The Ultimate Electric Cycle Buying Guide For 2023

Since its inception, electric cycles have gained quite a huge popularity. The electric cycles are the perfect eco-friendly option that facilitates hassle-free rides. The growing need and demand for electric cycles have become a common sight on the road.

We have put together a definitive buying guide to let you choose the right type. The buying guide consists of all the crucial factors that will allow you to lay your hands on the appropriate electric cycle model.

Buying Guide For Best Electric Cycle in India

Below mentioned are the important points to consider while buying an electric cycle.


Buying an electric cycle is a long-term and crucial investment. It is, therefore, essential to ensure its quality while buying one. To ensure that the electric bike you choose guarantees quality and performance, you must have a brief knowledge of its various types.

There are four major typologies of cycles- a hybrid, mountain, folding, and road. As the name suggests, hybrid bikes mix mountain and road bikes. The amalgamation of the road and mountain bikes results in a multipurpose bike model suitable for riding on various terrains.

The hybrid bikes have a handlebar similar to that of a mountain bike, i.e., a flat handlebar. These bikes are equipped with larger volume tyres, ensuring their stability on even tough terrains. To offer a comfortable ride to the users even on hilly terrains, it comes with an upright seat, offering a relaxed posture to the rider.

Another major type of cycle is the mountain bike. The mountain bikes are designed specially to navigate safely through hilly regions or mountain roads. The mountain bikes are equipped with flat handlebars that facilitate better control.

The tyres come with knobby tread offering better traction. These bikes are provided with suspension forks, offering a smooth ride to the riders while continuously moving up and down. Moreover, mountain bikes feature simple gears to provide maximum efficiency.

A folding one is engineered so that you can fold it into a compact form. The folding feature of this cycle facilitates easy storage. This type of bike has smaller wheels to facilitate a faster speed.

Along with being an excellent transport medium, this bike’s folding nature lets you easily tuck it in the back of your car while travelling. The compact form of the cycle enables you to carry it inside your apartment, thereby reducing any risk of theft.

The most simple and common type of bike is the road bike. This type of cycle is designed to offer easy riding on paved surfaces. The road bikes are beginner friendly due to their low price range and simple build.

Most road bike models come with a seat adjustment feature that lets the rider adjust the seat as per their height. It has drop handlebars that are lightweight and have an ergonomic construction. The light weight of the cycle allows the rider to move at a faster speed.

Frame design

The frame design is another crucial component when buying an electric bike. The frame design of a bike determines its speed and usability. Therefore, it is essential to closely examine the frame design of the electric bike you wish to own.

The frame design of a cycle is directly linked with the electric bike’s shock absorption capacity, load capacity, durability, and stability. Electric bikes come with a huge variety of frame designs. Regarding the frame design, there are two basic types: standard crossbar and step-through frames.

A step-through frame design is suitable if you have to carry a certain load at the back of your cycle or are planning to fit a child seat. The frame design of an electric bike has a direct linkage with the frame material. And therefore opt for an electric bike with an aluminium frame, which assures durability and strength to the electric bike.

Motor type

The motor type of an electric bike is available in two major forms- hub and frame. Some electric bike models have their models fitted in the main structure of their frames. While in some other electric bike models, the motor is provided in the hub portion of one of the wheels.

The frame-mounted or centrally-mounted motor offers additional assistance based on the type of mode you choose. A hub-mounted motor electric cycle has the motor embedded near the rear wheel. The rear wheel has sensors that detect the current input and provide the required assistance.

A rear hub motor has a lightweight, svelte design, accounting for its greater durability. Compared to the hub motors, centrally mounted motor electric bikes require additional maintenance.

Gear or non-gear

Another important consideration that cannot be missed while buying an electric cycle is whether to get the gear or non-gear type. The non-gear cycle offers a single speed because of its single-gear ratio.

The speed of the non-gear cycles depends upon the rate at your pedal. The gear cycles, on the other hand, have multiple speed ratios. It allows the riders to shift their speed from one combination to another.

While buying an electric cycle, it is best to opt for the gear ones. The electric gear cycles will let you easily change the speed, especially while riding uphill. However, in terms of pricing, the non-gear electric cycles have less price range than the gear ones. Moreover, the non-gear cycles require less maintenance than the electric gear cycles.

Max speed

Max speed is one of the essential factors to consider while buying an electric cycle. You must always have a close look at the top speed of the electric cycle that you choose. Look for an electric cycle that reaches a maximum speed of 70 to 90 km per hour.


Like a car, an electric cycle’s range depends on how the riders ride it. While riding at the top speed, the battery will drain faster. Even while riding on hilly terrain, the motor provides more assistance depending on your chosen mode. Some electric cycle models even come with companion apps that offer an insight into the cycle’s range.

Battery life and warranty

The battery is one of the primary elements of an electric cycle that determines its functioning. Since buying an electric cycle is a long-term investment, it is crucial to consider its battery life and warranty.

Opting for an electric cycle with a high battery life and a long warranty is always advisable. A long warranty on the product will enable you to claim a free change of parts or service from the manufacturer without spending any additional amount.

Maintenance cost

An electric cycle is a holistic product made of various parts and elements that determine its performance. And therefore, it is crucial to consider the maintenance cost while buying an electric cycle. An electric cycle with simple parts and features will easily sustain at a low maintenance cost.

Build quality

The build quality of an electric cycle determines its efficiency and durability. Therefore before buying an electric cycle, make it a point to take a test drive and ensure its build quality.

Maximum load

Unlike the conventional cycles, the electric cycles do not constitute any mechanical parts, accounting for their light weight. The net weight of an electric cycle is quite low, directly impacting the maximum load capacity. Hence, you must check the maximum load capacity of the electric cycle before buying one.

Charging options

Another primary component to consider while buying an electric cycle is the charging options. An electric cycle will be rendered useless if it is not charged. Usually, while purchasing an electric cycle, the brand offers home charging stations. Some electric cycle models can be charged easily through the normal power outlet available in our home.

Charging time

Along with considering the charging options, it is imperative to consider the charging time. It is better to choose an electric cycle with less charging time. It will enable you to charge your electric cycle quickly without wasting your precious time.

Battery type

The battery is one of the central and crucial components of an electric cycle. And hence you must have a brief knowledge of the battery type before buying an electric cycle. The batteries used in an electric cycle are of two kinds- lithium-ion batteries and lead acid batteries.

Electric cycles with lead-acid batteries are readily available and have a low price range. However, lead acid batteries have a short life span and require more maintenance. Electric cycles with lead-acid batteries are suitable for riding short distances.

Electric cycles with lithium-ion batteries feature a longer life span, high capacity, and lightweight. However, they come at a pricey rate. Electric cycles equipped with lithium-ion batteries are ideal for travelling long distances.

License and registration

Before buying an electric cycle, it is imperative to know its license and registration. Low-speed electric cycles do not require any license or registration. But if you opt for a high-speed electric cycle, it is mandatory to get a license and registration done for your electric cycle.

After-sale service network

Going for a brand with a strong and reliable after-sales service network is always advisable when buying an electric cycle. Your local mechanic will not be able to handle any issue that might occur with your electric cycle. During any problem with your electric cycle, you will have to rely on an authorised service centre for repair work. It would help if you kept this aspect in mind while buying an electric cycle.


An electric cycle is a great option that aids in reducing the environment’s carbon footprint. The electric cycles are equipped with various latest parts and specifications, accounting for their greater usability.

Buying an electric cycle is important; hence, it is crucial to ascertain its quality, efficiency, and performance. Our buying guide will let you glide swiftly through your decision-making process.

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