Duct vs Ductless Chimney – Which One is Better?

Kitchen chimneys are one of the essential appliances every home must-have. They help remove smoke from your kitchen and keep the environment cool. Many kitchen chimneys are available in the market, like duct chimneys, ductless chimneys, baffle chimneys, and filterless chimneys. The common debate everyone has is whether a duct chimney is efficient or a ductless chimney is efficient?

We have penned down this article to help you select the best chimney for your home.

What is a duct chimney?

A duct chimney is a kitchen appliance with a large pipe with a powerful blower or fan installed to exhaust the smoke from the kitchen. This powerful pipe can remove all the airborne particles from the kitchen by sucking it with a blower. Moreover, this chimney is best suitable for both residential and commercial places, and it is suitable for commercial buildings because it can transport large amounts of smoke in one go.


  • Maintenance is very low for the duct chimneys.
  • Because of its heavy-duty performance, it can throw huge amounts of smoke and dust out of the kitchen with ease.
  • Duct chimneys operate silently. The fans attached to this type of chimney do not produce a lot of noise since they do not require filters.


  • Duct chimneys occupy a lot of space in the kitchen.
  • Unlike other kinds of chimneys, duct chimneys are expensive. Additionally, duct chimney installation is also expensive.
  • It relies on the kitchen’s ducts, which makes it restricted to placements in the kitchen.

What is a ductless chimney?

Like the duct chimney, ductless chimneys do not have large pipes to remove the smoke from the kitchen. Instead, ductless chimneys use sizeable fans to remove the smoke and airborne particles from the kitchen.

The filters are placed on the hood to remove the smoke. Also, ductless chimneys recirculate the air for a better atmosphere inside the kitchen.

Unlike the duct chimneys, the ductless chimneys do not require any specific place in the kitchen for the installation. Instead, they can be positioned anywhere.


  • Since the ductless chimneys do not come with pipes, they can be easily installed anywhere in the kitchen.
  • Every time you remodel your kitchen, you can change the position of the ductless chimney.
  • The ductless chimneys are less expensive compared to the duct chimneys.
  • Auto start and shutdown functions are available with the ductless chimney.


  • Since this chimney comes with an exhaust fan, it is noisy while operating.
  • Though this chimney can remove smoke and dust particles from the kitchen, it is ineffective in removing the heat from the kitchen.
  • Maintenance is high because the filters need to be replaced often.

Duct vs Ductless Chimney


Ductless chimneys are more affordable compared to duct chimneys. Duct chimneys need additional accessories, whereas additional setup is not needed for ductless chimney installation.


Duct chimneys are capable of heavy performance. The duct chimneys gather all the dirt and smoke in the pipe and throw it out. After completing the cooking, duct chimneys remove the odour and moisture from the kitchen. The kitchen temperature is brought down with the help of duct chimneys. On the other hand, ductless chimneys can filter out smoke and dirt from the kitchen but are not capable of eliminating the temperature in the kitchen.


If you require your appliance to function properly and at full capacity, you must consider maintenance. The operation of the duct chimneys guarantees the immediate release of all particles. As a result, the appliance is simple to maintain. On the other hand, the ductless chimneys are outfitted with filters for the refining process. It would be best if you replaced these filters regularly. The duct chimneys also feature powerful fans, which you should clean thoroughly.

Suction power

Duct chimneys have high suction power because the fans fit in the pipe. On the other hand, ductless chimneys come with relatively less power. It is not capable of reducing the heat and moisture from the kitchen.


An exhaust fan is used to operate a ductless chimney. The exhaust fan makes a lot of noise when it spins swiftly to filter the air. The noise level would vary based on the model and power required by the appliance to suction the contaminated air. On the other hand, a duct chimney is completely silent in operation. It is due to the fact that the fans are not required to work on forcing the unclean air outdoor.

Power consumption

In all chimneys, adequate electricity is necessary for continuous operations. However, when these two types of chimneys are compared. Drain chimneys require less energy to operate. On the other hand, ductless chimneys demand more power to operate since they must pull bad air into their carbon filter before blowing it back out. So, the duct chimney is superior to the other in electrical savings. 


The installation of a duct kitchen chimney is complicated. It can take a long time and be labor-intensive. Because the duct must be set out, the procedure will demand the assistance of an expert and will be pricey. On the other hand, the ductless ones do not need any big installation and may be installed wherever you like. It merely has to be affixed to the ceiling and connected to a power source.


Based on the information provided above, you might have understood that duct and ductless chimneys cater to different needs. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can decide which is the best choice for you.

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