Best Engine Oil for Bike – Make Your Vehicle Highly Efficient

The best friend of a motorbike is engine oil, without which the vehicle will fail to perform. Engine oil is considered to be the heart of a motorbike. Therefore, it is crucial to have a brief opinion regarding the best engine oil that will enhance your bike’s mileage, longevity, and performance.

To simplify your work, we have curated a list of the best engine oil for bikes. We have also offered a brief guide to let you use your discretion properly while buying the best engine oil for your bike.

These Are The Best Engine Oil for Bike to Use in 2023

Below is the best engine oil for bike in India selected based on oil grade, oil type, duration of oil, and additives used.

1. Shell Advance Ultra 4T Motorbike Engine Oil

The main factor that makes Shell advance ultra 4T 15W-50 the first choice for many buyers is its commitment to offering protection to all parts of your bike. It is a top-tier premium 100% synthetic engine motor oil made from natural gas. The mixture of superior quality additives in this engine oil works effectively to support a safe and clean oil for any motorcycle by preventing the build-up of contaminants. Moreover, the high-quality formula of Shell advanced ultra 4T 15W-50 engine oil supports viscosity even under high pressure.

This engine oil lets you ride longer for at least 17000 RPM. It best suits modern high-performance and power-racing motorbikes that ensure ultimate engine performance and unsurpassed protection. The engine oil offers 71% high-temperature protection that keeps the oil working like new even after years. This engine oil ensures optimum clutch performance whenever you start your bike.


  • Improves performance of the bike
  • Offers extended protection to the parts of bikes
  • Increases mileage of the motorbike
  • Solves heating problems
  • Ensures optimum clutch performance


  • Not suitable for unicorn bikes

2. Motul 3000 4T Plus Engine Oil

If you are searching for a fully synthetic engine oil that comes at an affordable price, then the Motul 3000 4T plus 20W40 engine oil is a perfect choice. Costing less than five hundred rupees, Motul 3000 4T plus engine oil 20W40 is one of the best engine oils, as experts. This ester four-stroke engine oil is formulated with premium quality minerals to meet the latest bike manufacturer specification regarding JASO and API. It is prepared with the ideal synergy that leads to less oil consumption, further reducing the engine’s internal friction.

Moreover, it helps in increasing acceleration, thereby aiding you to reach a higher speed without putting much pressure on the engine. This engine oil boasts premium quality and cleanliness by preventing contaminants and fuel dilution from polluting it. This engine oil’s properties ensure optimal bike performance by sealing the piston rings, thereby improving the compression rate.


  • Zero percent shear loss
  • Double ester technology
  • Safe for motorbikes with or without catalytic converters
  • Ideal for all high-performance motorbike models
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Contaminants and dirt trapping ability is not impressive

3. Castrol Activ 20W-40 4T Petrol Engine Oil

Another best engine oil for a bike you can buy without any second thoughts is the Castrol activ 20W-40 4T engine oil. This heavy-duty engine oil is specially formulated for big-sized, high-performance bikes. The synthetic formula of the Castrol engine oil helps create an even and protective coating around the engine and other bike parts. Additionally, it is designed thoughtfully to work effectively with air-cooled engines, allowing you to experience more consistent performance throughout your ride, even for long distances.

This engine oil allows you to confidently take that much-awaited long ride with your loved one, knowing that this engine oil will offer an excellent backup. This engine oil also has a stable composition and nature, making it an ideal choice for casual riders who usually sit on their bike for long hours between rides. The Castrol engine oil fights contaminant deposits, thus ensuring superior engine cleanliness and smooth running. This engine oil consists of Actibond molecules that cling to the engine’s critical parts even when turned off.


  • Works excellently in hot temperatures
  • Ensures smooth running of the engine
  • Delivers food performance
  • Ideal choice for a four-stroke V-twin engine
  • Offers corrosion protection


  • Excessive burning of oil

4. GULF Pride 4T Ultra Plus Engine Oil

As one of the best synthetic engine oils, the Gulf Pride 4T ultra plus engine oil combines the goodness of both natural and synthetic oils. This engine oil can offer an enhanced, comfortable ride by minimizing engine sound. It is developed thoughtfully to meet the needs of modern-day high-performance air-cooled bikes. Because of its excellent qualities, this gulf engine oil is known as a racing bike specialist. At lower RPMs, this product offers lower oil traction to the piston of your motorcycle.

Similarly, at higher RPMs, it offers maximum response and output. This engine oil is indeed the best suitable choice for off-road applications. The Gulf Pride 4T ultra plus engine oil is prepared with non-fossil renewable material, which accounts for its affordable price range. It optimizes friction control, offering an enhanced clutch grip and excellent motricity. One of the significant benefits of this engine oil is its ability to increase gearbox reliability.


  • Enhances gearbox reliability
  • Ideal choice for racing bikes
  • Affordable pricing
  • Increases mileage
  • Lessens engine sound


  • Creates stickiness

5. Mobil Super Moto 20W-40 Engine Oil

Are you looking forward to enhancing the performance of bikes without spending a fortune? Then the Mobil super moto 20W-40 with 4T premium technology is the best choice. This engine oil holds the ability to increase the horsepower of the bike along with enhancing its acceleration mechanism. The extensive protection of the engine oil ensures the bike’s longevity. Using this engine oil makes the clutch relatively smoother and immediately makes you feel the difference. When the clutch’s performance smoothens, the engine’s pressure automatically decreases, adding to its long life.

It also extends protection to your bike’s gears, resulting in fast and smooth gear shifting. Most importantly, the list of compatible bikes for this engine oil is endless. The Mobil super moto 20W-40 smoothes out the downshift clicks at higher RPMs, making the whole transmission much more comfortable.


  • Lessens pressure on the engine
  • Compatible with all bike models
  • Makes clutch transmission smooth
  • Increases horsepower of the vehicle
  • Ideal for enhancing the acceleration of the bike


  • Not suitable for a four-stroke engine

6. HP Lubricants – 370049 Racer4 20W-40 Engine Oil

HP racer4 20W-40 is a top-quality premium motorcycle engine oil that meets MA2 and API SL of JASO. This engine oil is designed specifically for four-stroke motorcycles. It has a high mineral grade, which allows the oil viscosity to remain stable and last ten times longer than other engine oils. The HP racer4 20W-40 engine oil formula has dual functions, improving the engine response and protecting the gearbox. This engine oil enhances the motorbike’s performance and ensures that the vehicle runs at the same level even after years of extensive use.

This engine oil also prevents corrosion and deposits from reaching the motorbike’s engine. It reduces frictional losses, allowing the rider to enjoy a smooth ride. Another significant benefit of this engine oil is that it reduces vehicle vibrations. This engine oil has a higher drain interval that increases the mileage of your vehicle.


  • Keeps the engine safe from corrosion
  • Reduces vibrations while riding even on bumpy roads
  • Best for sports bikes
  • Offers protection to the clutch
  • Improves engine response


  • Sometimes results in foaming

7. GoMechanic Racemax 4T 10W 30 Engine Oil

Boasting an optimal viscosity coefficient, the GoMechanic Racemax 4T 10W engine oil provides superior performance and maximum power output even under extreme conditions. It also results in zero loss of horsepower and a quick throttle response that offers a better-wet clutch performance. It has excellent anti-sludge properties that account for the superior quality of the engine oil. It is infused with special anti-corrosion and anti-sludge additives that ensure all-weather protection against wear and tear, dirt, sludge, corrosion, and rust. It helps keep the engine clean, which in turn helps in increasing its longevity.

The micro molecules of this engine oil are designed to stick effectively to the engine parts and offer all-weather protection. It provides smoother operation with minimum wear and tear. The adequate lubrication of Mechanic Racemax 4T 10W engine oil helps ensure optimal on-road performance. This engine oil has an excellent oxidation and temperature coefficient that assures higher thermal stability to bring forward the vehicle’s best performance even under intense pressure. This engine oil complies with the latest emission standards and meets JASO and API certifications.


  • Keeps engine clean
  • Meets latest emission standards
  • Offers all-weather protection
  • Contains anti-sludge properties
  • Ensures optimal performance


  • Price can be an issue for many

8. Bosch F002H20918 Josh 4T 20W-40 Engine Oil

Manufactured by one of the renowned brands, Bosch F002H20918 Josh 4T engine oil is another best engine oil suited for all types of bikes. This engine oil keeps the engine clean from dust and other deposits that help maintain your bike’s pick-up ability. Consistent use of Bosch F002H20918 Josh 4T engine oil is sure to increase the life of your bike’s engine. This engine oil helps in enhancing fuel economy by offering superior flow and viscosity.


  • Rust and corrosion inhibition properties
  • Optimum oil thickness reduces piston scuffing of the bike
  • Excellent thermo-oxidative stability
  • Enhances fuel economy
  • Offers maximum protection in hot climates


  • Does not improve mileage

9. TotalEnergies Hi-Perf 4T 700 Engine Oil

Formulated with durability improver technology, the TotalEnergies Hi-Perf 4T 700 10W-40 engine oil is one of the best choices you can never go wrong with. It is designed to ensure continuous performance for all sorts of riding conditions.


  • Ensures smooth acceleration and shifting of gears
  • Minimizes wear and tear
  • Low friction
  • Ensures high power gain
  • Keeps the engine safe from deposits


  • Does not ensure longevity

Buying guide for best bike engine oil

Below is a curated list of factors that you need to consider while purchasing bike engine oil so that you can seamlessly choose the right engine oil for your bike without any hassle:

Types of engine oil: First thing you need to consider while purchasing the best bike engine oil is to choose the appropriate type of engine oil for the bike. There are various types of engine oil available in the market such as mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, fully synthetic oil etc. Among these, mineral oil is used for bikes within 125 cc capacity, and their lifespan could be more efficient, and you need to change them frequently. Whereas semi-synthetic oil uses natural crude oil and chemically complex synthetic oil, they are used for bikes with more excellent 125 cc and 180 cc capacity. They are more versatile than mineral oil and suitable for most bikes in India.

The fully synthetic oil has a low viscosity index, making them suitable for all bikes above 180 cc. They have higher lubrication ability than the other engine oil and temperature resistance, making them work efficiently in any weather condition.

Oil grades: Another thing you need to consider while purchasing bike engine oil is to check the oil grades. The grades of the engine oil are usually indicated in numbers and characters like 15W, 20W etc. The W here signifies winter, and the number implies the viscosity capacity of the oil. Hence, the lower the number, the better it will be for the engines to start cold in low-temperature areas.

 Similarly, grades are also marked as 20W40, in which the number after W implies how effectively the oil can withhold its properties. Thus, the higher the number after W, the better the engine oil.

Duration: The engine oil’s duration depends on the bike’s design and engine size. The older the bike engine, the more frequently it will require topping up the engine oil. Usually, new engines and oil engines require frequent topping of engine oil to keep the engine running smoothly. Also, the bikes with extended service intervals also require frequent topping of the engine oil.

Additives: Several engine oils have additives in them. The presence of additives in the oil signifies it can perform better. The additive works as a detergent that cleans the deposits in the engine and also prevents engine corrosion. The presence of additives in the bike engine oil implies that they can enhance long-lasting performance.

Read the manual: Last but not least, the significant aspect you should pay attention to while purchasing the best bike engine oil is ensuring you read the manual. The owner’s manual specifies which type of engine oil is suitable for the bike, and you need to use that specific oil to get an enhanced life span of the bike engine; by this, you will ensure it runs smoothly.

FAQs Related to Best Engine Oil for Bike

Does engine oil affect the mileage of a bike?

Yes, engine oil affects the mileage of a motorcycle. A good engine oil increases the mileage of the bike considerably.

What is the life of engine oil in a motorcycle?

An average engine oil can last up to 2500-3000 km and needs replacement every six months.

Which engine is oil better, synthetic or regular?

Synthetic oils are better than normal ones since they offer better cold-weather protection through a faster oil flow.

How to check if my bike engine oil is bad?

To know if the engine oil is wrong, you must first check if the oil is black and gritty. Moreover, the other signs that showcase the bike engine oil are bad constitute a louder engine running sound and low dashboard warning lights.


Thus, the abovementioned products are the best engine oils for bikes worth buying. These best engine oils help in increasing the mileage of your bike. Moreover, they consist of top-grade elements which enhance the life of your bike’s engine while ensuring a comfortable ride even for long distances. Our buying guide will let you choose the best engine oil that will enhance the performance of your bike. Additionally, we have enlisted some essential frequently asked questions to ease your doubts and queries.

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