How to Preheat Microwave Oven – Step by Step Guide

A convection microwave is an essential electrical home appliance that has upgraded our cooking experience. A conventional microwave heats the food from the bottom and top, resulting in uniform cooking of the food items.

Most recipes cooked in a convection microwave require preheating. Preheating ensures the perfect texture and fluffiness of the dishes.

Hence it is imperative to preheat your convection microwave before you savor your favorite dish. If you do not know the mechanism of preheating a microwave oven, looking at this article will significantly help.

What is preheating?

In simple terms, preheating implies preparing your oven for baking food items. Through the process of preheating, the oven is set at the desired temperature, which facilitates proper and uniform baking.

Preheating as a process is an essential step that cannot be missed, especially while you are on a baking spree. The preheating process is carried out by heating an empty microwave oven for a minimum of ten minutes at the desired temperature level.

Preheating involves warming up the inside of the microwave oven, facilitating uniform food cooking.

What to do when the oven is not preheated?

Skipping the preheating part and putting food directly into a cold microwave oven will do no good. Baking foods without preheating the oven will result in undercooked, heavy, or rubbery foods.

To retain the food items’ fluffy nature and gluten behavior, preparing them in a preheated oven is necessary. If your oven has not been preheated, undertake the process immediately without losing any further time.

How to preheat microwave oven?

Procedure 1- Preheating a Conventional Convection Oven

There exist various models of convection ovens featuring multiple specifications. It is, therefore, imperative to have a close and clear look into the user or instruction manual provided with the appliance.

You can also refer to the internet if you have not received a manual handbook with the appliance. The instruction manual will give you a brief idea of its working mechanism.

In the next step, you need to set the oven by either pressing the button or turning a knob dial. In some convection oven models, you can find roast or bake settings. The setting that you choose should be per the type of food you need to bake.

 It would be best to choose the convection mode for baking pies, cookies, cakes, or roasting turkey. While setting the temperature of the convection oven, always ensure that the set temperature is less than required for the actual temperature. Now, input the desired cooking temperature through the keypad or by adjusting the dial. And finally, press the start button to activate the preheat mode.

Procedure 2- Preheating a Convection Microwave

To preheat a convection microwave oven, you must ensure that you thoroughly read the instruction manual provided with the product. You must ensure that the microwave oven is plugged in and turned on.

Keep an eye on the digital display equipped on the front panel of the microwave oven to determine whether the appliance has turned on or not. With the help of the knob dial, turn on the convection mode of the microwave oven. An inbuilt red indicator light will alert you regarding the activation of the convection mode.

 In the next step, you must now set the microwave oven temperature with the aid of the up and down arrow buttons. One essential point you should keep in mind is that you must always set the temperature at 24 degrees Fahrenheit or 14 degrees Celsius, less than the required temperature of the original dish. After completing all these steps, hit the start button. On the start button, a light should appear on the display panel, reading ‘preheating.’

Procedure 3- Cooking with a Convection Oven or Convection Microwave

Compared to traditional ovens, convection ovens cook foods at a faster pace. And therefore, you should have a close eye on the food item being cooked in the oven. Take a look at your food after 75% of the cooking time has passed.

If you observe that the sides have started burning, but the center is still cold, you will have to reduce the temperature. While cooking in a convection microwave or oven, you must place the food inside as soon as it is preheated. Convection tends to cool down fast. Therefore you must ensure that the inside of the microwave oven is maintained.

To maintain the temperature, ensure that the door remains closed properly and the microwave is not tuned off. If, for some reason, you had to switch off the appliance, you must again preheat the oven upon turning it on.

Convection microwaves tend to cook food 25% faster, so ensure that you constantly check the cooking progress. If you notice that outside of the food is burning, but the center is still hot, you will have to regulate the temperature. To control this situation, lower the temperature and cook the food for longer.


The process of preheating is a crucial step that is required while cooking or baking foods in a convection microwave. Preheating ensures uniform heat distribution inside the appliance, resulting in an adequately baked item. Preheating a convection microwave is a simple and hassle-free process that can be undertaken by following the guidelines mentioned above.

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