Best Trimmers Under 1000 in India

There is a growing trend among Indian men to have a beard to look more attractive. When you grow a beard, you have to trim it regularly to maintain the desired shape and style. That is why every bearded man needs a proper trimmer suitable for trimming different thicknesses and lengths of beard. 

There are high-quality trimmers available with different length settings so that they can satisfy everyone’s trimming requirements. We have handpicked the best trimmers under 1000 for personal grooming. We have reviewed them so that you can instantly understand their features, strengths, and weaknesses and pick the perfect one.

Below Are The Best Trimmers Under 1000 You Can Buy

1. MI Cordless Beard Trimmer

MI cordless beard trimmer is the currently best-selling Trimmer under 1000. Its instant popularity is because you get as many as 20 length settings to trim a beard of any length per your preference. You get 0.5mm precision with the Trimmer. The blade material is stainless steel, and the blades are self-sharpening. The Trimmer looks sleek even though the grip is great.

The cordless Trimmer has one hour of runtime and two hours of charging time. There is a dedicated LED indicator that shows the battery status. Furthermore, the Trimmer has a travel lock option for carrying it safely to any place you are travelling. The travel pouch, along with the cleaning brush, is included in the package. You get a year of warranty for any manufacturing defect.


  • Twenty-length settings with 0.5mm precision for accurate trimming.
  • It sports one long hour of runtime with only two hours of charging.
  • The trimming has an ergonomic design with a strong grip.
  • It is easy to clean and carry, and the LED battery indicator is convenient. 


  • The durability of the blades is questionable.
  • There is no return window option available.

2. SYSKA All-in-One Cordless Trimmer for Men

Syska provides the ultimate trimming solution for men. The all-in-one cordless Trimmer is suitable for trimming facial hair, head hair, as well as body hair. There are five length settings available with 2mm precision. The Trimmer comes with the standard self-sharpening stainless steel blade. The innovative Rototech technology keeps the blade sharp and durable.

You will get 40 minutes of runtime, and a charging indicator is available for convenience while charging with a USB cable. Besides, there are four comb attachments included in the package. The cleaning is easy as you can detach the head and wash it in water. The product comes with two years of warranty. The package also includes a cleaning brush and a travel pouch. 


  • The blades are of premium quality and long-lasting.
  • Different combs in the package help in better beard maintenance.
  • The product offers a longer warranty period which shows its durability.
  • It is easy to carry as it comes with a travel lock and pouch.


  • The number of length settings is few. 
  • The runtime could have been better. 

3. Bombay Shaving Company Cordless Trimmer

Bombay Shaving Company has a wide range of trimmers for men, and this has the lowest price tag. There are as many as 20 different length settings present. You can use the dial to set the precision level to 20mm. You get two beard combs for better shaping and styling. It has standard stainless steel blades that do not rust with time.

The Trimmer spots the best battery performance among its peers. The 500mAh battery provides up to 80 minutes of runtime with only 1.5 hours of charging. The Trimmer is easy to grip and manoeuvre as per requirements. There is a smart lock option available for easy carry while travelling. The company offers two years of warranty on the product. The flash USB cable helps in faster charging.


  • There are 20 versatile length settings available.
  • Precision dial with beard combs ensures perfect trimming.
  • Best-in-class battery with longer runtime and shorter charging time.
  • Easy to operate with a smart lock and flash USB cable.


  • It does not include a travel pouch.
  • The blades stay too sharp in the beginning.

4. Kubra KB-1001 Beard Trimmer

It is the best Trimmer for you if you trim your beard precisely. The Trimmer has 40-length settings, which are the highest of any trimmer. You can use the Trimmer in corded as well as cordless mode. It sports a strong battery that offers 90 minutes of runtime with 90 minutes of charge.

The blades are washable, and their ergonomic design does not lead to cuts and bruises. The charging is fast, and ten minutes is enough for one shave. The blades are safe to use in wet conditions as well. The company offers a two-year warranty against any manufacturing defect upon registering the product.


  • The highest number of length settings is available. 
  • It offers the best runtime-to-charge ratio. 
  • The blades are sharp but safe to use.
  • You can get the required precision for trimming any area.


  • The Trimmer is heavier than most on the list. 
  • The build quality could have been better. 

5. Lifelong Beard Trimmer for Men

This beard trimmer from Lifelong is the cheapest Trimmer on our list, but it is comparable to any other trimmer in terms of features. You get as many as 20 length settings starting from 0.4 to 10mm precision. The Trimmer can be used in corded as well as cordless mode. The stainless steel blades are sharp and durable.

You get 60 minutes of runtime with 120 minutes of charging. A convenience battery status indicator is available to understand when to charge the Trimmer. The company provides one year of warranty on the Trimmer. It comes with a comb, and you can wash the head and comb with water.


  • There are 20 convenient length settings available. 
  • The Trimmer is easy to clean with a brush and oil.
  • The runtime-to-charging ratio is impressive. 
  • The fast charging feature is as useful as the charge indicator.


  • There is a travel lock available. 

6. Vega P1 Beard Trimmer for Men

Vega is a relatively new brand in the trimmer segment, and they have some of the most stylish and lightest trimmers. This particular Trimmer is the lightest Trimmer on the list, with just 118 grams of weight. Apart from its stylish colour, the Trimmer is highly versatile. There are as many as 40-length settings available. It means you can set between 0.5mm to 20mm precision.

The Trimmer sports a best-in-class battery that runs for 160 minutes with 90 minutes of charging time. You can use the Trimmer in a corded as well as cordless state. There is also a travel lock for safe portability. The blades are of stainless steel and washable for instant cleaning. There are two comb attachments included in the package.


  • There are 40 different length settings available.
  • It offers the best battery runtime of 160 minutes. 
  • It is the lightest Trimmer on the list.
  • Cleaning and carrying the Trimmer are easy.


  • The build quality could be more sturdy. 
  • There is no mention of a warranty on the product. 

7. Philips BT1232/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips is one of the pioneers in the trimmer segment in India. It is one of the lightest trimmers, which helps in easy manoeuvring. Besides, the Trimmer is rather sleek, which makes it easy to grip. The self-sharpening stainless steel blades are very friendly for human skin. There are four length settings available, and they are zero, one, five, and seven mm precision.

The battery is less strong than other popular trimmers on the list, so it gets a lower ranking. You get only 30 minutes of runtime with around 8 hours of charging. The Trimmer comes with a travel lock for easy portability. The company offers a two years warranty period on the Trimmer.


  • The blades are of premium quality and skin-friendly.
  • It is easy to operate thanks to its lightweight. 
  • The grip can be tight, and there is a travel lock present.


  • The battery is not up to the mark as it needs 8 hours of charging.
  • The build quality could be more premium; hence, the weight could be higher.


If you want to go for a clean shave only some of the time, you likely need a beard trimmer. Not just beard trimmers; versatile trimmers are available that apply to body and head hair. We have picked the best trimmers under 1000 INR, where you get trimmers with all the best features and specifications. Go through the list, compare the trimmers, and pick the perfect one for your personal grooming.

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