How To Use Microwave Oven (Step By Step Guide)

There is a lot of confusion about microwave ovens. They’re not just for frozen dinners and leftovers! You can use a microwave oven for cooking whole meals, just like you would on the stovetop or in the oven. This post will dispel some of the most common myths about microwaves and show you how to use your microwave oven safely and efficiently.

Simple Steps To Use Microwave Oven

Below is the step by step guide that shows you how to use the microwave oven properly and safely.

First, read the manual.

As a first step to using your microwave correctly, check the user manual and familiarize yourself with any safety instructions. The user manual of a microwave oven will provide details on the various modes available and how to use them, ensuring that you get the most out of your microwave. Many latest microwave ovens come with advanced features and pre-set menus that make your life easier.

Plug in and set the timer for preheating

Next, plug in the microwave. Be careful not to plug in too many devices at once, as this can be dangerous. To set the cooking time, either turn the knob or press the button against the time given on the microwave. It’s easy to do! Some food requires preheating, so set the preheat time according to the recipe you want to prepare.

Put the food in a microwave-safe utensil

It is essential to use a microwave-safe utensil when heating food in the microwave. Using the wrong type of container can damage the microwave and potentially cause harm. Many kinds of utensils are safe to use in microwaves, including plastic and borosilicate varieties. 

Choose the appropriate setting and press start

When choosing a microwave oven, be sure to look for one with various pre-set functions that will make your life easier. The most common and useful function is auto-defrost, which allows the appliance to defrost food based on weight automatically. This feature can save your time and hassle when preparing meals. 

To cook food for a specific amount of time in a microwave, you can enter the desired duration using the touchpad or knob. Then, select the intensity setting (low, medium, or high) and select start. 

Take out the food

Make sure the food is put correctly inside the glass ring. Once the food gets heated, make sure to remove it at the proper time. Else it will form a hard cake. 

Please do not keep the food inside the microwave oven more than the preferred time, as it might burn and cause damage as well.

Clean the oven

If you want to keep your microwave in good condition, you need to clean it regularly. It means not just wiping down the outside but also cleaning the microwave oven from inside, including the tray. One way to do this is by removing the tray and washing it periodically. Another method is to fill a microwave-safe container with water and heat it until steam forms; this will help loosen any stains or particles inside the microwave. 


Now that you know how to operate a microwave oven, follow the steps mentioned above to use the microwave oven safely. Also, make sure to use only compatible microwave utensils to avoid any kind of burns or fire damage.

Finally, make sure to clean your microwave oven regularly to maintain it in proper working condition.

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