Best Cycle Under 5000 (2023) – Top Option in Budget

Since their inception in society, cycles have been an integral part of everyday life. With time the demand and need for a cycle are increasing to a greater manifold. This article will prove fruitful if you are planning to buy the best cycle with the latest and advanced features.

To ease your purchase, we have enlisted a list of the best cycles under 5000. Moreover, we have also put forward a brief buying guide that will enable you to choose the apt cycle model. 

Top Picks of The Best Cycle Under 5000 in India 2023

Below is the best cycle under 5000 in India in 2023 based on their frame material, suspension type, braking system, quality, and durability.

1. Hero Unisex-Youth Blast 16T Single Speed

Hero Unisex-Youth Blast 16T Single Speed
  • Size: 16T
  • Frame Size: 12 Inches

Built with superior quality materials, the Hero bicycle is one of the best cycles under 5000. The Hero cycle boasts excellent efficiency and impressive durability, accounting for its high demand. It features a robust steel frame which ensures the long durability of the product even after everyday rough use.

This Hero cycle comes with a single-speed transmission mode that offers its riders a hassle-free and smooth ride. Another prominent feature of this cycle is its adjustable saddle. This feature lets you easily adjust the saddle height per your requirement.

 This cycle is equipped with a graphic metal chain guard to ensure the rider’s safety, preventing accidental injuries. The pedals offer the riders non-slip support to the feet while peddling. This cycle comes in an 85% assembled form, saving you time and effort. The easy grip handlebar offers form grip while riding, preventing slip-offs. 


  • Robust steel frame 
  • Requires minimal maintenance


  • Minimal spring deflection on the suspension

2. Leader Scout MTB 26T Single Speed

Leader Scout MTB 26T Single Speed
  • Size: 26T
  • Frame Size: 18 Inches

 Now ride with style with the Leader scout 26T bike. The Leader Scout cycle features a judicious amalgamation of high efficiency and an elegant look. It has a high-tensile steel frame with an ergonomic design that ensures the rider’s ultimate comfortable ride.

The frames are designed with the in-house design studio, accounting for the unique design of this cycle. It has a high grip handlebar designed to offer the rider a comfortable ride even for long distances.

The bike comes with a height-adjustable PU saddle with a reinforced plastic shell. You can adjust the saddle easily to obtain a comfortable sitting position. The braking system is built thoughtfully to offer excellent braking power.

The Leader Scout 26T cycle is equipped with a chain guard which covers the moving parts, thus reducing the risk of entanglement. The tyres have a tread design that offers better traction in wet and dry conditions. 


  • A highly efficient braking mechanism 
  • The protective chain guard ensures greater safety 


  • Absence of shifting gears 

3. Lifelong LLBC2001 Tribe 20T Single Speed

Lifelong LLBC2001 Tribe 20T Single Speed
  • Size: 20T
  • Frame Size: 12 Inches

The Lifelong LLBC2001 Tribe cycle has a robust steel frame, which accounts for the product’s durability. It comes with top-notch paint quality, ensuring that it stays intact and shiny for years.

This cycle comes with a product dimension of 149.9 cm in length, 25.4 cm in width, and 12.7 cm in height. The bike has an ergonomically designed high handlebar with soft rubber grips that reduce arm fatigue. It has a lightweight frame that lets you easily ride on all terrains.

 The cycle is built with high-quality components that ensure low maintenance. It is equipped with caliper bikes with high-quality brake pads, which offer additional safety. One of the significant components of this cycle is its stylish and elegant design.

The hi-traction tyres of this cycle let you ride through challenging terrains for long hours without worrying about wear and tear. 


  • Anti-corrosive long-lasting paint 
  • Hi-traction tyres ensure a firm grip on the road


  • Hard to assemble

4. VECTOR 91 Boom 20T Single Speed

VECTOR 91 Boom 20T Single Speed
  • Size: 20T
  • Frame Size: 12 Inches

 Vector 91 is one of the well-known cycle brands which produces superior quality cycles, offering long durability and excellent performance. The Vector 91 Boom 20T cycle is an outstanding cycle model with a vast user base.

It has a single-speed mechanism, making it an ideal choice for beginners and kids. To ensure the safety of the riders, it is equipped with anti-skid pedals that offer a firm grip on the feet while riding. The Vector 91 Boom 20T is embedded with steel rims, ensuring longevity.

It has an excellent brake mechanism to let the riders glide safely through all terrains. It has an enclosed chain guard, keeping the chain from dust and dirt, thus adding some extra years to its longevity. The seat adjuster feature facilitates easy height adjustment per the rider’s seat. 


  • Single speed mechanism makes the cycle beginner friendly 
  • Impressive longevity 


  • Absence of reflectors

5. Beetle Storm 20T Single Speed Cycle

Beetle Storm 20T Single Speed Cycle
  • Size: 20T
  • Frame Size: 12 Inches

 In the arena of cycles, the Beetle is one of the famous brands trusted and preferred by the majority. The Beetle storm cycle comes with an eye-catching colour combination. It features body-coloured rims, which make this cycle stand out from the rest.

The bike is equipped with a high-quality anti-slip plastic pedal, ensuring the rider’s safety. A significant feature of this cycle is its reflectors, which let you ride easily, even at night.

The reflectors alert other passers-by of your presence on the road, enabling you to cycle freely on dark roads without worrying about any accidents. The cycle is embedded with a strong side stand, ensuring that the bike stays upright while not in motion. 


  • Lightweight 
  • The cycle comes with reflectors


  • The build quality is not that impressive 

Buying Guide For Best Cycle Under 5000

Before purchasing the best cycle under 5000, there are a few factors that you must consider so that you can easily choose the appropriate model for the cycle under 5000 and have a pleasant cycling experience. Thus, below is a list of factors that would guide you to choose the best cycle under 5000 effectively.

Type of bicycle: The first thing you need to consider while purchasing the best cycle under 5000 is the type of bicycle. There are three kinds of bicycles: road, mountain, and hybrid. Road bikes are suitable for long-distance cycling and also for some racing.

Similarly, mountain bikes are suitable if you want to go for an off-roading experience; they can seamlessly provide effective performance in rough terrain. In comparison, hybrid cycles combine road bikes and mountain bikes. They are suitable for long-distance cycling and touring.

Frame Size: Ensure you purchase the right frame size for your bicycle so that you will feel comfortable cycling. While choosing a bicycle, please do not get carried away by lucrative discounts and suggestions of shopkeepers and regret it later.

To choose the right frame size for the bicycle, you need to measure your leg inseam by removing your shoes and standing straight with your legs nearly 15-22 cm apart and then measuring the length of your legs from the ground to your crotch.

After doing this, you need to multiply it by 0.70 for road bikes and 0.685 for mountain and hybrid bikes. You can easily choose a suitable frame size for your bicycle.

Frame material: You also need to consider the frame material of the best bicycle under 5000 before purchasing it. Usually, bicycles have three types of the frame such as steel frame, aluminium frame and carbon frame.

Among these always prefer the aluminium frame cycles over the steel and carbon frame cycle models as they are more lightweight, rust free etc. The steel frame is durable, but it is very heavy. Similarly, the carbon frame material cycles are lightweight and corrosion-resistant but expensive.

Suspension type: There are usually two types of suspension available for bicycles, especially mountain bikes. The suspension includes the full suspension and hardtail suspension. The full-suspension bicycles are a bit heavier, but they are suitable for hard rides on rough trails and riders with joint and back issues.

At the same time, the hardtail suspension comes at an affordable price. The hardtail suspension is suitable for all-purpose use, such as trail and pavement; they facilitate efficient and seamless hill climbing and are suitable for smooth trails. You can choose any suspension as per your requirement.

Disc brakes: If you prefer to ride within the city and you want to go with a road bike, then if your cycle model does not have disc brakes, it won’t be a problem for you; you can ride seamlessly with the v-brakes. However, if you prefer to ride on a rough trail and do some stunts, choose a model of the bicycle under 5000, equipped with disc brakes.

Geared or non-geared: The non-geared cycles are easy to use, and you will not have to shift the gears while riding; they are suitable for riding within a city. Moreover, this type of bicycle also has less maintenance. Whereas geared bicycles accelerate faster than non-geared cycles, and with this type of cycle, you can easily go a long distance without getting exhausted.

Best Cycle Under 5000 FAQs

 Which cycle is best, gear or non-gear?

The gear cycles are usually better than the non-gear ones since they allow riders to change their speed while riding through tough terrains easily. However, the non-gear cycle is suitable for beginners and children since it offers a simple mechanism. 

How many gears are best for a cycle?

Different types of cycles come with various sets of gears. Road bikes usually have eighteen gears, while mountain bikes usually have ten and thirty gears. At the same time, the kid’s bike has six to twelve gears. 

Is cycling good for health?

Yes, cycling is extremely good for your health. Regular cycling offers resistance to heart strokes, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, depression, etc. 

Wrap up!

The products mentioned above are the best cycles under 5000 budget, which are a must-have. These best cycles offer the riders a comfortable ride while ensuring long durability.

Our buying guide will further aid you in wisely using your discretion while purchasing the best bike under 5000. Moreover, this article also consists of essential frequently asked questions to further address all your queries. 

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