Inverter Buying Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying

One of the most annoying things while working is a power cut. They are unpredictable, and power cuts significantly hamper our workflow. The power cut often takes place during the summers and monsoon. And in the hot summer days of scorching heat and sweating, the power cuts can become intolerable.

However, there is also a solution to this annoying problem. With an inverter, you can get backup power until your electricity is restored and seamlessly continue with your tasks without any hassle.

 Moreover, you will not have to face the annoying power cuts anymore or wait for the electricity to return every time there is a power cut. However, there are certain things which you need to keep in mind while purchasing an inverter. Hence, to help you purchase a suitable inverter for yourself, in this article, we will briefly discuss certain factors you need to consider while purchasing an inverter.

What is an inverter?

The inverter is a backup power generating machine which converts low voltage dc current into the standard household ac current to provide your electric appliances in your home with an uninterrupted electric supply.

Things to consider before buying an inverter

Below are some of the factors which you need to consider while purchasing an inverter for your home:

Power Requirement

One of the most vital things you need to know before purchasing an inverter is your power requirement. It means the total load which you will require. In simpler terms, it means the electrical appliances you will run during the power cut.

For this, you need to start making a list of the appliances you might use during a power cut. Then you need to calculate the power consumed by every appliance in your list and make a total of their power. Hence, you will get an approximation of the energy demand.

Inverter Capacity

Once you have approximated your energy demand during the power cut, you need to measure the inverter’s capacity per your requirement. The inverter’s capacity means the maximum power limit demand to which it can operate and provide electricity.

Usually, the inverter’s capacity varies from 756 W to 1500 W, best suited for the home and general requirements. However, if you want to run more powerful electric appliances, you may require a more power capacity inverter machine.

Sine wave or square wave

While purchasing an inverter, one can easily fall into a dilemma whether to purchase the sine wave or square wave inverter. The sine wave inverter converts the dc current into ac current. The square wave inverter only mimics the current transformation and converts the solar dc to ac power.

However, it would be best if you always went for the sine wave inverters as they are compatible with every household appliance and do not create noise while operating.

Similarly, they are also safe. But the square wave inverters are compatible with running motors and a few household appliances, and they produce sound during operation.

Battery capacity

Along with the inverter capacity, you also need to ensure that you purchase a suitable capacity battery that matches the inverter capacity. Battery capacity refers to the electricity it can store, and inverter capacity means the current it can supply.

Generally, three types of inverter batteries are usually available: lead acid, tubular plate and maintenance-free battery. You need to purchase a suitable battery per your requirement and demand for electricity and inverter capacity.

Wiring of home

Last but not least, you should also check your home’s wiring. Your home should have a facility for effective wiring. You need to consult your technician, make wiring provisions, connect the electric appliances with the suitable wires, and then connect them with the inverter to prevent any mishap.


Hence, above, we briefly discussed what an inverter is and what you need to consider while purchasing an inverter for your home. If you carefully consider these points mentioned above while purchasing an inverter, you can easily purchase a suitable inverter for your home and eliminate the annoying power cuts.

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