9 Best Mop in India 2023 – Clean Your Home Effortlessly

Cleaning a home is a major and time-consuming task that has become more challenging due to our hectic and busy schedules. Therefore to ease our cleaning, we now have the mops at our aid. The mops come with a vast plethora of benefits that let us complete the cleaning of our homes in a short time and with minimal effort.

Owing to the massive demand for mops, the market is packed with various options that can leave you in a dilemma. We have therefore curated a list of the best mops in India that are worth buying. We have even prepared a brief buying guide that will let you wisely choose the best mop.

Top Picks of The Best Mop in India 2023

Below is the list of the best Mop in India based on their material, size, wheels, wringer material and cleaning angle.

1. Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop

Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop
  • Spin bucket material – Plastic
  • Wheels – No

One of India’s best and worthy mops, a must-buy, is the Scotch Brite jumper spin mop. This mop comes with an attached bucket which marks its convenient usage. It features a product dimension of 34.5 cm in length, 34.5 cm in width, and 31.5 cm in height. The net weight of this mop is just 3 kg, making it convenient to carry around while cleaning. This mop comes with microfiber refills that glide effortlessly on all surfaces.

 It has an easy unlock handle, enabling you to dismantle the mop while not in use. The 360-degree rotating head easily moves under the furniture, making the cleaning process an easy task. This scotch Brite jumper round mop is made of superior plastic, accounting for the product’s durability. With this mop at your aid, spills are no more a matter of concern. You can clean and rinse the mop head in the same bucket without hassle.


  • This mop features a compact size, facilitating easy storage
  • It is exceptionally light in weight


  • The durability of this mop is not that impressive

2. Spotzero by Milton Prime Spin Mop

Spotzero by Milton Prime Spin Mop
  • Spin bucket material – Steel
  • Wheels – Yes

Another best mop in India worth buying is the Spotzero Milton prime spin mop. One of the prominent features of this mop is its attached wheels. This attached wheel lets you move the mop quickly from one room to another. The bigger wheels slide easily on all surfaces. This mop by Spotzero is connected to a liquid dispenser that saves you from the hassles of pouring liquid cleaner after every water refill session.

 The cleaning rod of this mop has a flexible handle that lets you clean every corner of the room with comfort. The lower part of this mop is embedded with a water outlet, facilitating easy water discharge from the mop bucket. It has a sturdy drying basket that promotes easy and fast drying of the mop microfiber head. This mop comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is an additional benefit.


  • This mop features twin buckets, one each for rinsing and drying
  • It has a sturdy drying basket


  • Not Found

3. Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop

Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop
  • Spin bucket material – Steel
  • Wheels – Yes

This Gala mop is thoughtfully engineered, keeping in mind the ultimate comfort of the users while using the product. It is equipped with twin buckets that make cleaning an effortless task.

The twin bucket mop mechanism keeps the dirty and clean water separate, thus giving you a clean mop head every time. This mop consists of a water outlet plug. This outlet plug facilitates the easy discharge of dirty water from the bucket. The Gala twin bucket comes with a wringer that lets you easily press out excess water from the wet mop without dirtying or wetting your hands.

The mop head is made of superior-quality microfiber material that results in deep cleaning, efficiently removing fine dirt and dust particles. This microfiber mop head is reusable and machine washable. The spin mop handle is made of superior-quality stainless steel, accounting for its robust build. The 180-degree rotating spin mop handle quickly reaches all corners of the room and under the furniture.


  • The wheels attached are of high quality, facilitating easy transport


  • The Gala twin bucket mop is a bit bulky in size

4. Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop

Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop
  • Spin bucket material – Plastic
  • Wheels – No

Featuring the latest twin bucket mechanism, this mop by Scotch Brite is another best buy that is sure to enhance your cleaning experience. This mop bucket features two compartments, one for rinsing and another for wringing.

The Scotch Brite spin mop comes with two microfiber refills with a tremendous absorption capacity. It implies that the mop can retain a sufficient amount of water, facilitating coverage of a larger space. The microfiber material efficiently traps dust, dirt, and hair, providing spit and span clean floors.

This spin mop comes with a 360-degree telescopic handle with an adjustable height that can easily reach all the inaccessible parts of your room. The scotch brite mop bucket is made of premium quality plastic which accounts for the impressive longevity of the product. Moreover, you can easily dismantle this mop bucket while not in use. This mop bucket ensures both high efficiency and durability.


  • It features a stackable design for convenient storing
  • The pivoting mop head gives easy access to all points of the room


  • This mop is not provided with any wheels.

5. Spotzero by Milton Classic

Spotzero by Milton Classic
  • Spin bucket material – Plastic
  • Wheels – Yes

This mop bucket by Spotzero features a judicious amalgamation of innovative design, superior performance, and excellent efficiency. It comes with a 360-degree swivel mop head which rotates in every direction, ensuring you can reach all the gaps and corners of the room.

The rotating head ensures that the mop surface remains in complete contact with all sorts of the floor. This mop glides smoothly on all surfaces, whether laminated floors, marbles, or tiles. The mop head is crafted with microfiber material featuring dirt-trapping technology. It efficiently swipes away the last traces of dust, dirt, and stains.

The handle is made of stainless steel, which offers an easy grip and superior longevity. The expandable design of the handle is an excellent benefit for tall people. This mop is even corrosion-resistant, adding to the extra years of the product’s longevity.

The length of the handle is easily adjustable, enabling you even to reach the ceilings and walls. It also features a handle lock system, offering more secure cleaning. It has a sturdy handle and wheel, making the product highly portable. You can use this mop bucket regularly without worrying about damages or breakages.


  • It comes with a liquid dispenser that lets you easily pour the liquid cleaner into the bucket without any mess
  • This mop comes with two mop head refills, enabling you to replace one in case of wear and tear


  • The rotation of the handle is not smooth

6. Gala Jet Spin Mop

Gala Jet Spin Mop
  • Spin bucket material – Steel
  • Wheels – Yes

The Gala stainless steel mop is a perfect blend of comfort and style. This famous cleaning tool comes with a stainless steel wringer, offering a robust framework to the product. It comes with a puller that makes home cleaning effortless. The 180-degree rotating spin mop handle enables you to reach all corners of the house, such as under the bed, tables, etc. The water outlet plug carries out easy drainage of dirty water from the mop bucket.


  • The microfiber material glides smoothly on all surfaces, offering spick and span floor
  • The wringer is made of premium quality stainless steel, offering high durability


  • The soap dispenser does not have a large capacity
  • The mop is made of inferior-quality plastic

7. Prestige Clean Home PSB 10

Prestige Clean Home PSB 10
  • Spin bucket material – Steel
  • Wheels – Yes

Prestige is a renowned brand in the arena of home improvement products. The products manufactured by this brand are famous for their high efficiency and durability. And this mop by Prestige is no exception to this fact.

Mopping and cleaning your home has now become easier with the Prestige clean home PSB 10. This aesthetically designed mop bucket is made of high-grade plastic, which makes this mop lightweight and highly durable. It is embedded with a convenient drain spout that lets you quickly drain the dirty water.

The prestige magic mop features a convenient shape and size, making it an excellent cleaning appliance for your home. It comes with a pulling handle and two wheels, enabling you to move the mop bucket quickly around the house while cleaning. The mop is provided with two steel rod attachments, facilitating height adjustment. It has a 360-degree stainless steel spinner, offering maximum durability.


  • It is equipped with pull handles that lets you move it without lifting the mop bucket
  • This mop is provided with a discharge spout that facilitates the easy discharge of dirty water


  • A significant disadvantage of this mop is that one has to apply a lot of force to rotate the mop head.
  • The rotating mop head is not much durable

8. Presto! Spin Mop

Presto! Spin Mop
  • Spin bucket material – Steel
  • Wheels – Yes

The list of the best mops in India shall always be complete, including the Amazon Presto mop. It comes with two microfiber refills made from 100% polyester that aids in cleaning larger surfaces effectively. This mop bucket is made of high-quality 100% pp plastic, making the product durable.

The mop handle is made of stainless steel metal, ensuring it can easily handle a heavy load of water. It is provided with a water outlet at the bottom, facilitating easy and hassle-free unloading of dirty water. The mop head offers high water retention, enabling the mopping of floors with minimal ease.

Moreover, it comes with a convenient soap dispenser that allows you to easily add liquid soap to the water without messing. The 360-degree mop head lets you reach all the inaccessible corners of the room. Another significant feature of this mop is its larger wheels, which enable you to move it around the house.


  • One of the significant advantages of this mop is its affordable price range
  • The simple and ergonomic design enhances the user experience


  • It does not has wheels, implying one has to carry the heavy bucket while mopping the floor
  • The squeezing and dipping circumference of the mop is small

9. Cello Kleeno Hi Clean

Cello Kleeno Hi Clean
  • Spin bucket material – Plastic
  • Wheels – Yes

Now say goodbye to germs and embrace good health with the Cello Kleeno Hi clean spin mop. It comes with a product dimension of 47.6 cm in length, 27.5 cm in width, 26.6 cm in height, and a total weight of 2.33 kg.

The microfiber mop head features excellent water absorption, offering a clean surface in just one swipe. The excellent rotating feature of the Cello Kleeno clean spin mop offers convenient cleaning. It has a separate rinsing bucket that lets you clean the mop head with every wash.

The pull handle of this mop bucket lets you easily transport it from one room to another. It eliminates any need to lift a heavy bucket while cleaning. To further add to the user’s comfort and convenience of cleaning, it comes with a 360-degree rotating mechanism. It lets you reach all nooks and corners of the room, offering a stain, dust, and dirt-free floor.


  • The 360-degree rotating mechanism facilitates easy and hassle-free mopping
  • The handle offers an easy grip


  • The quality of plastic is not of superior quality

Buying Guide For Best Mop in India

A mop is a crucial home cleaning product, so one must be diligent while buying one. It is, therefore, essential to consider some vital factors while buying the best mop.

Type of mop: While buying the best mop, one of the foremost and essential factors to consider is the mop type. The mops are available in various types, such as wet mop, flat mop, spin mop, and dry mop. Depending upon your daily requirements and floor type, you must wisely choose one.

Mop size: The mop size is another crucial factor to consider while buying the best mop in India. If you have larger rooms, it is best to opt for medium-sized to larger mops that will let you cover more space in less time.

Handle quality: One of the crucial parts of a mop that determines the comfort of usage is its handle. A small handle can be problematic when cleaning the floor. It is, therefore, advisable to get a mop that comes with an adjustable handle.

The adjustable handle will let you conveniently adjust the handle’s height per your need. Moreover, you must also ensure that the handle is equipped with a locking mechanism. The handle locking mechanism will offer a secured cleaning session.

Wheel quality: Another vital factor not to be overlooked while buying the best mop in India is its wheel quality. The wheels attached to the mop let you quickly move the mop bucket around the house. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that the wheel is made of superior quality material that facilitates smooth movement of the mop bucket on floor types.

Bucket material: The bucket material determines the product’s durability, so you must pay close attention to this factor. Essentially the bucket material is of two types: stainless steel and plastic.

The stainless steel bucket material ensures longevity and robust performance. While on the other hand, the plastic bucket is lightweight. Getting a mop with stainless steel bucket material is advisable, ensuring impressive durability.

Best Mop in India FAQs

Which type of mop is best in India?

The wet spin mop is the best in India. This mop lets you clean all surfaces with ease and comfort. Moreover, the wet mop lets you clean any stains along with the floor.

Which material is best for mopping?

The microfiber material is the ideal choice for mopping. The microfiber material features excellent water retention quality. Moreover, it works efficiently in trapping fine dirt and dust. The microfiber material is free from lint, ensuring no scratches are formed on the floor while mopping.

Which mop is better: flat or spin?

It is always better to opt for the spin mop. The spin mop facilitates easy rinsing the mop head without wetting your hands. The spin mop contains a circular mop head that facilitates easy absorption of spills. The spin mop is extremely easy to clean since you can dismantle all the parts and clean them separately.

Wrap Up!

A mop has now become an essential home cleaning tool, which is gaining an immense level of popularity. The products mentioned above are the best mop in India that will give you a germ-free clean home without much effort. Our mop-buying guide will let you choose wisely the best mop that serves all your mopping needs.

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