BLDC Fan vs Normal Fan – What is The Difference?

Many of us ignore energy-saving when it comes to ceiling fans, and air conditioners, coolers, and other big appliances are more energy-consuming. Still, when it comes to fans, we do not have a clear idea of how much energy is being consumed by conventional fans.

A new technology called Brushless DC technology (BLDC) has been introduced in the fans, and these new fans can reduce the power consumption by at least 65%.

This article lists some of the key differences between a normal fan and a BLDC fan.

What is a BLDC fan?

BLDC fans are also known as Brushless DC motor fans. This technology has been in the market for a long time and is usually used in high torque motors. However, companies like Atomberg and Superfan have recently implemented this technology in ceiling fans.

BLDC fans have a DC electric source clubbed with a synchronous motor. This DC power supply drives the fan motor.

One of the best things about the BLDC motors is that they are more reliable and have a longer life span than traditional ceiling fans.

Advantages of BLDC fan

Some of the key benefits of the BLDC fans are:

  • Electricity consumption is saved by 65% compared to normal fans.
  • Since it works on DC power, it lasts longer, even on the inverters.
  • Highly reliable
  • There is less or negligible noise during the operation compared to normal fans.
  • Due to its build quality, the lifespan of this BLDC fan is long.

BLDC fan vs Normal fan – Which One is Better?

Below are the parameters on which we will compare both type of fans and understand which one is better for your fan.


Normal fans have electromagnets to run the motor, whereas the BLDC fans have permanent magnets to run the motor. It ensures that the heat loss is minimal and also significantly less power is consumed.

On the other hand, normal fans use a lot of power and release a lot of heat, resulting in poor efficiency.

Moreover, BLDC fans do not have commutators and brushes like normal fans, so there is no wear and tear. Also, the winding failure chances in the BLDC fans are less due to high-quality copper wires being used in the fan.

Air delivery

The air delivery of both BLDC and normal fans is almost the same. Both these fans have an air delivery range of 230-260 CMM, and USHA fans have an air delivery rate of 260 CMM, whereas Atomberg fans have an air delivery rate of 230 CMM.

Power consumption

One of the primary advantages of having a BLDC fan is its power consumption. A BLDC fan consumes 28-40 watts of power, whereas a normal fan consumes 80-90 watts, contributing to higher power bills.

With the amount of power consumption done by BLDC fans, an average household can save up to Rs.2000 in a year.

Out of all the fan manufacturers, Atomberg, USHA, and Crompton BLDC fans consume significantly less power (usually between 35 to 40 watts).

Inverter efficiency

When there is a power cut, the normal fans burden the inverter by consuming more power, resulting in the faster battery draining. On the other hand, BLDC fans consume less power when running on an inverter. Hence, you can expect a more extended battery backup during the power cuts.

Hence, BLDC fans are the best in terms of inverter efficiency.

Noise control

Normal fans usually produce a lot of noise during operation, and when running on a low-capacity inverter, they make even more noise. On the other hand, BLDC fans do not produce any noise and are also known as silent motor fans.

BLDC fans are the best choice if you want a noise-free environment.

Speed control

Normal fans use regulators to control the speed. And these regulators work on the capacitive resistance principle to increase or decrease the fan speed.

On the other hand, BLDC fans digitally control the current flow. Unlike normal fans, BLDC fans use digital remotes to regulate the speed.

When it comes to ease of use in terms of speed control, BLDC fans are the best. 


Normal fans are pretty affordable in terms of pricing, and they start from Rs.1200, and the price increases based on the company and other additional features. On the other hand, the initial price of the BLDC fans is Rs.3000, which is higher than a normal fan.

However, with long-term usage, one can save money with the BLDC fans, as it consumes less power than a normal fan.


If you are looking for a reliable fan that can last longer, then BLDC fans are the best choice. Moreover, they provide better air delivery and can also last long on the inverter backup. However, if you are low on budget and cannot afford the upfront price of the fan, then we recommend you buy a normal fan.

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