9 Best Weighing Machine In India To Buy in 2023

If you are looking to lose weight or gain weight, then it remains imperative that you monitor the trajectory of your weight loss or gain effectively to see whether it is going in the right direction. Hence, in this, the best weighing machines help in accurately tracking your weight.

You can seamlessly keep track of your change in weight pattern whenever you want. You can easily find in the market a plethora of weighing machines that not only help you to check your weight but also provide you with other analytical measurements.

But purchasing one is not easy as you can get confused about which one to buy from the varieties of weighing machines available in the market. Thus, in this article, we will discuss some of the best weighing machine in India and some buying guides that will make your purchasing task more hassle-free.

Top Picks For The Best Weighing Machine in India 2023

Below is the list of the best weighing machine in India based on their type, accuracy, display type, max weight capacity, and body material.

1. Healthgenie Digital Weight Machine

Healthgenie Digital Weight Machine
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 3 year on product

Healthgenie is one of India’s top rapidly expanding fitness and healthcare product stores. This weighing machine by Healthgenie is one of their best-selling products. The device is equipped with a high-precision gauge sensor that works on the principle of sense gravity zero technique, thus offering accurate results.

It has a great load capacity, offering exact weight details of up to 180 kg. This weighing machine has a large LED display panel that displays weight, battery drainage level, and room temperature.

The device comes with anti-skid padding, which keeps it stable on the surface during its use. The weighing scale is given round and smooth corners to prevent accidental injuries or wounds during usage.

One of the significant features of this weighing scale is its low battery and overload indicator. The device indicates on the display panel when the battery starts draining or reaches a low level. The machine starts automatically when you step on it and shuts off after some time when left unused.


  • Low battery and overload indicator
  • Large LED display
  • Round and smooth corners minimize chances of injury
  • Anti-skid padding keeps the device firm on the surface
  • Works on the principle of sense gravity zero technique


  • No cons found

2. Hoffen Digital Electronic Weighing Scale

Hoffen Digital Electronic Weighing Scale
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 2 year on product

If you are searching for a simple and accurate weighing machine, then the Hoffen digital weighing scale is the ideal choice. While weighing your weight, accurate results matter the most while considering your weight, and this weighing scale always offers what we need the most.

It is embedded with super quality, high precision sensors that help deliver accurate results when a weight is placed on it. The weighing machine is made of strong and highly durable tempered glass, ensuring the product’s durability. The tough tempered glass of the weighing machine lets you store and use it for years without worrying about any damage or breakage.

It comes with a display panel to offer a clear view of the numbers. The display panel gives you a clear picture of the weight without bending or straining your back. It has an auto shut-off feature that automatically shuts off the device while running on low battery.


  • Toughened glass
  • Three measurement units
  • High-precision sensors
  • Constructed with an electronic strain gauge system


  • First reading are usually not accurate

3. beatXP SmartPlus BMI Weighing Scale

beatXP SmartPlus BMI Weighing Scale
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year 6 months

Chasing health goals has become much easier with the beatXP SmartPlus weighing device. It comes with 13 essential parameters with advanced BIA technology. This weighing scale automatically syncs with the Fitdays app through Bluetooth, offering a complete analysis of your health status and graphs and charts.

The 13 parameters include body mass index, fat-free body weight, visceral fat, body water percentage, bone mass, body age, skeletal muscle percentage, basal metabolic rate, and many more.

This device’s wide weighing surface is a significant advantage that lets you comfortably stand on the machine while measuring your weight.

It is made with heavy-duty tempered glass, making the device scratch resistant, thus keeping its elegant look for years. The device features modern Step On technology which gets activated as soon as you step on it.


  • Step On technology
  • 13 essential parameters
  • Wide weighing space
  • Heavy-duty tempered glass


  • Not found

4. ActiveX Personal Digital Weight Machine

ActiveX Personal Digital Weight Machine
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 1year on product

Enjoy the unmatched performance and accurate results with the ActiveX Ivy premium weighing scale. It is equipped with four high-precision sensors that offer precise readings. The Step technology of this weighing machine offers easy usage since it gets activated immediately when you step on it.

It is built with 6 MM tempered glass that can easily handle heavy weight without cracking or getting damaged. To offer an enhanced user experience, it is loaded with features such as auto on/off, low battery and overload indication, etc.

 The low battery and overload indicator immediately alerts you when the battery drops to the minimum level and when the device exceeds its maximum weight. Moreover, the brand offers a one-year warranty on the product, which is a significant additional benefit. The energy-efficient LED display lets you clearly see the measures even in low light.


  • 6 MM tough tempered glass
  • Overload indicator
  • Lightweight with auto on/off feature
  • Step on technology


  • Little bit small size for big feet

5. Dr Trust Smart Digital Weight Machine

Dr Trust Smart Digital Weight Machine
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 3 year on product

This weighing machine by Dr. Trust is one of the most reliable products with which one can never go wrong. This weighing machine accurately measures the specifics of the body weight, offering precise results.

The Dr.Trust weighing machine is built thoughtfully to measure and analyse 11 body compositions. It is an ideal machine to measure different aspects of your body, such as BMI, weight, bone mass, body fat, body age, muscle weight, weight without fat, visceral fat, etc.

It offers you a brief insight into your overall health status along with graphs, offering a better understanding. One prominent distinctive feature of this weighing scale is its rechargeable nature.

It can operate several times with just a single charge. This device uses bioelectrical impedance analysis, which sends a slight electric current wave through your entire body to determine body composition.


  • Works on Bioelectrical Impedance analysis
  • High-precision strain gauge sensor
  • Round shape corner finish
  • Rechargeable weighting scale


  • No cons found

6. MEDITIVE Bluetooth Digital Weight Scale

MEDITIVE Bluetooth Digital Weight Scale
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

Another best weighing machine in India worth buying is the Meditive Bluetooth digital weighing scale. It comes with a product dimension of 30.16 cm in length, 26.04 cm in width, and 2.54 cm in height.

The device has 13 different parameters that help you track your health regularly. You can easily connect this weighing scale via Bluetooth to a free mobile application called Fitdays. This application lets you record all your health-related data in one place.

Moreover, the application shows you the monthly and weekly trends and guides you through your weight loss journey. It features a backlight LCD with clear readability. This health device has four sensors that give you a precise reading.

The weighing scale is made of 6mm tempered glass that can easily handle a weight of up to 180 kg. A low battery indicator alerts you to change the battery when it drains completely.


  • Comes with a dedicated mobile application
  • Impressive durability
  • Accurate readings
  • Clearly visible LCD display


  • Not found

7. HealthSense Bluetooth Weight Machine

HealthSense Bluetooth Weight Machine
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

Keeping pace with your weight loss goal has now become hassle-free with the HealthSense Bluetooth digital weighing machine. The significant advantage of this weighing machine is its lightweight, which lets you use it whenever you wish.

This machine delivers awe-inspiring results with every use. It features advanced G-sensors that quickly and precisely assess the amount of body fat and body size. The bioelectrical impedance analysis technology this weighing scale uses gives 13 body composition measuring functions.

The latest Step technology lets you use the device instantly without going into the hassles of fiddling with buttons. The sleek and slim design of the weighing scale enables you to store it easily without worrying about space constraints.


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Slim design
  • Offers fast and accurate readings
  • Utilizes advanced G-sensors for delivering readings
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis determines the body weight


  • Not found

8. eufy by Anker, Smart Weight Scale

eufy by Anker, Smart Weight Scale
  • Weight Capacity: 180 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year 3 months

Featuring a product dimension of 27.99 cm in length, 2.39 cm in height, and 27.99 cm in width, this weighing scale is one of the best products that you can buy without any second thoughts. It comes with an ITO coating layer on the surface that ensures precise measurements every time you step on it.

One of the significant advantages of this weighing scale is its hassle-free conversion. You can easily convert pounds to kilograms or vice versa without any hassle. The anti-slip top plate ensures the stability of the device on any platform.


  • No sharp corners
  • Easy conversions
  • Facilitates wireless Bluetooth connection
  • Offers historical data on your progress


  • Expensive than its peers

9. Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Machine

Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Machine
  • Weight Capacity: 150 Kg
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

With a simple build and design, this weighing machine by Omron is a reliable and durable health device that will never fail to amaze you with its fantastic performance. This device is a perfect fusion of style and quality.

It comes with a high-quality LCD display that offers a clear view of the reading while standing. It has lightweight and ergonomic dimensions that facilitate easy storage.


  • Automatic shut-off feature after 16 seconds
  • Bright LCD offers a clear vision of the measurements
  • Ultra-thin profile
  • Equipped with four-sensor, offering precise readings


  • No cons found

Buying Guide For The Best Weighing Machine in India 

Below we have mentioned some factors you need to follow while purchasing the best weighing machine in India so that you can easily choose the right one for you without any confusion.

Analog or digital – There are two types of weighing machines in India: analog and digital. The analog weighing machine is suitable for long-term weighing applications, and they don’t require a power supply to function.

However, the digital weighing machine scale works on the ac/dc or battery-operated power. They use strain gauges or resistant load cells to compute load management effectively.

In contrast, the former analog weighing machine uses the spring mechanism, the oldest method to measure weight. But it is more prone to aging error, and the spring may lose its tension effect.

Accuracy – Another factor to consider while purchasing the best weighing machine in India is to check whether it shows accurate readings. The accuracy of the weighing machine is essential, which sets the worth of the weighing machine.

In terms of accuracy, digital weighing scales are more accurate than analog weighing machines.

Usually, the analog devices lose their accuracy over a while as the spring loses its tension. Still, such an instance does not occur in digital weighing scales, and thus they show accurate results.

Display – The display of the weighing machines tends to show the weight and the measurement values on the display. There are various displays, such as a double or single display, for reading the values from either side.

Moreover, other displays, such as simple seven-segment displays or multi-color displays, are also available. You can choose any one of the types of display as per your requirement.

Weight capacity – You should also check the weight capacity of the best weighing scales in India before purchasing one. These weighing machines have various weight capacities ranging from some grams to metric tons.

But these weight capacities vary from industrial use to individual use. Usually, most weight machines can measure upto 150 kg, and some have a total of up to 180 kg.

Moreover, they can weigh as low as 2.5 to 5 kg. Hence, consider your minimum and maximum weight requirements and then choose the appropriate machine accordingly.

Material – The material of the weighing machine should also be considered while purchasing the best weighing machine in India. The material of the weighing machine differs for different types of applications.

If you require jewelry and pharmaceutical weighing, a compact weighing machine with a plastic body and glass finish will be suitable. For individual requirements, plastic or metal body weighing machines will suffice.

FAQs Related To Best Weighing Machine in India

Which is better, a mechanical or digital weighing machine?

In comparison between the mechanical and digital weighing machines, the digital weighing machines are more accurate than the mechanical ones. They show more accurate and consistent readings than the mechanical weighing machine.

Are digital weighing machines 100 accurate?

Yes, the digital weighing machines are not 100% accurate; they are authentic, almost 99%. Digital weighing machines show more accurate readings than other types of weighing devices.

Which is the best time to weigh yourself?

The most suitable time to weigh yourself is to check your weight in the morning. Stepping on the weighing machine scale in the morning will yield the most relevant results.


Hence, above, we have mentioned the best weighing machine in India. All the models, as discussed above, of weighing machines show accurate results, and they can last long for several years without getting damaged quickly.

They have a more robust and sturdy body and can effectively measure your weight. We have also mentioned a buying guide to choose the appropriate weighing machine for yourself.

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