The Ultimate Iron Buying Guide in India in 2023

It is very rightly remarked that the first impression is the last. And the first impression that we make of ourselves is through our clothes. Whether a family function or an important client meeting, perfectly pressed and wrinkle-free clothes offer an extra edge.

To obtain perfectly ironed clothes, we need the perfect iron. Owning a suitable iron model will make your ironing task effortless and less time-consuming. Ranging from portable ones to heavy-duty models, many options are available in the market.

If you are on the search for the perfect iron, a look at this article will prove to be fruitful. This article talks in brief about the buying guide for an iron.

Buying Guide For Iron

To ensure that you buy the ideal iron model, it is essential to consider certain crucial factors mentioned below.

Type of iron

Iron is an essential home appliance that is used daily. Therefore, buying the appropriate one that can assure both performance and durability is necessary. To buy the best quality iron, it is imperative to have a brief idea regarding its various types.

A view of the types of iron will let you selectively choose the apt one that can meet all your ironing needs. Three major iron types are dry, steam, and portable. Dry iron is the most commonly used type of iron. One of the significant benefits of a dry iron is its low price.

The dry irons have lightweight and feature a primary control mechanism. While ironing with a dry iron, you must first sprinkle water on the clothes to achieve the best result. You can use dry irons to iron a variety of clothes without worrying about any damage.

The steam iron comes with an in-built water tank, which produces steam. The steam moistens the fabric, creating a smoother press and instantly removing wrinkles and creases from the fabric.

The steam irons are packed with several advanced features, such as an auto shut-off mechanism, an overheat safety feature, self-cleaning, and many more. The presence of advanced features accounts for the expensive price range of the steam irons.

The portable one is the third and latest addition to the typology of irons. This type of iron is suitable for those who are required to travel frequently. The portable iron offers wrinkle-free and cleanly pressed clothes anywhere you go.

The portable irons come in both steam and dry types. The portable iron facilitates vertical ironing, letting you iron your clothes without bending down. It enables you to iron your clothes while hanging them on a hanger. Some of the portable irons are available in a cordless form that makes ironing more convenient.

Coating type

Another major factor that cannot be missed while buying an iron is its coating. The quality and functioning of iron depend mainly on its coating type. While purchasing an iron, look for one that comes with a non-stick coating. The coating material in a non-stick type is ceramic.

The ceramic material facilitates even heat distribution, ensuring a smooth glide on the fabrics. It prevents the soleplate from sticking to the fabric. An iron with a non-stick coating prevents any damage to your clothes caused due to excessive heat. A non-stick coating iron is elementary to clean and maintain.


The primary consideration that follows the purchase of an electrical appliance is the electrical bill. The same applies to iron as well. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the wattage while buying an iron.

The heating and performance speed of iron depends significantly on the wattage. Iron wattage also determines the amount of heat it will generate. While buying an iron, opt for one with a higher wattage. The more the wattage, the better the iron’s performance.

Temperature control

Our laundry consists of clothes and apparel made of various fabrics. And each fabric has a particular type of heat requirement, which ensures the quality and longevity of the clothes.

An iron with temperature control mechanisms will let you regulate the amount of temperature according to the fabric. It will ensure that the fabric does not overheat and damage the fabric.

An iron usually comes with six primary temperature control settings: wool, nylon, silk, jeans, cotton, and silk. It is also crucial to ensure that all the temperature settings are easily adjustable and noticeable.

Easy to move

An iron is one such electrical appliance that is used several times a day for pressing a variety of fabrics with varied textures. Therefore, it is essential to buy an iron that can move easily over the fabrics irrespective of the type of texture.


Using an iron with a heavy weight can result in hand fatigue, making ironing clothes difficult. Irons with a metal base have a heavy weight, making them difficult to use. While an iron with too lightweight will not offer the desired ironing result.

It would help if you, therefore, looked closely into the weight of the iron before buying one. An iron with a net weight ranging from 1.5 kg to 2 kg is a suitable choice. If you have a larger bundle of clothes to iron, it is better to opt for a lightweight iron.

Auto shut off

An iron is an electrical appliance and therefore is vulnerable to electrical hazards if not turned off properly. While buying an iron, you must ensure that the model you choose features an auto shut-off mechanism. This feature will provide your protection from any accidents.

Cord or cordless

An iron cord moves the same way as you do while ironing your clothes. Sometimes it even gets in your way while pressing the clothes, creating obstructions in your movement. The manufacturers now offer 360-degree swivel corded irons to ease this situation.

This feature lets you move in all directions while the cord stays in its place. For more convenient ironing, you can opt for cordless irons. The cordless irons come with an individual heat plate, which you can place conveniently in one place. The cordless irons let you iron your clothes without getting into the tangles of the long cord.

Design and build quality

One of the essential factors that need your attention while buying an iron is its design and build quality. Irons are usually made of superior-quality plastic and metal. Ease of pressing is a crucial factor; therefore, considering the design and build quality is essential.

The handle size is the most important thing to consider in this particular aspect. A handle that is too short or too big will only lead to inconvenience while ironing. Look for an iron that features an ergonomic and shock-proof handle.


Iron is an essential electrical appliance that significantly benefits our everyday life. Iron is a long-term investment; therefore, the one you choose must boast high efficiency, powerful performance, and extended durability. To let you select the perfect iron model, our buying guide will guide you through your purchase journey.

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