Best Hand Blenders in India 2023 (Buyer’s Guide)

Are you searching for the best hand blender in India but are confused about which one to buy, you are at the right place. The various kitchen chores, such as mixing, blending, etc., are done every day, and with the aid of a hand blender, this task becomes hassle-free. 

A hand blender is one of the essential kitchen appliances and a must-have in the modern kitchen. Owing to technological advancement, the market of hand blenders has spread its wings to accommodate more significant space, which accounts for their growing popularity among the masses. 

Due to a plethora of options in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best hand blender. To simplify your work, we have compiled a curated list of the best hand blenders in India. 

Which is the Best Hand Blender in India?

Below is the list of our top picks for the best hand blender in India 2023 based on the motor, performance, speed settings and warranty.

1. Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer

Philips HR3705/10 Hand Mixer

  • Number of Speeds – 5
  • Power – 300 W
  • Warranty – 2 Year

Powered by a powerful motor of 300 watts, this hand blender by Philips is one of the best hand blenders in India. It comes with specific attachments that include two strip beaters and dough hooks. Moreover, you can use the five speeds plus turbo mode for various recipes. 

The lightweight and ergonomic design of the hand blender makes it comfortable for use, and the smooth surface of the hand blenders facilitates easy cleaning. Moreover, the hand blender and all accessories are dishwasher friendly. To ensure tidy storage of the cables, the cords are wrapped around and fixed with a clip. 

This hand blender by Philips features large eject buttons that help to release the dough hooks or beaters with just one touch. The cone-shaped beaters of the hand blender help cover large areas in a short time, making the dough light, airy, and fluffy. 

2. Borosil Smartmix Hand Mixer

Borosil Smartmix Hand Mixer

  • Number of Speeds – 4
  • Power – 300 W
  • Warranty – 2 Year

Borosil is one of the famous brands in India that holds expertise in producing kitchen appliances equipped with contemporary specifications that makes it the perfect addition to the modern kitchen. 

Equipped with a robust and compact motor of 300 watts, the Smartmix hand blender by Borosil provides you with a powerful performance that makes it ideal to whisk cake dough, egg whites, cream, etc., within minutes. 

The five-speed options are provided in this hand blender that allows you to deal with smooth cream frostings or sticky cookie batter. Moreover, a turbo speed control is available if you need an additional boost, and the controls are easily accessible and are easy to use. 

It features a single button for ejecting the attachments that help easy and hassle-free removal. Moreover, this appliance comes with a container that enables you to store the machine and its components after use.

3. Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender

Inalsa Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender

  • Number of Speeds – 2
  • Power – 1000 W
  • Warranty – 2 Year

The Inalsa Robot Inoxhnad blender is an efficient hand blender with a chopper and whisker. The attachments’ ergonomic and detachable system makes them easy for beginners. It is an ideal appliance that facilitates the easy and hassle-free blending of fruits and vegetables for making smoothies, purees, and shakes.  

The hand blender features a hanging loop that allows you to hang the blender post usage for drying. Moreover, this hand blender is embedded with a 1000 watt DC motor that accounts for the low noise coupled with stable operation. 

It is equipped with multiple functionalities such as variable speed setting and turbo function that helps in getting things done with the most challenging task. The lock and press operation of the hand blender allows you to easily carry on with your work without worrying about splashes or leakage of food contents from the container. 

4. Prestige PHM 1.0 Hand Blender 

Prestige PHM 1.0 Hand Blender 

  • Number of Speeds – 5
  • Power – 250 W
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Prestige is one of the famous brands in India, which is well known for producing quality and high-standard kitchen appliances. This hand blender is powered by a 250 watts powerful motor that accounts for its high speed. 

The steel attachments provided with the hand blender are stainless steel, which accounts for the product’s durability. Moreover, the sharp blades of the wing ensure a trouble-free performance. 

It is uniquely designed, making it easy for you to clean and maintain. Moreover, it comes with five-speed settings that facilitate various tasks within a stipulated time frame. The small and compact size of the hand blender, along with a lightweight feature, makes it easier for you to keep and handle it during blending and mixing.

5. Inalsa Robot 1000 Pro Hand Blender

Inalsa Robot 1000 Pro Hand Blender

  • Number of Speeds -13 variable speed
  • Power – 1000 W
  • Warranty – 2 Year

If you wish to have a durable hand blender that features both elegant looks and super-fast performance, this hand blender by Inalsa is an ideal choice. Moreover, this hand blender falls within a pocket-friendly price range. The major attraction of this hand blender is its super silent feature, and the 100% copper winding protects the motor from damage caused due to overheating. 

The super powerful motor of 1000 watts makes this hand blender one of the best in the market. It is equipped with razor-sharp stainless steel blades that quickly cut food ingredients and are the perfect choice for making baby foods, smoothies, juices, etc. 

It comes with variable speed settings and an instant turbo mode that conveniently adjusts the speed as per the requirement. Moreover, the base of the appliance features a bell-shaped design and an anti-splash technology that prevents splashing of the food contents.

6. KENT Hand Blender

KENT Hand Blender

  • Number of Speeds – 5
  • Power – 150 W
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Kent is another brand whose hand blenders are best known for their design and elegant looks. Therefore, if you search for a stylish and sleek hand blender, you can go for this option without any second thoughts. 

Therefore, this hand blender is compact and significantly consumes very less space in your kitchen. Its robust motor of 15 watts accounts for its powerful performance, making blending and mixing an easy task. Moreover, the powerful copper motor of the hand blender facilities longevity of the product since it comes with an auto cut-off feature that saves the machine from overheating. 

The five variable speed controls of the hand blender allow you to mix various types of ingredients with ease. Its multiple beaters and dough hooks are ideal for baking cakes, whipping eggs, or other blending tasks. Additionally, the attachments with the hand blender are easy to eject. 

7. Orpat HHB-100E WOB Hand Blender

Orpat HHB-100E WOB Hand Blender

  • Number of Speeds – 6
  • Power – 250 W
  • Warranty – 1 Year

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly hand blender, this Orpat hand blender is the best choice. Powered by a 250 watts heavy-duty motor, this hand blender is perfect for daily mixing and blending tasks. 

The effortless and comfortable grip of the hand blender is another significant benefit. Moreover, this appliance’s sleek and straightforward design makes it easy to clean and consumes less storage space. 

This hand blender has only one switch for a more straightforward operation instead of multiple ones. Moreover, it features a wall-mount design that allows you to hang the appliance for drying or storage. 

The 230 volts operating voltage facilitates less power consumption that helps you save on the electricity bill. It comes with a long cord of two meters that enables you to plug it anywhere. The six variable speed controls of the blender facilitate various tasks. 

8. Inalsa Eeco Mix Hand Blender

Inalsa Eeco Mix Hand Blender

  • Number of Speeds – 7
  • Power – 180 W
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Inalsa is another major brand of kitchen appliances that produce quality and high standard products, which are well known for their powerful performance coupled with elegant and contemporary looks. The Eeco mix hand blender by Inalsa is equipped with a 100% pure copper motor that accounts for its robust performance. 

The seven-speed control settings of the hand blender facilitate easy food preparation. You can easily mix all ingredients such as chocolate chips, nuts, heavy cream, etc. The two detachable attachments, such as beaters, whiskers, and dough hooks, help you easily prepare delicious meals. 

The in-built eject knob feature of the hand blender helps in easy and hassle-free removal of the attachments. Moreover, the overheat protection feature of this appliance prevents damage to the motor caused due to overheating. It is ISI approved that further accounts for the high durability of the hand blender by Inalsa. 

9. PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender

PHILIPS HL1655/00 Hand Blender

  • Number of Speeds – 1
  • Power – 250 W
  • Warranty – 2 Year

If you wish to have a simple yet powerful hand blender for your modern kitchen, this Philips hand blender is the ideal choice. This hand blender facilitates blending large quantities of food ingredients for as long as twenty minutes. 

The rust-free stainless steel blades and arms support blending foods such as puree, milkshakes, spinach, lassi, etc. Moreover, the stainless steel blades are resistant to corrosion and have a food-graded material which makes them safe to use. 

This hand blender by Philips features a powerful motor of 250 watts that facilitates the blending of even the toughest food materials. This hand blender’s single trigger press button enables you to easily hold the product during operation. 

The unique body shape of the appliance comes without any grooves on the body surface that provides easy and hassle-free cleaning. The removable blades for whipping and whisking further add to the product’s benefit. 

10. Orpat HHB-100E Hand Blender

Orpat HHB-100E Hand Blender

  • Number of Speeds – 1
  • Power – 250 W
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Orpat believes in producing quality products that excel in manufacturing appliances with unique features and the latest features. This hand blender by Orpat operates on a powerful motor of 250 watts which efficiently blends and mixes even the toughest materials with ease without exerting tremendous pressure on the machine. It works with a speed of 18000 RPM, which accounts for its high-quality blending experience. 

The body of the hand blender is made of high-quality, durable plastic, and the blades are made of stainless steel, which makes it easier to clean. Its unique comfort grip makes it easy to handle the appliance during operation. 

The sleek and straightforward design of the hand blender enables you to store it easily in any small space. The multi-purpose stainless steel blade of the appliance easily cuts the food materials into small pieces that facilitate easy mixing and blending process. Moreover, it comes with a long power cord that allows you to fix it anywhere.

Things to consider before buying a hand blender

Thus, above, we have curated India’s best models of hand blenders that you can consider purchasing for your kitchen. However, there are various other things that you need to consider while making your purchase decision for the hand blender. Here are the things which you need to consider before buying a hand blender is discussed below:

Type ( Cord or cordless)

It is one of the crucial factors you need to consider before buying a hand blender. If your kitchen does not have sufficient sockets to connect the hand blender, then you might face a problem if you purchase a corded hand-blender. Hence, it is preferable to buy cordless hand blenders as they are convenient and make your task easy, and you do not have to hassle with the cords anymore.


You also need to consider the design of the hand blender before purchasing it. It would help if you looked at whether it comprises an ergonomic design that can significantly make your task more accessible and easier for you to handle. Similarly, you can get varieties of options for colors in hand blenders. Still, if you purchase a hand blender with red or black color, it will be preferable as this color combination will make the hand blender look more elegant, and also, it will also not look dirty due to dirt quickly.


The hand blenders comprise a motor whose power range from 100-600 Watts. It would be apt to purchase those hand blender machines with a powerful motor that tends to be enough to perform your planned tasks. 

If you want to perform more straightforward tasks on the hand blender, such as pureeing or blending, then it is preferable to purchase a motor whose power is 100-200 Watts. In contrast, a 200-300 Watts motor is preferable for another task such as processing or chopping frozen fruit. On the other hand, if you require a hand blender to perform other tasks such as crushing ice and performing other different tasks, you should prefer to purchase a hand blender whose motor power is more than 400 Watts.


While buying a hand blender, different speed settings are crucial factors that need to be considered. It is vital to have various speed settings, especially high and low modes, in the hand blenders to carry out various whisking and blending functions. 


Another factor that you need to consider while purchasing a hand blender is the weight of the hand blender. If you want to have seamless and efficient control on your hand blender, then you should prefer to purchase a hand blender that is light in weight. Using a hand blender needs to be effortless, and it should not make you feel like you are lifting weight at the gym. The lightweight hand blenders are easy to carry, and also they are super easy to use.


Material is also one of the vital things you need to consider while purchasing a hand blender. Usually, hand blenders are available in two different materials: stainless steel bodies or food-grade plastic. If you buy plastic body hand blenders, you need to make sure that the material is BPA-free BPA-free food-grade plastic. 

However, one of the best suggestions would be to purchase the stainless steel body hand blenders as they are not only efficient but also will not get damaged by corrosion and rust easily. Moreover, the steel body hand blenders are very easy to clean, and they have more longevity than the plastic body hand blenders.


Last but not least, you also need to consider the warranty period you would be getting with your hand blender. You need to ensure that the hand blender you purchase has good warranty coverage for years. Moreover, in terms of warranty, you also need to check the damages that will be covered under the warranty period and not just the years of warranty. Hence, it would be best to prefer those models of hand blenders that have long years of warranty and good after-sales service to use the hand blenders without any worry. If it malfunctions within the warranty period, you can repair it free of cost.


We hope now you can easily choose one of the best hand blenders in India with our curated list. The products mentioned in the above list are the bestselling ones in the market and are well-known for their superior and elegant looks and super-fast performance. 

Before purchasing the best hand blender, it is crucial to look into the essential factors such as design, warranty, material, weight, and type. It will ensure that you can get the ideal product for your kitchen. It is always advisable to opt for cordless and lightweight hand blenders that will ease usage.  

If you have any further doubts about buying the best hand blender in India, let us know in the comment section. 

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