In Line UV vs In Tank UV Disinfection in Water Purifier

The levels of pollution are increasing day by day, and it has caused the contamination of water. Water is required for various tasks such as drinking, cooking, and other day-to-day activities. If the water we drink is impure and contaminated, then it can cause significant consequences to our health.

Hence, it remains imperative to have an RO water purifier at home. Considering the enhanced levels of water pollution, the popular RO manufacturers have incorporated several new technologies which would supply the purest form of water to you. One such new technology is UV disinfection. In UV disinfection, ultraviolet light is used to disinfect water from harmful bacteria and microbes and thereby make the water safe for drinking.

However, while purchasing a RO water purifier, you can decide whether to buy an RO with in-line UV disinfection or in-tank UV disinfection and which one is better for you. Hence, this article will discuss the difference between in-line UV disinfection and in-tank disinfection and which is better.

What is UV disinfection?

As we had discussed above, UV disinfection means disinfecting the water with the help of ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is used to disinfect the water from harmful microbes like algae, bacteria, viruses, etc., which grow and multiply quickly. UV light destroys the DNA as well as the reproductive ability of the microorganism. Moreover, it also causes the inactivation of the microbes due to cell death or mutation.

Benefits of UV disinfection

Now, after our discussion on UV disinfection, you know what it is and how it works. Now lets us have a look at the numerous immense benefits of UV disinfection:

  • The disinfection of water by UV is the most environment-friendly way, and there is no wastage of water in this process.
  • It is also the most effective way to disinfect the water
  • It works instantly and in less time
  • It can efficiently kill the microorganisms found in the water like mould, fungi, bacteria, etc
  • As it does not require the use of any chemicals is very safe and has no side effects

What is in-line UV disinfection?

In-line UV disinfection is disinfecting water using UV light. In this process, the water is first made to pass through a UV chamber, and then after the disinfection process is over, it is then stored in the water storage tank of the purifier.

What is in-tank UV disinfection?

The in-tank UV disinfection is a water disinfection process in which the water is disinfected in the water storage tank. The water storage purifier in the tank has in-built UV light, which efficiently disinfects the water and makes the water suitable for consumption.

What is the difference between in-line UV and in-tank UV disinfection?

From our above discussion, you might have got some knowledge about what is in-line UV disinfection and in-tank UV disinfection. Now let us discuss the difference between both types of UV water disinfection process.

Placement of UV light

The in-tank UV disinfection consists of UV light in the water storage itself. But in the in-line UV disinfection, the UV light is placed in a chamber from where the water first passes before getting stored.

Chances of microbial infection in stored water

The stored water is safe from microbial infection in case of in-tank UV disinfection. But in the in-line UV disinfection, there are chances of microbial infection if the stored water is not used for a long time.

Emptying the storage tank when the water is not in use

When the stored water is not used for a long time, you need not empty the storage tank before using the water in case of in-tank UV disinfection. Whereas, in the in-line UV disinfection, you need to empty the storage tank when the purifier water is left unused for a long time before using it again.

Number of times water disinfection

The storage container of the water purifier consists of UV light; thus, the water is disinfected several times as long as it remains inside the storage tank. In contrast, the water is first passed through a chamber, then after disinfection, it is stored in the storage tank; the water is purified only once.


Hence, from our above discussion, we can conclude that both the in-tank and in-line UV disinfection are better. But the in-tank UV disinfection scores higher than the in-line UV disinfection. The latter works fine as long as the purified water is not left unused for a long time, but if it is left for a long time, there are chances of microbial infection.

Moreover, the in-tank UV disinfection tends to disinfect the water several times, but its counterpart, in-line UV disinfection, disinfects the water only once. Hence, you can prefer a suitable RO water purifier with an in-tank or in-line UV disinfection per your requirement.

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