5 Best Sewing Machine in India 2023 – For Home Use

With technological advancement, sewing machines have also undergone an immense evolution. Modern sewing machines are lightweight, usually, run on electricity or battery, feature a sleek design, and offer several stitch options. Getting a suitable sewing machine is an investment you won’t regret.

If you are wondering which sewing machine you should get, this article will help ease your confusion. To reduce your dilemma, we have curated a list of the best sewing machines in India. Moreover, we have provided a brief buying guide to let you choose the apt sewing machine model. 

Top Picks of The Best Sewing Machine in India 2023

Below is the list of best sewing machine in India based on their battery type, brand, warranty, size and weight.

 1. Usha Janome Dream Stitch

Usha Janome Dream Stitch
  • Stitch Function: 14
  • Warranty: 2 Years

USHA is one of the top brands in the arena of electrical home appliances, trusted and preferred by the majority. The USHA Janome sewing machine is one of the best products manufactured by this brand that boasts powerful performance and high durability.

It has a built-in motor that accounts for the robust performance of the machine. The sewing machine offers seven built-in stitches, including a buttonhole and seven other stitch applications. The seven applications include quilting, rolled hemming, lace fixing, and smocking.

The calibrated dial feature of this USHA sewing machine offers precision thread tension control that offers clean and mess-free stitches. The brand offers a two years warranty on the product, which is a significant additional benefit.

It has a programmed bobbin winder, a dial cushion line selector, and a conservative free arm that facilitates your sewing work. The free arm feature ensures easy circular stitching. The whole aluminium body offers strength to the sewing machine ensuring its durability. 


  • Automatic needle threading 
  • Work excellently without any vibrations or noise


  • Slow bobbin winding set-up 

2. Singer FM 8280 Motorised

Singer FM 8280 Motorised
  • Stitch Function: 24
  • Warranty: 2 Years

The Singer is a famous Indian brand for producing premium quality products with extended durability. This sewing machine is the best-in-class model for beginners. It offers six implicit stitch patterns to let you carry out your stitching work easily. The six implicit stitch patterns include one enhancing, four rudiments, and one buttonhole.

With great ease, the Singer 8280 sewing machine offers simple admittance to hems, necklines, cuffs, sleeves, and other areas which are difficult to reach. It also features a free arm that facilitates clean circular stitching.

One of the primary features of this sewing machine is its in-built led light. The led light efficiently illuminates the stitching area enabling you to sew even in the dark. The interior frame of the product is made of superior-quality metal that ensures the durability of the product. It has an extension table that lets you store all your accessories.


  • Led light 
  • Ideal option for beginners


  • It does have a built-in threading option

3. HAITRAL Mini Sewing Machine

HAITRAL Mini Sewing Machine
  • Stitch Function: 2
  • Warranty: NA

 Featuring a product dimension of 21.6 cm in length, 17.8 cm in width, and 8.9 cm in height, the Haitral portable sewing machine is another best-buy. It has a simple build and net weight of just 1 kg, making this sewing machine highly portable. The portable nature of this sewing machine enables you to carry it anywhere you wish.

To ensure that novices and beginners can easily use this sewing machine, it features a double-speed adjuster. This feature lets you control the speed as per your requirement. The product is made from high-quality plastic, accounting for its lightweight.

 Moreover, to enhance user experience, it comes with all the required accessories, such as bobbins, a power adaptor, needles, threaders, and a foot pedal. It facilitates two-line designs that give you a stable, high-quality surface line and bottom line. The double stitch mechanism lets you choose between the foot pedal or hand switch. 


  • An ideal choice for long-term use 
  • Simple and easy to use 


  • The build quality is not up to the mark 

4. akiara Mini Sewing Machine

akiara Mini Sewing Machine
  • Stitch Function: 2
  • Warranty: NA

 Another best sewing machine in India that you can buy without second thoughts is the Akira sewing machine. This sewing machine’s double-thread design makes the end stitching stronger without worrying about tying the thread. The sewing machine has a speed button with high and slow options that you can change.

This product supports both battery power supply and AC/DC power supply. This feature offers a wireless operation, thus saving you from the hassles of tangled wires. It has a spool assist that facilitates easy rewinding of the bobbins when you turn on the machine.

The main attractive feature of this sewing machine is its mini size. The compact and mini size of the sewing machine lets you quickly stitch with ease without hustling with a heavyweight. The light function of the product enables you to work even at night. 


  • Lightweight and simple build 
  • The foot pedal offers enhanced efficiency 


  • It is not suitable for heavy fabrics such as denim and wool

5. KPCB Tech Sewing Machine

KPCB Tech Sewing Machine
  • Stitch Function: 2
  • Warranty: 1 Years

KPCB is a well-known name that offers a variety of electrical appliances. The appliances produced by this famous brand feature high efficiency, impressive durability, and the latest specifications. And this sewing machine by KPCB is no exception to this fact.

The KPCB tech sewing machine comes with a dimension of 25 cm in length, 18 cm in height, 22 cm in width, and a net weight of 1 kg 540 g. It has a foot pedal or start button that lets you quickly turn on the machine. It has an automatic bobbin rewinding mechanism.

The exquisite design of this sewing machine is one of the main factors that account for its huge demand. To enable the user to complete their sewing project, it comes with all the necessary accessories such as an extension table, bobbins, adaptor, needle, needle threader, etc.

One of this sewing machine’s prominent and most beneficial features is its needle threader. This feature lets you quickly put the thread into the needle’s eye without straining the eyes. 


  • Exquisite design 
  • Various stitching options 


  • Stitching speed is not impressive

Buying Guide for The Best Sewing Machine in India

 To ensure that you lay your hands on the best sewing model, a few essential factors must be noticed while buying one. 

Types of sewing machines – The quantity and features of sewing work are rudimentary to determine the type of sewing machine that best serves your needs. When it comes to the types of sewing machines, there are six major types.

These types include a computerized or automated sewing machine, mechanical type, quilting machine, electronic sewing machine, overlocker, or serger sewing machine. Usually, automatic or electronic sewing machines are the most desirable ones since they enable you to work without much effort. 

Types of stitches– Another essential factor to consider while buying the best sewing machine in India is the types of stitches. In terms of types of stitches, there are several options, such as straight stitch, buttonhole, blind hem, zig zag, utility, and stretch or knit stitch.

Look for a sewing machine that lets you carry out basic stitches such as buttonholes, zig-zag, simple, and blind hem stitches. 

Your stitching level– Whether you are a professional or a beginner plays a crucial role in determining the right kind of sewing machine that will be ideal for your work. 

Brand- With the growing demand for sewing machines, several brands in the market offer unique sewing machines with various features. It is, therefore, essential to consider the brand while buying one.

It is always advisable to opt for a brand with a decent user base and guarantees high efficiency, durability, and impressive performance of their sewing machine models. 

Other features- After you have successfully decided on the type of sewing machine, stitching level, and types of stitches and brand, you must now pay close attention to the several additional features offered by the sewing machine.

The best sewing machine offers several other essential features, such as led light, needle threader, automatic thread cutter, free arm, knee lifter, etc. 

Best Sewing Machine In India FAQs

Which sewing machine is best for home use: manual or automatic?

An automatic sewing machine is ideal for home use since it lets you work efficiently without causing fatigue to your hands. 

Which type of sewing machine is most durable?

The manual sewing machine is the most durable in terms of durability. The manual sewing machine has a solid metal body that accounts for its long life. 

What are the most essential tools in sewing machines?

The most essential tools in a sewing machine include a threader, scissors, fabric shears, needles, bobbins, fabric markers, etc. 

Final Words!

The products mentioned above are the best sewing machine in India that is a must-have. These best sewing machines offer excellent efficiency, high durability, the latest features, and excellent speed.

Our buying guide will enable you to wisely use your discretion while buying the best sewing machine in India. Moreover, to further address all your queries, the article discusses some frequently asked questions. 

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