The Ultimate Massager Buying Guide in India (2023)

Technological and scientific advent has offered human society various wondrous objects that have significantly simplified our everyday life. One such technological wonder that has become a blessing to humanity is the massager.

Our hectic life schedule often affects our health, resulting in body pain and muscle stiffness. A massager is an excellent device that offers a relaxing massage without spending a fortune. Body massagers are easy-to-use compact appliances that offer professional massaging sessions in the comforts of our homes.

The excellent massaging technique offered by this appliance helps in de-contracting the muscles. Many massagers come in a portable form that lets you carry them easily anywhere.

This wonderful device comes in various types, shapes, designs, and colours, thus offering varied choices. Moreover, a massager is an ideal gift for our grandparents and other elderly members, offering them instant relief from joint stiffness and pains.

Buying a massager is an important investment; therefore, it is essential to get the right one. To let you choose the right kind of massager without any confusion, we have enlisted a brief buying guide. The buying guide consists of all the essential factors you must consider while buying a massager.

Buying Guide For Massager

To ensure that you lay your hands on the best massager, you must consider the essential factors below.

Types of Massager

To ensure that you choose the best and worthy massager, you must first have a brief knowledge of its various types. There are seven major types of massagers: full-body massagers, cushion massagers, foot massagers, leg massagers, neck and shoulder massagers, electric massagers, and handheld massagers.

Each type of massager comes with certain specifications and features, accounting for their usability. For instance, the handheld massager is a portable massaging machine that lets you carry it while travelling. On the other hand, the full-body massager is a holistic massager machine that comes with various attachments for various body parts.

Corded or Cordless

A massager is a great substitute for costly professional massage services, offering instant relaxation. Therefore this machine must be an ergonomic one that offers ease of use. Therefore, it is crucial to consider whether you wish to get a corded or cordless one.

A cordless massager usually comes with a battery operation or charging type, while the corded massager requires a direct connection to electricity. While buying a massager, it is wise to look for a cordless one.

A cordless massager will save you from the tangles of wires, offering flexible movement. Moreover, a cordless massager comes with a portable construction. This feature allows you to carry the massager even while travelling.

Massage Techniques

The primary element of a massager is the massaging techniques. To fully utilise a massager, you must have a brief knowledge of the massaging techniques. Usually, the massager uses four major types of massaging techniques: tapping, shiatsu, kneading, and traditional rolling.

The massagers replicate the tapping method through rollers and airbags, relieving muscle stiffness. In the kneading massage technique, the soft tissues are pressed against the bones beneath them or with each other.

A gradual deflating and inflating method are used with the airbags, offering a kneading method. The kneading massage helps alleviate pain, loosening stiff muscles and stretching. The speed and intensity of the kneading increase gradually, removing stiffness from the muscles.

The shiatsu massaging technique helps in restoring body balance and energy flow. This massaging technique is excellent for relieving body pain, tension and stress. The Shiatsu massaging technique offers an optimal amount of pressure on the back, which is more prone to spasm.

Massagers that use the traditional rolling technique replicate the method of massaging done through masseurs. This massaging technique loses the skin and tense muscles, offering instant relief from spasms and stiffness.


The timer is another crucial factor that cannot be missed while buying a massager. Buying a massager with a timer will let you enjoy a relaxing massage without getting into the hassles of changing the temperature. A massager with a timer will allow you to enjoy the required amount of bearable heat without worrying about burning your skin.

Easy to Use

A massager is an effective massaging machine that offers instant relief to body and joint pains, muscle stiffness, soreness, and spasms. It makes the massager an ideal choice for elderly persons as well.

Since a massager is used by people of all age groups, including older people, it is crucial to get one that is easy to use. Look for a massager that features a simple mechanism and easy controls.


Along with the above factors, another essential factor that you must consider while buying a massager is its portability. A portable massager will let you enjoy a relaxing massaging technique while travelling. Moreover, the portability of a massager will offer you the flexibility of movement.

Number of Attachments

After you have successfully zeroed in on the portability, timer, ease of use, massaging technique, etc., you must now pay close attention to the number of attachments that comes with a massager. The utility of a massager increases to a greater manifold with its attachments.

The attachments offer personalised massaging to various parts of the body. It is always advisable to look for a massager with all the necessary attachments, such as cushion heads, rounded ends, bullet attachments, etc. In simple words, the more the number of attachments, the better.


Massagers are an excellent modern device, ensuring both physical and mental well-being. The massager relieves the body of all its tiredness and pain and stimulates the brain muscles, relieving tension and stress.

To ensure the greater usability of this appliance, it comes with various attachments designed thoughtfully for all body parts. Buying a massager is an important decision; therefore, it is essential to ensure its superior quality and high efficiency.

Our buying guide will let you choose the appropriate massager that efficiently and effectively meets all your massaging needs.

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