Best QLED TV in India 2023 (Top Brands)

In the most recent years, television has made a significant stride. In a technologically advanced decade, when everything around is getting a technology upgrade, why should we still hover around conventional television models?

It’s time to upgrade to a new and advanced television model to get an immersive viewing experience. In today’s developed world, you can easily find myriad innovative TV models providing fantastic picture quality and sound.

But the most sought after among them is the smart QLED TV models due to their seamless usage, and they are packed with impressive specifications such as high contrast, Dolby Atmos sound, vibrant colors, etc.

Thus, to help you select the best model of qled tv in India, below, we have a curated list of the most popular models of qled tv which you can prefer to buy.

Top Choices of The Best QLED TV in India 2023

Checkout the list of best QLED TV in India which is curated based on resolution, sound quality, connectivity option, size, and brand reputation.


  • Screen Size – 43 Inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Powered by the latest AI Quantum processor, this Samsung qled tv is one of the bestselling products in the market. The qled technology accounts for the adequate brightness level that enhances the user experience.

It comes with a 4K ultra HD resolution and a refresh rate of 60 hertz, which significantly adds to the appliance’s efficiency. To ensure you can enjoy all your serials, web series, and TV shows without issue, the TV is equipped with powerful speakers with Dolby digital plus. 

This Samsung qled tv comes with customizable frames, enabling you to redecorate the place with magnetic bezels in various colors and shapes. Moreover, the minimalist frame design will flawlessly blend with your contemporary interiors.

One of the major attractive features of this TV is its dual LED backlight fitted on its panel and the dual-LED results in a more sophisticated color tone.

2. OnePlus 55Q1IN QLED TV

OnePlus 55Q1IN QLED TV
  • Screen Size – 55 Inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year

With a screen size of 55 inches, the OnePlus Tv comes with a Gama color magic feature, which accounts for the pictures’ brightness and crystal clear clarity. It features Dolby Vision HDR, bringing extraordinary brightness, color, and contrast to the screen.

To ensure an immersive sound, it comes with eight speakers. With this TV at your disposal now, you can easily manage all your smart home devices. The OnePlus TV remote gets the work done with just the minimal touch of a button. Additionally, the remote contains simple buttons that facilitate easy and hassle-free product operation. 

It features the OnePlus connect application, enabling you to connect your smartphone to the TV. It comes with a front-facing speaker to create a rich spatial audio experience. The appliance features three USB ports that facilitate hard drives’ easy connection.


  • Screen Size – 55 Inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Crafted with innovation and elegance, the VU masterpiece features the latest quantum dot technology, providing excellent color contrast. It is made of premium aluminum alloy in an Armani gold color scheme which accounts for the high product’s durability.

The sleek design and precision cuts add to its elegance, making it a perfect addition to your modern home interiors. It enables you to choose from several pre-set options that accordingly set the soundstage’s tone. The various pre-set options include low frequencies, 360 audio feel, etc. It also comes with a dialogue clarity specification, perfect for night viewings. 

The VU Masterpiece TV has a fast response time, low input lag, and minimal motion blur. To further improve user experience, it comes with various other technologies such as HDMI 21, bandwidth, and variable refresh rate. It is powered by Google Android, which gives you access to Google Music, Play store, games, movies and TV, and many more.


  • Screen Size – 55 Inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year

In terms of buying the latest electronic home appliances that feature the latest specifications, Mi is one of the most famous brands preferred and trusted by many. The products manufactured by this renowned brand are known for their latest technology and high-ended features, which are at par with modern-day requirements.

This Mi smart TV is the epitome of high efficiency and smart looks. To provide an unmatched viewing experience, it comes with a 96% screen-to-body ratio, ensuring you never miss out on any detail.  This smart TV has a universal search that lets you search across over thirty OTT platforms.

The TV gives you free access to more than 75 channels that are streamed directly. You can synchronize this TV with the Mi home application that provides a seamless and smart way to command all your Xiamoi smart home devices. It comes with android TV 10, which gives you access to a massive collection of serials, web series, and other content.

5. Hisense 55U6G QLED TV

Hisense 55U6G QLED TV
  • Screen Size – 55 Inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Featuring a minimalist bezel-less design, this smart TV is designed to provide a smooth display with minimal hindrances. It comes with a high-quality, unique metal stand that adds a touch of elegance to the product.

The 4K ultra HD resolution of this QLED TV in India provides the users with an immersive viewing experience. Similarly, this TV’s quantum dot color feature provides a billion shades of various vivid colors that tend to be far better than any ordinary led TV. 

One of the most impressive specifications of this TV is its ultra-processor high-view engine. This AI-powered super-fast graphic processor houses an array of advanced real-time algorithms that provide ultimate picture quality.

Furthermore, it also comprises the 24W powerful speaker, which offers crystal clear sound for an impressive listening experience.


  • Screen Size – 43 Inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year

The tagline of this model of the best-qled tv in India, “unconditionally beautiful,” effectively suits the design and specification of this qled tv model. It comprises a 360-degree all-round design, making the tv look beautiful from side to side and front to back.

The exceptional design of this tv can easily enhance the aesthetic of the room where you install it. Samsung has incorporated its advanced quantum dot technology in this qled tv, bringing you 100% color volume.

Similarly, its HDR 10+ feature efficiently adjusts the brightness for each specific moment so that you can get a fantastic viewing experience. Furthermore, its multiple voice assistant features enable you to control this TV’s operations through voice control easily.

Another impressive specification of this TV is its active voice amplifier which automatically clarifies the voice on the screen so that you do not have to make any breaks and focus on the dialogues.

7. TCL 150C715 QLED TV

  • Screen Size – 50 Inches
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Bring your home a smart 4K ultra HD qled tv to watch your favorite shows and contents with an immersive viewing experience. The features of this qled tv, such as full-screen design, Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, and 4K quantum dot, provide a stunning and crystal clear picture.

This model of qled TV comes with the latest Android TV version, android pie 9. With collaboration with exclusive OTT partners, TCL gives you seamless and quick access to more than ten lakhs of content types ranging from series, movies, live shows, sports, etc.

This model of TCL qled tv comes with the feature of hands-free voice control, which ensures you can effectively control the operations of this tv through voice command, and you can get rid of the usage of the remote. 

Buying Guide For Best QLED TV in India

Consider the below factors before buying a qled tv in India, and these factors will help you choose the idle qled for your home.

Screen size: The screen size of a TV is one of its vital parts. And therefore, it is essential to opt for the ideal screen size to enhance your viewing experience. If you cannot decide which screen to opt for, then consider the number of people in your family who regularly watch TV at a given time. Along with this factor, you must also consider the dimensions of the room and cabinet where you wish to place your qled TV. The screen size of the best-qled TV also depends upon how far or close you sit to the tv.

Refresh rate: The refresh rate of a qled TV refers to the number of times the screen refreshes the image in one second. The refresh rate is measured in Hertz, and the standard refresh rate is 60 Hz. One thumb rule must be kept in mind while getting the best qled tv. The more the refresh rate, the better. A qled TV with a high refresh rate will let you enjoy fast-paced shows and experience an intense gaming session.

Screen resolution: The screen resolution implies the total number of pixels required to form images on the screen. And therefore it is crucial to consider this factor while buying the best qled tv. In this aspect, getting a qled TV with a high screen resolution is always advisable. A high resolution offers a crisp, bright, and clear picture.

Connectivity options: The connectivity options equipped in the qled TV lets you connect your TV with other devices. To get the best out of your qled TV, get one with the following connectivity options: WiFi, USB and HDMI ports, and Bluetooth.

Smart features: Another essential factor that must not be overlooked while buying the best qled TV is its smart features. Opt for a qled TV with a user-friendly interface, universal search engine, video and music streaming services, etc. These smart features of a qled TV will offer an immersive viewing experience.

Best QLED TV in India FAQs

What is QLED TV?

The QLED TV is the advanced version of LCD TV, which uses quantum dot technology. The quantum dots are nanocrystals that emit different colors when light exposure, and QLED means quantum light-emitting diode. This type of TV model has a built-in quantum dot layer. QLED TV uses the metallic quantum dot filter to increase the color and contrast of the skin so that you can have a fantastic viewing experience.

What is the difference between OLED and QLED?

The QLED TVs use the quantum dot technology, which is durable, inorganic, stable, and gives excellent brightness and color. In contrast, the OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, which uses organic material for image retention.

OLED is a different technology from LCD, but the QLED is a superior version of LCD and LED. The OLED tv comprises organic pixels which emit their own light, but the QLED depends on the led backlight.
Compared to the OLED and QLED, the latter tend to deliver a plethora of colors on the screen and achieve a greater level of brightness than the former.

What is the difference between QLED and 4K?

The QLED TV models use a led backlight to hit a screen made of quantum dots which supercharge the TV pixels for better color and brightness. Whereas 4K is a resolution, they are used in QLED and other types of TV technologies.

Wrap Up

Thus, above, we have mentioned some of the models of the best-qled tv in India. You can easily prefer to purchase any of the models as per your budget and feature preference.

Also, before buying a qled tv, we suggest you consider reading our detailed tv buying guide to help you choose the best qled tv for your home.

These models of the best qled tv in India are not only elegant by looks but also comprise numerous impressive specifications that provide you with an ultimate viewing experience.

You can easily get a fantastic TV watching experience with the crystal clear picture and sound of these qled tv models. Their other advanced features make it easier for you to control their operations.

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