mi TV stick. The Mi TV stick is available for INR 2,799, whereas the Amazon Firestick is available at a price of INR 3,999. The Amazon fire stick is relatively more expensive than the Mi Stick due to its enhanced specifications.


The design and form of the Mi TV stick and the Amazon Firestick TV remote are identical in shape, but there are some variations between the remotes. In terms of functionality, the Amazon Fire Stick remote gets the upper hand in contrast to its competitor as it comprises additional play and pause buttons, skips buttons, etc.

It enhances its functionality, you can seamlessly pause and play a video or skip some part while watching a movie or show, but you won’t get this in the Mi TV stick. Similarly, the Mi TV stick remote has a dedicated button for Prime Video and Netflix, but the Amazon fire stick has only a dedicated button for Alexa.


Thus, above, we have a head-to-head comparison between the two major media streaming devices, the Amazon Fire Stick and the newly launched Mi TV stick. It will give you a comprehensive idea about which one is better and which performs more efficiently among these two.

We have differentiated among them on various topics such as specifications, performance, resolution, OTG, design, etc., and many more. After comparing both, we have concluded that both are efficient in their respective spheres. Both have some distinguishing features which make them stand apart from each other.

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