4 Best Portable AC in India for Your Home in 2023

The summer is yet to arrive, and it is that time of the year when we must tolerate an unbearable hot and humid climate. In this season, you need to have an air conditioner at your home or office to get some relief from the hot and humid weather.

The air conditioner cools the room temperature and keeps you cool all day. However, if you do not have sufficient space in your room to fit either a window ac or split ac, you can bring home a portable ac.

Moreover, the portable ac can easily fit into your space and significantly reduce costs; it is cheaper to purchase one. But purchasing one is not easy as you can get confused about choosing one.

Hence, to make the purchasing task easier, this article will discuss the models of the best portable ac in India and a buying guide that will simplify your purchasing task.

These Are The Best Portable AC in India for Your Home

Below are the best portable ac in India selected based on cooling capacity, noise level, energy efficiency rating, coil type, compressor type, and warranty.

1. Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC

Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC
  • Cooling Power– 1350 W
  • Warranty– 5 years on product

Enjoy super-fast cooling even in the hottest summers with the Blue Star 1-ton portable AC. This portable ac is engineered uniquely with the dynamic drive design technology, which accounts for the high efficiency of the appliance.

This technology ensures that the ac achieves higher energy efficiency while delivering a superior cooling experience. The Blue Star portable AC’s fuzzy logic feature offers quick cooling and ensures undisturbed sleep with noiseless performance.

This portable AC uses R410A as its main refrigerant, making the appliance environmentally friendly. The filter of the ac contains bactericide, which limits the growth and metabolism of bacteria. The filter further collects dust and dirt, thus sterilizing the air.

The appliance is equipped with hydrophilic golden evaporator fins, preventing water accumulation. A major prominent feature of this portable ac is the self-diagnosis feature. The ac displays an error code that ensures a fast and easy diagnosis of the underlying problem.


  • Auto mode offers essay humidity and offers an ideal sleeping ambiance
  • Castor wheels offer easy portability
  • Self-diagnosis feature
  • Five years manufacturer warranty on the condenser
  • The fuzzy logic feature offers quick cooling


  • Noisy operation

2. Lloyd 1 Ton Non-Inverter Portable AC

Lloyd 1 Ton Non-Inverter Portable AC
  • Cooling Power– 3450 W
  • Warranty– 1 year on product

Looking for a portable ac that will offer instant relief from the heat and also add to the aesthetics of your modern décor? With the Lloyd portable ac, you need to look no further.

This portable ac is equipped with 100% copper, which helps in a fast flow of refrigerant and offers a better heat transfer rate. Additionally, the copper coils can withstand high pressure and are corrosion resistant, accounting for the long durability of the product.

The smart digital LED display of the portable ac indicates the current operation status. This feature enhances the elegance of the appliance. The Llyold portable ac is designed thoughtfully to consume low power while offering powerful cooling.

The appliance has several new-age filters offering fresher, cleaner, healthier air. The two-swing feature of this ac offers a high air throw, ensuring uniform cooling. The portable ac offers 360-degree movement, offering both comfort and convenience.


  • 360-degree movement
  • Equipped with 100% copper coils
  • New-age filters offer fresh air
  • Uniform cooling
  • Easy installation


  • Build quality could have been better

3. Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC

Cruise 1 Ton Portable AC
  • Cooling Power– 3500 W
  • Warranty– 1 year

Cruise PortaQoool 3 portable ac is equipped with a tropical-X compressor that boasts incredibly robust and powerful cooling performance. It is equipped with 100% copper coils, which offer faster heat exchange, increase the appliance’s efficiency by 30-50%, and last three times longer.

The appliance features a blue hydrophilic coating that increases the product’s longevity by minimizing moisture and humidity damage. It, in turn, enhances the condenser’s efficiency and performance. The auto-evaporation system of the appliance saves you from the hassles of emptying the water tank.

The condensate water is then recycled to cool the inner coils, thus offering faster cooling even when the outside temperature reaches 50 degrees. A major merit of this portable ac is its easy installation. It has all the necessary accessories, such as an adjustable window bracket, remote control, exhaust hose, and water drain hose.

The four-in-one function of this portable ac lets you choose between air purifier, fan mode, air conditioner, or air purifier mode. It has a feather touch control panel and LED temperature display, allowing smooth operation of the device. The smart humidification function of the appliance reduces sticky heat, offering a suitable atmosphere instantly.


  • Four-in-one function
  • Easy and hassle-free installation
  • Blue hydrophilic coating enhances the performance of the appliance
  • Smart control panel
  • Premium quality removable filters
  • Wide auto airflow angle


  • Not an ideal choice for big spaces

4. Voltas Venture Slimline Tower AC

Voltas Venture Slimline Tower AC
  • Cooling Power– 3200 W
  • Warranty– 1 year on product and  5 years on compressor

With stylish looks and powerful performance, the Voltas venture slimline portable ac is one of the best options you can buy without second thoughts. It comes with a product dimension of 58.5 cm in length, 179.5 cm in width, and 34.55 cm in height.

One of the best features of this portable ac is its five-star energy rating. The five-star rating accounts for the energy efficiency performance of the appliance, ensuring that you do not have to deal with a long electricity bill.

The slim build, compact size, and minimalist design of the Voltas venture slimline portable ac make it an ideal addition to your sophisticated interiors. The dehumidifier function of the portable ac instantly removes humidity from the room, offering comfort during rainy seasons when the humidity level is at its highest.

It has a child lock setting that keeps the appliance from children’s fiddling. The internal overload protection mechanism of the appliance protects the compressor from thermal and electrical overload.

This feature ensures the longevity of the product. Moreover, this portable ac comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty on the machine and five years warranty on the compressor.


  • Internal overload protection
  • Slim and compact build
  • Five-star energy rating
  • Dehumidifier function
  • Child lock setting


  • The cooling takes time

Buying Guide for Best Portable AC

By following the factors mentioned below while purchasing the best portable ac, you can seamlessly choose one without falling into any dilemma.

Capacity – One of the essential factors you need to consider while purchasing the portable ac is its capacity. You can choose the appropriate capacity for the portable ac by determining your room size. If your room is small, you can easily choose a 1-ton portable ac, but if your room is big, then a portable ac of 1.5-ton-2-ton ac would be suitable for your room.

Noise level – Apart from capacity, you also need to check the noise level of the portable ac before purchasing it. Some models of portable ac produce some noise during their operation, and it can cause disturbance to you if you are a light sleeper and your children. Thus, always choose a portable ac model with the lowest noise level.

Coil type – There are usually two types of coil available in the models of portable ac aluminum coil and copper coil. Among these two, always choose a model of portable ac with the copper coil as it can more efficiently transfer heat than the aluminum coil and lasts for a longer duration.

Star rating – The star rating or the BEE star rating refers to the amount of electricity the ac consumes. The more the number of stars, the less electricity the portable ac consumes, whereas the fewer stars, the more energy it consumes. If a portable ac has a BEE rating of 1 star, it will consume more electrical energy.

In contrast, a model with a 5-star rating will consume significantly less energy. Hence, always choose a model of portable ac with either three or more stars to save a significant amount of money on your electricity bills.

Compressor type – There are two types of portable ac compressors, inverter, and non-inverter. Among these two, the inverter compressor is a new type of technology. It consumes less energy as it uses only as much energy as required to run the AC, stabilizing the energy consumption and saving significant money.

In comparison, the non-inverter compressors run until the room temperature is cooled down, then shut down for a while. This start-and-stop process consumes more energy and adds a sudden load to the electric supply. Hence, it is preferable to purchase an inverter compressor portable ac to get efficient results with less consumption of electrical energy.

FAQs Related to Best Portable AC in India

Is portable AC a good option?

Yes, portable ac is a good option. A portable ac is ideal for spaces with design limitations wherein split ac or window ac cannot be installed.

Do portable ac use lots of electricity?

No, portable ac does not use lots of electricity. Instead, a portable ac is a highly energy-efficient device. A portable ac consumes around 900 to 1100 watts of energy.

What is the lifespan of portable AC?

The lifespan of a portable Ac ranges between 5 to 10 years.

Does portable AC bring in fresh air?

Through the hose pipe, the portable Ac brings in fresh air from the outside and circulates uniformly in the entire space.


The models mentioned above are the best portable ac in India worth buying. These best portable ac models feature the judicious amalgamation of high-ended specifications, powerful performance, and elegant looks.

These portable Ac models have superior-quality filters that offer cool, hygienic air. Our buying guide will let you use your discretion carefully while buying a portable ac. We have also addressed some frequently asked questions that will ease your doubts and queries further.

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