Best Kitchen Sink Brands in India


Carysil Kitchen Sink is one of the world’s largest producers of quartz kitchen sink brands in India. Their sinks are designed with the latest technology and highest quality materials to ensure your sink lasts for years to come.

The Carysil Kitchen Sink is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is made from 80% quartz; it is built to last with its scratch, dent, stain, heat, and crack-resistant.

The beautiful granite-quartz composite material ensures a long-lasting finish that will add style and functionality to your kitchen. Their variety of styles means you can find the perfect sink to match your kitchen’s décor.


Franke understands that your kitchen sink is the essential feature in your home, and that’s why they offer a wide selection of sinks to choose from, including popular styles like farmhouse and natural granite.

Franke sinks are made of durable materials like stainless steel and natural granite, so you can be sure they will last for years. It also offer single and double bowl sizes to suit every kitchen design.


Are you looking for a kitchen sink that’s both functional and stylish? Look no further than the Futura Kitchen Sink!

This wonderful product is high-quality materials and features a simple yet elegant design. Plus, the double bowl sink with drain broad is perfect for any kitchen!


Kaff is a leading brand in the kitchen appliances industry. They offer both a built-in and standalone range of appliances and various hardware accessories to enhance the look and convenience of your kitchen.

They also produced a wide range of kitchen sinks that perfectly align with your kitchen decor. Ivano, Marco, Olivia, Casso, and Carra series are their popular kitchen sink series that will add class to your kitchen style.


Are you looking for a stylish and high-quality kitchen sink? The Neelkanth kitchen sink is a beautifully crafted centerpiece that will make your kitchen life easier and more enjoyable.

They have been manufacturing stainless steel sinks for over three decades, and their products are known for their quality and durability. Sinks are made from the highest-quality materials and are perfect for any kitchen theme. Their high-quality sinks are made to last, with intricate detailing that provides an elegant touch.

So whether you’re renovating your kitchen or just looking for a new sink, Neelkanth is a perfect choice.


This Jindal Kitchen Sink is made with high-grade stainless steel, durable finish. It is designed to resist staining, tarnishing, and corrosion over time and is perfect for washing dishes, hands, and other kitchen items.

It features world-class production methods and an easy installation process. And, its glossy steel surface is sure to impress.


Hafele’s range of kitchen sinks is innovative, stylish, and practical. Their sinks feature advanced manufacturing technologies that set them apart from the competition, and they are also fire and heat-resistant, making them ideal for any kitchen.

It’s unique padding of asphalt insulation at the base of the sink bowl reduces noise levels when the sink is in use.

Their extensive range of single and double bowl sinks offers many application possibilities to meet your specific cleaning needs, so if you’re looking for a high-quality kitchen sink that is built to last.

Cera India

CERA Kitchen Sinks comes with a sleek design and smart features, and it is perfect for anyone who wants a touch of luxury in their kitchen.

Their sinks are designed with water seals and sound-absorbing pads to reduce noise levels and come with all installations included. These sinks are hygienic, durable, and easy to keep clean – perfect for all.

They offer a wide variety of designs and colors, so you can find the perfect sink to match your kitchen’s look and style. Moreover, their sinks are made from premium quality materials, so you can be sure they will last for years.


Nirali sinks fit every style and need, from classic kitchens to modern spaces. Their sinks will make your cooking experience more comfortable and convenient with durable quality and utmost utility.

Nirali BG sinks are customized to make every kitchen space look aesthetically beautiful.


Hindware kitchen sinks are the perfect addition to any home. Hindware brings you a kitchen sink that’s as quiet as it is beautiful. With its innovative dual sound absorption feature, your dishwashing will never disrupt the peace of your kitchen again.

They’re highly efficient and sturdy, with clean drain technology that prevents food waste from sticking to the edges or clogging the sinkholes.

It is also made with food-grade stainless steel, making them safe for prolonged and continuous use by your family. With various sizes and styles available, we have a sink that’s perfect for your needs. And, its sleek design will complement any décor.


Now that you know India’s best kitchen sink brands, it’s time to decide which one is your favorite. Kitchen sinks can be a significant investment if they’re going to last for years and look good while doing their job. The kitchen sink buying guide we’ve provided should help you understand what features may make or break your decision when considering which brand will work best for your needs.

It also enables us to remember that all of these companies are reputable manufacturers who have been around since decades ago! If you’ve found this article helpful but want more guidance from experts on picking out the perfect kitchen sink, reach out today! We’ll happily answer any questions about our products or advise on how to get started with choosing a new appliance.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are granite sinks better than stainless steel?

It depends on what you’re looking for in a sink. Both granite and stainless steel have their pros and cons.

Granite sinks are beautiful and unique, but they can be difficult to keep clean because of the grooves and crevices in the surface. Stainless steel sinks are easy to clean and maintain, but they can be quite boring compared to other materials.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you want a unique look that will really stand out in your kitchen, go with a granite sink. If you want a practical sink that is easy to care for, go with stainless steel.

What is the most durable kitchen sink?

Stainless steel sinks are the most durable kitchen sinks. They are resistant to scratches, dents, and stains, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

Also, Granite sinks are highly durable and can last for many years if properly taken care of. Granite sinks can be cleaned with just a few simple steps and are sure to add beauty and function to your kitchen for many years to come.

Which no of compartment kitchen sink is popular in Indian kitchens?

There are two types of kitchen sinks that Indians prefer. The first is the single-compartment Sink, in which all cooking water goes into one container and then drains out into a drain pipe at the base of the unit. This type of kitchen sink is popular because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much space on your countertop or tabletop.

The other type of kitchen sink preferred by Indians has a drainboard that gives space to dry utensils and drain vegetables. Two-compartment kitchen sinks are also preferable to use for multitasking jobs.

What kind of sink is best for hard water?

Answer: If you have hard water, it’s best to install a stainless steel sink. Hard water can cause corrosion and rusting on other types of sinks, but stainless steel is resistant to both of these problems.