17 Best Raincoat Brands in India in 2023 (High Quality)

While getting drenched in the rain is a lovely experience, it comes at a cost. The sickness and flu that follows can be frustrating, significantly affecting our daily life schedule and work. Moreover, fighting against the incessant rains is troublesome for bikers.

And this is where the raincoats come into the scene. A decent quality raincoat will help you stay dry in the rain without hampering your work.

Below is a list of the best raincoat brand in India that promises durability, quality, and style. Moreover, the article also talks of a buying guide that will let you choose the best raincoat to help you stay dry while enjoying the pleasantly cool weather.

Top Picks For The Best Raincoat Brands in India 2023

Below is the list of the best raincoat brands in India based on their quality of material, fit, breath ability, durability, water proof, and weight.

1. Wildcraft

Founded in 1998 by Gaurav Dublish and Siddhart Sood, Wildcraft is one of the famous and popular brands which has massive popularity amongst today’s youths. This brand gained momentum with the introduction of its dome tents and then slowly ventured into bags, jackets, rain gear, sportswear, and many more.

The raincoats manufactured by Wildcraft symbolize style and quality, making them an excellent option for motorcycle and scooter riders. The raincoats produced by this famous brand feature trendy style, designs, and impressive durability, making them worth their price tag. Today, this brand supplies its products to more than 200 separate outlets across the country.

Notable Features

  • The raincoats produced by this brand are made with nylon lamination and polyester, offering complete protection from rain
  • Breathable fabric
  • Mesh lining offers comfortable wear
  • Latest design and styles
  • Provides attached hoodie with drawstrings


Making its way into the Indian market in 2009, Zeel was founded by Dinesh Trivedi, climbing the ladder of success in a short stipulated time. Over the years, Zeel has become one of the top producers of raincoats in the country, with a vast loyal customer base.

It has a fabulous range of raincoats for men, children, and women. This brand is specifically famous for producing raincoats for bikers, making them an ideal pick for scooty and bike riders. The zeel raincoats come with an additional pouch that lets you keep them safe from damage while not in use and makes them easy to carry.

This feature makes Zeel a stack different from other raincoat brands in India. The raincoats by this brand have an inexpensive price range and are highly durable. Zeel has manufacturing units in Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

Notable Features

  • The Zeel raincoats are made of superior-quality nylon, keeping the wearer dry even during inclement weather
  • Super stylish looks of the Zeel raincoats make them a stylish outfit for chilly and rainy weather
  • Completely water resistance
  • Highly durable and super comfortable

3. The Clownfish

Popularly known for endurance, elegance, durability, and style, Clownfish is one of the top raincoats brands in India. They have an exclusive top-rated range of backpacks, duffle bags, raincoats, and many more.

The brand understands the need of every modern customer and accordingly designs its raincoats that adhere to the prevailing weather conditions, trending colour patterns, styles, moods, and quality.

The raincoats by Clownfish feature an adjustable hood and high collar, adding elegance to the product. One of the primary reasons for the high demand for Clownfish raincoats is their reversible design. The leakproof stitching of the raincoats offers them a competitive edge.

Notable Features

  • The brand offers reversible designs of raincoats
  • Zipper bag for easy storage
  • Huge range of styles and patterns

4. Duckback

Duckback is an Indian classics name that instantly refreshes our childhood memory. Surendra Mohan Bose founded this famous raincoat brand in 1920. Not only raincoats, but the brand is a top producer of rain boots in the country.

Duckback has some of the best and top-rated products with a budget-friendly price range, making them accessible to every person of all statures. The Duckback raincoats come with several drawcord customizations, such as flap zipper closings and full zippers. To let the wearer carry outdoor essentials, the Duckback raincoats have two deep hand pockets.

Notable Features

  • Durable inner PVC lining
  • The Duckback raincoats are crafted with comfortable and lightweight polyester
  • Fully sealed, preventing water from seeping inside
  • DWR finish resists moisture and staining
  • Made with premium quality material


Killer is another top raincoat brand in India, with several loyal customers. To ensure the durability of its products, the brand uses superior polyester material to produce its raincoats. The raincoats produced by this renowned brand are equipped with a zipper system that facilitates a hassle-free closure system while preventing rainwater seeping.

Notable Features

  • Zipper closure type
  • Ultra-lightweight range
  • The brand offers raincoats in all sizes

6. FabSeasons

In the list of the best raincoat brands in India, Fabsesaons has acquired its place with its vast range of superior quality raincoats. The raincoats by Fabseasons are made with tough, premium polyester fabric, making them completely waterproof.

The raincoats are fully seam sealed at every joint, ensuring that you remain dry even during heavy rain. The weight of the Fabseasons raincoats is so light that you can wear them comfortably for long hours without feeling suffocated.

Another primary feature of the Fabseasons raincoats is their reversible style. You can always reverse the raincoat and wear the dryer side.

Notable Features

  • Reversible style raincoats
  • The raincoats come with double-layer protection
  • Classic designs

7. Zacharias

When it comes to buying superior quality raincoats, Zacharias is one of India’s topmost brands with a vast customer base. This raincoat brand is famous for providing comfortable, premium quality, and essential raincoats and other products at affordable prices.

The raincoats by Zacharias are superior-quality semi-nylon material that helps you stay dry even during heavy rains. Additionally, the Zacharias raincoats come with a cover that you can use to store them raincoats after drying them.

Notable Features

  • The brand uses Lightweight and durable nylon material, offering protection from rain amidst comfort
  • Comes with a separate waterproof cover
  • Water-repellent finish


Launched in 1998, Intigriti is an iconic raincoats brand in India, known for redefining the raincoat section’s style concept. It offers a classic range of apparel and raincoats featuring cool and modern designs. The raincoats and clothing produced by this iconic brand directly target modern-day youths.

When it comes to quality, Integriti ensures that this particular aspect is never compromised. To meet the requirement of every modern man, the brand brings in contemporary elements, offering the right balance of elegance and comfort.

Notable Features

  • Latest and modern design
  • Integrates modern elements in their raincoat range
  • Huge range of raincoats and other apparel

9. Wet Off Hood

Made of highly durable, sturdy, and premium quality PVC material, the Wet Off Hood raincoats offer cent per cent protection from the rain. The raincoats by this brand come with two front pockets that let you safely keep all your valuables, such as your wallet, mobile phones, etc.

The main feature of the raincoats produced by this brand is its super soft feel that remains the same year after year. The raincoat’s soft feel and lightweight material make it the perfect choice for bikers, especially those travelling long distances. It is also an ideal option for engineers, construction workers, and others who are required to work outdoors for long hours.

Notable Features

  • The raincoats comes in a set of jacket and pant
  • The brand uses superior-quality PVC material
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric
  • The raincoats come with long durability


The Camison raincoat brand has something to offer everyone, from kids to adults. The raincoats by this brand feature an adjustable hood with a drawstring, which ensures that you keep yourself dry while enjoying the calm rain waters.

The raincoats have a snap button closure at the front and cuff that keeps the raincoat secure while ensuring comfort. The ultra-lightweight of the raincoats lets you wear them for long hours and travel long distances without feeling the weight.

Whether hiking, camping, sports, or fishing, the Camison raincoats are ideal for all outdoor activities. The raincoats are made of 100% eco-friendly nontoxic material that can be easily recycled and reused for years.

Notable Features

  • Uses eco-friendly nontoxic material
  • Button closure at the cuffs keeps the raincoat secured in its place
  • Perfect choice for all outdoor activities
  • Attached is the adjustable hood

11. SaphiRose

Known for its stylish and trendy designs, SaphiRose is another famous raincoat brand in India that we cannot miss out on this list. The SaphiRose raincoats are made of high-quality polyester, ultra-lightweight, durable, breathable, and eco-friendly. The light weight of the raincoats makes them highly portable, letting you easily carry them while traveling.

Notable Features

  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Trendy and stylish design
  • Lightweight of the raincoats makes them portable

12. iCreek

iCreek is a famous raincoat brand in India known for producing top-quality rain protective gear. The products of iCreek include long raincoats, raincoat suits, cotton pants, and other rain protective gear. The raincoats manufactured by icreek are rain protective and windproof, consisting of leakproof and lightweight design.

These raincoats are high visibility reflective, which is suitable for outdoor activities such as bicycling, motorcycle riding, hiking, fishing, camping, etc. One of the significant aspects of the iCreek raincoats that make them stand out from the rest is that they have ventilation holes that make the raincoats breathable.

Notable Features

  • Super comfortable and highly waterproof fabric
  • Air flow holes on the backside of the raincoat, which ensures adequate breathability of the inner mesh
  • Transparent brim is used, which not only blocks the sunshine but also enables you to have a clear view
  • High-tech nano polyester pongee fabric is used, which makes the material non-degumming, anti-oxidant etc
  • For enhanced convenience, all models of raincoats have two big waterproof pockets on the front

13. Town and field

The town and field raincoats are designed for you to ensure that even if it is raining outside, nothing can stop you from going out and indulging in the activities which you enjoy being part of, or you can go to your workplace, etc., without worrying about getting drenched in the rain.

The raincoats by town and field are made with premium materials and exceptional construction standards. These raincoats give you a super comfortable fit and have a distinctive style and adequate rain protection.

Notable Features

  • Comfortable and waterproof fabric is used to keep you dry for an extended period
  • Adjustable hood can be rolled into the collar when you do not have to use it
  • Adjustable hem, which gives you enhanced convenience
  • Inner pockets to ensure that you can keep all your items conveniently
  • Provides a perfect fit

14. Gowetion

Gowetion is another popular and best raincoat brand in India that manufactures top-quality rain protective gear. The gowetion raincoats and pants are manufactured using the latest waterproof technology, which wicks away the moisture effectively on contact and further ensures that you will remain dry in rainy or wet weather.

Not only this, but also the Gowetion raincoats are equipped with several adjustable features such as an adjustable hood, zippered handbag, adjustable drawstring, elastic Velcro adjustable cuffs, etc. Similarly, its super-quality inner mesh lining further ensures that you remain warm and have adequate breathability.

Notable Features

  • Suitable for any outdoor activity such as skiing, golf, motorcycle riding, hiking, etc
  • Lightweight design ensures that you can carry it anywhere you go
  • Superior stylish design; you can wear it even in the light downpour
  • 100% water and wind-resistant material is used in this raincoat

15. OTU

OTU is a famous raincoat brand in India known for specializing in the production of rain protective gear. The raincoats manufactured by OTU are specially made to ensure that every requirement about the raincoats you want is met effectively. You can wear these raincoats and participate in any outdoor activity of your choice without discomfort.

The zipper closure and detachable hood in the raincoats by OTU ensure enhanced convenience. The jacket’s outer shell is made from 100% polyester material, and you can choose from the plethora of available colour options to wear the raincoat in your style accordingly.

Notable Features

  • Attached tuck-away hood with adjustable drawstring, which provides extra warmth as well as guard
  • OTU raincoats have adjustable hooks and a drawcord hem, which gives you a flexible fit as well as seals out the cold wind effectively
  • Suitable for any occasion which effectively meets your active lifestyle
  • Superior and high-quality shell fabric is used, which is lightweight and also keeps you dry in the rain

16. Hount

Hount specializes in the manufacturing of stylish raincoats, which not only give you an enhanced style but also protect you from rain and wind. The remarkable aspect of hount raincoats is that they have many raincoat options, even for women.

High quality and super materials are used, including 80% polyester and 20% spandex. It effectively keeps you dry in a heavy downpour by ensuring that water does not enter the raincoat. You can wear this raincoat in the rain and snowy weather by pairing it with a sweater so that you can remain warm.

Notable Features

  • Classic style, which ensures that you can wear this raincoat in any season, rain or snow, and you will not have to compromise on your style
  • Lightweight design, which makes it suitable for you to carry it anywhere you go
  • You can gently wash this raincoat with hand wash even at 40 degrees Celsius
  • Plethora of colour and style options for both men and women

17. Columbia

Established in 1938, Columbia is one of the leading apparel brands in the USA. Over the years, this famous company has slowly made its way into the Indian market, gaining several loyal customers. This brand is renowned for its superior-grade shoes and sportswear.

The raincoats by Columbia boast high durability and comfort. The main factor that accounts for the superior quality of their raincoats is Omni tech technology. This technology includes multiple layers of membranes making the raincoats completely weatherproof.

In addition to the wide variety of raincoats manufactured by this brand, it also holds expertise in manufacturing a vast array of gloves, umbrellas, hats, scarves, and many more.

Notable Features

  • Use of Omni-tech technology makes the raincoats completely waterproof
  • Quick wick properties help in the quick emission of moisture
  • The raincoats are made of breathable and lightweight material

Buying Guide For The Best Raincoat Brands in India

To ensure that you choose the best raincoat that guarantees efficiency, durability, and comfort, you must consider the specific essential components mentioned below.

Material – The primary and most essential component to consider while buying the best raincoat in India is the material. The material of the raincoat determines the water-resistant capacity of the raincoat.

When buying a raincoat, look for one that will keep you dry even in heavy and incessant rains. Moreover, you must also ensure that the material does not make you sweat and prevents odour. Opting for a material that does not take days to dry out is also crucial.

Fit – Always choose a raincoat that is not too tight and does not stick to your body. Opt for a breezy raincoat that offers comfort and does not restrict blood flow.

Waterproof – An essential factor not to miss while buying a raincoat is its waterproof nature. A raincoat will be rendered useless if it is not waterproof. Therefore when purchasing the best raincoat, you must pay close attention to the waterproof fabric of the raincoat.

Breathability – In the rainy season, the humidity level rises, which makes you sweaty. Therefore, it is essential to look for a breathable raincoat that does not make you sweat or suffocate you.

Durable – Durability is one of the vital factors that cannot be missed while buying a raincoat. Choosing a raincoat that promises long durability even after continuous use is always advisable. In this aspect, a three-layer raincoat usually ensures durability even during harsh weather conditions.   


With monsoons becoming a regular phenomenon in our country, raincoats have become a necessity. To ensure that you stay dry even during the heaviest rainfall, we have curated this list of the best raincoats brands in India.

To further assist you with your purchase, our buying guide will let you make the best choice without any further dilemmas.

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