French Door Vs Side By Side Refrigerator (Ultimate Guide)

Most people consider french doors or side-by-side refrigerators as an elegant option compared to standard refrigerators. Though both kinds of refrigerators look similar, they have many differences.

This guide provides the key differences between a french door and a side-by-side refrigerator.

What is a french door refrigerator?

Keep size and configuration in mind when shopping for a French door refrigerator. These refrigerators always include a top compartment with double doors that open outward. The doors are split down the middle, and you can open them independently or together, making it easy to access all refrigerated items. The freezer is under the double doors in a large pull-out drawer. 

Advantages of french door refrigerator

  • The french door refrigerators come with wide compartments and shelves to store large platters and dishes. Also, the large freezer compartment comes in handy to keep more fruits and vegetables cool and fresh.
  • It has more storage space to accommodate more food items.
  • The french door fridge keeps the fresh food items at eye level, making the selection easier for you.
  • The french door refrigerators come with customizable shelves and compartments to store the items of your choice. You can, most of the time, pull out the tray for keeping in the large platters.
  • Specific french door refrigerator models come with water and ice dispensers. Some models also sport icemakers in the refrigerators.
  • In case you have an island chimney in your kitchen, worry not. The narrow doors of the french door refrigerator will ensure you have enough space to walk around in your kitchen.

Disadvantages of french door refrigerator

  • Specific models of french door refrigerators have small freezers. If you want to store more frozen items, you must opt for side-by-side refrigerators.
  • Compared to the side-by-side refrigerators, the french door refrigerators lack organization. Most of these freezers lack shelves and storage dividers.
  • French door refrigerators are costly compared to other refrigerators like side-by-side refrigerators.

What is a side-by-side door refrigerator?

Side by side refrigerators come with two doors with a narrow compartment equivalent to the entire length of the fridge. One side of the refrigerator is dedicated to the freezer, while the other side is dedicated to the fridge. Specific models of the side-by-side refrigerators also come with water dispensers and in-door ice.

Advantages of side-by-side door refrigerator

  • Side-by-side door refrigerators have a large storage capacity. Compared to french door refrigerators, you can store many items in this fridge.
  • With the flexible storage options, you can store all the fresh and frozen food items at eye level.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators come with adjustable shelves and customizable storage options. It helps you to organize your food items in a better fashion.
  • Like french door refrigerators, the side-by-side refrigerators have exterior water and ice dispensers.
  • If you have less space in your kitchen, don’t worry. The side-by-side door refrigerators come with narrow doors.
  • Compared to the french door refrigerators, the side-by-side door refrigerators are more affordable in pricing.

Disadvantages of side-by-side door refrigerator

  • Since you need to place fresh food items on the lower shelves, you need to bend a lot compared to the french door refrigerators.
  • Side-by-side door refrigerators are narrow in terms of width as well. Hence, you might lose out on space in terms of storing oversize items in the fridge.

French door vs. side-by-side refrigerator


The exterior design of the side-by-side door refrigerator sports a two-door design. On the other hand, french door refrigerators come with either four doors or sometimes come with an exterior drawer. Both these refrigerators come with customizable storage options. However, french door refrigerators come with more width compared to side-by-side refrigerators.


The dimensions of the refrigerator vary based on the type and capacity you need. French door refrigerators are slightly larger in width compared to side-by-side door refrigerators.


In terms of storage, french door refrigerators allow you to place large boxes and trays, as they do not come with a vertical separator. Moreover, there are extra storage boxes and bins in french door refrigerators, which are not in the side-by-side door refrigerators.


Both side-by-side refrigerators and french door refrigerators come with similar capacities. However, in french door refrigerators majority of its capacity is distributed to the refrigeration compartment. On the other hand, a side-by-side refrigerator comes with even distribution of capacity between the freezer and the refrigerator compartment. 


The pricing for both refrigerators varies based on the features, capacity, and finish. However, the french door refrigerators are pricier than the side-by-side door refrigerators due to their large capacity and features.


Now that you know the key differences between the side-by-side refrigerator and the french door refrigerators, choose the one that best fits your needs. Understand the exact features you want in the fridge, and make a wise purchase decision.

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